Giants want Michael Strahan to work with Jason Pierre-Paul

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The New York Giants would like Michael Strahan to take a little time out from talking to Kelly Ripa and spend some time talking to Jason Pierre-Paul.

Giants General Manager Jerry Reese said on WFAN that he wants Strahan, who set the NFL’s single-season sack record before he became a TV personality, to work with Pierre-Paul, who burst onto the scene with 16.5 sacks in 2011 but had a disappointing 6.5 sacks in 2012.

I’m going to reach out to Michael Strahan this offseason to see if we can have some conversations with JPP and just tell him, ‘Look, it’s inside your chest, a lot of it,’” Reese said, via the New York Daily News. “‘You’ve got to have the heart to do it.’ I think he does, but I think if he heard it from somebody like Michael Strahan, that would really encourage him.”

Pierre-Paul acknowledged during the season that he was growing frustrated by constantly having to fight through double teams, but Reese said that if Pierre-Paul wants to be great, he can’t use double teams as an excuse.

“After Michael became a superstar defensive end, he was getting double-teamed, he was getting chipped, but he was still getting sacks,” Reese said. “So the great ones still get through there and make plays. And he’s got to do that. He can’t give up, like ‘Wow, they’re double-teaming me, they’re triple-teaming me, they’re high-lowing me, they’re doing everything to me.’ That’s frustrating to a young player. But to be a superstar defensive end, a pass rusher in this league, you have to beat those double-team blocks.”

Strahan has a weekday job on Live with Kelly & Michael, and a weekend job on FOX NFL Sunday, but if he can squeeze in a few hours to be a part-time defensive line coach, the Giants would appreciate it.

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  1. He’s been getting pressure. Not quite as much as last year, but it is still good. He just has had bad luck with quarterbacks getting rid of the ball as he closes on them.

  2. JPP’s drought is explainable — Prince Amukamura must have put a spell on JPP in retaliation for being dumped in cold water earlier this season.

    In all seriousness though, the Giants seemed complacent with what they did last season and their seemed to be no urgency whatsoever down the stretch. JPP isn’t the only one who could use a pep talk.

  3. I always thought that the Giants should have brought Strahan back as an adviser or something for the team’s pass rushers. That said, hopefully, JPP can pick up on at least some of Strahan’s fire as a team captain along with the physical skills. The Giant’s still have been missing what Strahan brought to the locker room.

  4. The main problem with the Giants the last few years is motivation. That’s a coaches job, not a former players.

  5. great idea.. if the guy was justin tuck.. jjp is a monsterrr how crazy is it jpp was gettin chipped, doubled and triple teams and tuck could get more than 3-4 sacks… justin needs the its inside ur heart talk not jpp.. jpp just needs to pick strahans head on how to beat the doubles and triples..

  6. JPP may simply have reached his peak in his rookie year. With time & attention, teams always plot strategy to counter disruptive players such as JPP.— If JPP can’t adjust, his best may already be behind him. —–Happens quite often.

    Besides, I can’t stand the G-men. Just another arrogant ova-rated east coast team.

  7. Even though Michael’s sack record is “BS” (I was there and saw the Favre unexplainable bootleg), this can’t be a bad idea. He never let doubleteaming get the best of him, and make key sacks in key moments. He is a first-ballot HOFer. JPP will get it figured out. NYG just seem like they were a little satisfied with their rings from last year. I didn’t see the D fight like they are capable of.

  8. Are you freaking kidding?

    He’s getting paid more to work with Kelly Ripa…

    I’d take her over any day of the week over JPP…

  9. Good luck getting some of Strahan’s time. Anyone who saw him profiled on Real Sports knows he doesn’t even have time to sleep. And, it’s going to cost them HUGE with the money Michael is pulling nowadays. The guy has really transitioned better than just about any other pro athlete.

  10. Giants fans have to be frustrated. They’ve got one of the most amazing defensive lines for the last five or six years and all the players do is whine, moan, and complain about one thing or another.

    That d-line has absolutely terrorized the entire NE region and the NFL. They ruined our seasons by playing out of their minds, to their fullest potential in 2007 and 2011. Fast forward a year and they’re whining about something (ie: everything), while getting bounced from the playoffs.


