Greg Jennings isn’t crazy about home-field advantage


Eli Manning and Michael Vick have done a lot to puncture the notion that Lambeau Field gives the Packers a home-field advantage that’s impossible to overcome in recent years and now a member of the Packers is saying that he’d just as soon play on the road than play at home in the playoffs.

Wide receiver Greg Jennings said that he loves playing in front of the home crowd, but that he would always choose to play indoors over outdoors. Jennings, who was on the Packers team that won the Super Bowl as a Wild Card as well as two that lost to the Giants at home, also said that he felt going on the road raises the focus of the team beyond where it gets at home. Jennings knows the party line is to say only good things about playing at home, but he wasn’t willing to go that route.

“No, no that’s a politically correct answer,” Jennings said, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “I’m done with politically correct right now. I’m realistic.”

Eliminating the crowd aspect, it’s hard to imagine there are any wide receivers who would rather play outdoors than in a dome on turf. The good news for Jennings is that the Packers are unlikely to play at home again this postseason if they can beat the Vikings on Saturday night, although they wouldn’t get a trip to a dome until the NFC Championship Game.

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  1. As a fan I’m getting really tired of the talk coming out of GJ. I understand that he is answering questions from the media but c’mon man. Can’t wait to hear what comes out of his mouth when he goes to another team that has a terrible QB situation. He’s been fortunate in his career to play with one and possibly two HOF signal callers.

  2. Greg Jennings is being honest.

    To the dismay of the Packer faithful.

    Back when the Packers were playing teams from the little sisters of the poor – they never played games in December and January. Heck – they canceled games in Green Bay because of rain back in the day.

    The myth that football was meant to be played outdoors in any kind of weather is just that – a myth.

  3. Sounds like Jennings is interviewing for a job with the Vikings next year. Jennings, just be ready for the Lambeau crowd to make you a scapegoat and say “we’re glad he’s gone, he never did much for us anyhow”.

  4. He’s right. All you have to do is go back to their SB year when they destroyed the Falcons in Atlanta. It looked like a home game for the Packers.

  5. Greg would look good in Purple next year and he would get 8 games in a dome well 7 cause we have to play PIT in London next year which is a home game for us which I thing stinks.

    Then it will be Jenings instead of Sharper saying ” you all thought I wouldn’t look good in Purple? Look at me now, Look at me now “

  6. Coming into Lambeau Field isn’t much of a threat nowadays like it used to be. Just because they play in GB, doesn’t mean they’re used to the conditions. This team as well as the past recent teams, are built for the domes. They’re a fast/finesse team. Not a diss on Lambeau, just being realistic.

  7. Jennings didn’t say there was no advantage at home, just that he personally would rather play indoors. Wouldn’t anybody? The temperatures at Lambeau aren’t conducive to a receiver putting up big numbers…

  8. The Packers are a speed, pass heavy team. The old saying that a good defense and a strong running game wins championships isn’t heard too much lately. If the conditions are poor in Lambeau this weekend it should play more to the Vikings advantage. This could shape up to be another entertaining, competitive game.

  9. dtrb10 says:Jan 3, 2013 9:01 AM
    “Greg would look good in Purple next year”

    Not saying it wont or cant happen, but you are forgetting that the Purple have 16 free agents next year including 6 starters. Those free agents include Erin Hendersen, Jasper Brinkley, and Phil Loadholt. Jared Allen will also be a free agent in 2014, which impacts how much they can spend this year.

    I saw one site that said that the Vikings could target more reasonably priced talent such as Domenick Hixon or Donnie Avery.

    Jennings would likely cost a fortune.

    As for Jennings, he’s got to be careful not to burn any bridges here, hey may find out, just as James Jones did, that the free agent market isn’t all its cracked up to be.

  10. There’d be plenty of room for Jennings in purple, there’s starting to be more and more rumbling that Harvin may be gone, so there’s one huge contract the team won’t need to sign. Jarius Wright is no Harvin, but he’s played well in Percy’s absence. Sign Jennings as your #1, draft another big WR, have Wright as your slot guy, Rudolph at TE and you have a decent corps of receivers for Ponder to throw to

  11. Shoot, I was hoping the Pats might try to get him next year. Guess this kills that thought. I think he’d be fantastic in Indy.

  12. Greg has a point, the Packers are 1-2 at home and 3-1 on the road since the 2007 playoffs. But go out there and get the Lambeau monkey off of your back fellas!

  13. Some of you people need to chill out. 85 has been great for us, amazing talent and class act. Guy is just being honest, I haven’t missed a Packers game since 2002, if you think we aren’t a better team indoors your crazy and I don’t know what team you’ve been watching. I would love to see him retire a Packer but the reality is everyone can’t get paid. TT has us set up for the future. 85 will get paid and good for him. Let’s enjoy GJ while we still have him and the playoff push. After all is said and done I wish him and his family the best of luck wherever they end up.

  14. Cold weather as a leg up on the competition is a myth. Nobody “likes” the cold, and Green Bay has a bitter cold game maybe every two-three years. Usually the temps are tolerable in the low to mid twenties.

    Any professional athlete can handle that.

  15. Turnovers (Favre meltdowns) and Bad Defense …
    That’s how I’d explain last decades 2-4 home playoff record…

    Plus you’ve got those two games against a red hot Giants team (that went onto beat a undefeated Patriots team)

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