“Final say” could become an issue for G.M. hire in Kansas City

With Andy Reid reportedly poised to become the next coach of the Chiefs (of course, it’s been close for six hours now), plenty of names are bubbling up for the position of G.M., if/when Reid takes the job.

Here’s the most important thing to keep in mind when assessing who may end up in that job.  If it’s a guy like Packers director of operations John Dorsey, the Chiefs technically would have to offer him final say in order to wrest him away from Green Bay, if he’s still under contract and if the Packers opt not not to release him from it.

Of course, plenty of teams have given “final say” to the G.M. even though the coach was actually in charge.  It happened when the Browns hired George Kokinis from the Ravens and when the Dolphins hired Jeff Ireland from the Cowboys.  Teams generally don’t like to pick fights over these issues, and Dorsey has been a long-time, loyal employee of the franchise.  So maybe he wouldn’t need a cheesecake with a file in it to get out of Wisconsin.

Still, regardless of who it ends up being, the issue of “final say” could become an issue in hiring a G.M.

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  1. Dorsey may want to “circulate” a better photo. That one, if I were an owner looking for a new G.M., would make me think twice about the safety of my franchise and my wallet.

    “No soup for you!”

  2. What is Clark Hunt doing letting Pioli dwindle while they hire his coach and replacement before they fire him?

  3. randyschwimmer7 says:
    Jan 3, 2013 5:37 PM
    Dorsey looks like he was posing for Dumb and Dumber in that picture. Not sure what to make of that.

    LOL that’s what I was thinking before I saw your post

  4. Awful photo! As for the final say, Philly fans will boo no matter who makes it or which team it is. If Reid takes the job, KC wins more games than the dream team next year. Hahaha!!

  5. It’s becoming clear to me that Pioli’s status hinges on whether they get Andy Reid or not. If they hire Reid, he’ll be given total control and Pioli will be out the door. If they don’t land their dream candidate in Reid, they’ll settle for someone else and keep Pioli around.

    Reid is the only legit candidate out there with experience at running the entire show.

  6. Available position: LAME DUCK GM

    Requirements: make sure the breakfast, lunch and dinner BBQ delivery is always on time.

    Location: Kansas City

  7. Dont know alot about Dorsey but his draft picks have been better than Pioli….im ready for major change and we need a top notch front office to compete these days…Young Clark kent seems poised to make us a legit franchise

  8. Belichick and Andy Reid are close friends. Pioli and BB have made some trades and still seem to maintain a cordial, respectful relationship. I would be stunned if AReid took the KC job demanding complete control, knowing Pioli would get blown out. My guess is AReid just wants to coach and work with a QB. Pioli has built a pretty good roster picking the players, despite sticking with Cassel for too long. It could be a good match.

  9. Its kind of ironic that Pioli is demanding “final say” seeing that he had his success in New England when both he and Belichick admit that they wouldn’t draft or sign a guy unless both agreed.

  10. @realpro14 Dorsey hasn’t MADE any draft picks, so no his picks haven’t been better than Pioli’s. Ted Thompson has authority over the draft in GB, and final say on all picks. Dorsey IS a smart guy who would probably make a good GM though.

  11. vols84 says:
    Jan 3, 2013 5:54 PM
    What is Clark Hunt doing letting Pioli dwindle while they hire his coach and replacement before they fire him?


    I believe Hunt is pulling a “Pioli.” You know, like Pioli did when he left Herm Edwards flapping in the breeze after he “assessed” the coaching situation (read: used Herm to scout his team for him) and then fired Herm.

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