  11. I think he would be better off working with a quarterback like Favre to get more sacks !

  12. Strahan makes $5 million from his weekday job. I don’t know how much he makes from his weekend job, but you’d have to figure it is in seven figures.

    He also has commercials (I know Subway is nationwide) and other “business interests” that he vaguely hints at in interviews.

    Somehow, I doubt that he has time to help the Giants.

  13. I’m not at all a Giants fan, but perhaps JPP should be left alone to figure it out. Study film and get motivated.

  14. while jpp dint do particularly well one on one or doubleteamed this year i will give him the benefit of the doubt in that fewell had him on the inside of that line on 3rd and long situations far too often. osi and tucks poor seasons allowed teams to focus on jpp when he was alone on the right side. It also always seemed when he did beat the left tackle it was a quick throw. when it wasnt a quick throw he dint get any pressure at all. Monster in the run game and an all around good year for a DE, but still an underperformance.

  15. boswivel says:
    Jan 3, 2013 9:09 PM
    Strahan can teach JPP to befriend the opposing quarterback so that he will fall down in your honor.

    But you all saw that one coming.

    too bad aldon smith hasn’t figured that one out yet. he could then use that quarterback as his designated driver, too

  16. Great idea. Leak it through the media so if it happens its disingenuous and akward.

    And if the GMs plan was to just float this idea out there to see if it motivates JPP with out it actually taking place then that’s a bush league move. It’s not like he’s an 8 year old boy and can use some little mind game.

  17. On the idea that Tom Couughlin has not motivated his team, as claimed by some on this forum, I respectively disagree. He is not a perfect coach, and yes he has a bit of a temper and can be quite verbally abusive as when he called Eli foolish. However, he does motivate his team. He does get them going. This year there were the issues of the weak secondary, defensive line not putting enough pressure on other QBs, etc. Also, there were external factors that were outside the realm of the sport that have impacted on Giant players including Eli. They are human.

  18. JPP has the potential to be the next Juilus Peppers. Before you say anything about Peppers and his work ethic in Carolina when his team sucked, remember teams often doubled and chipped Peppers. Almost anytime he was one on one he got a sack or forced the bad throw.
    That being said i think this could be a good idea if JPP was taught rather tha motivated. And the Giants fall this year was due their subpar interior dline not JPP. Osi needs out and push Tuck to the inside on nickel formations cuz he is strong enough to play their.

  19. Calling strahans record BS because a QB didn’t want to take the hit is bogus. Nevermind about the other sacks he got, Because They were all laying down for him. I hope Gmen get this going though so maybe JPP can at least get some leadership skills and grow up a little.

  20. Sounds like JPP needs to stop hazing and focus on his game.A lot of excuses for a “big man”

  21. As good as JPP is, he’s nowhere near the same level as Strahan.

    Players like Michael Strahan and Howie Long only come around so often.

  22. Just leave Strahan alone. He is busy working hard and NOT complaining. Maybe the D-Line of the Giants should just try that. I’ll be patiently waiting by my mailbox for my consulting fee.

  23. Yeah, have Strahan talk to JPP. Teach him how to use his connections to land high paying jobs in the media without working. That will help.

  24. G-men are loaded with talent and have a stable of alumni that can breath pride and tradition to the current team.

    Cant win the SB every year. I expect the Giants to be in play for the Lombardi and win it all again soon. Eli finishes with at least three and probably four.

  25. Oh no.. I’m so hurt by the Skins fans comments.

    Win something significant, then talk to Giants fans..

    Make sure you come back here 24 hours from now…

    RG3 can’t carry Eli’s strap.

  26. I would see absolutely no problem with strahan helping jpp. You say what you want about the favre sack! The man constantly had to beat double and triple teaming! So he earned his record! Funny no one else has beaten it yet! Alton smith rarely gets touched when he gets a sack because the real power house on the 9ers line Justin smith carves a hole for Alton to come running through! That’s a fact watch any analyst break it down! I think strahan can help jpp get around this kind of treatment fast! And he is the PERFECT man for the job!

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