J.J. Watt is the AFC defensive player of the month

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Texans defensive end J.J. Watt finished the year the same way he started it, bookending his September AFC defensive player of the month award with the December version.

He posted a league-high six sacks and four forced fumbles in December, along with 27 tackles and three passes defensed.

He finished the regular season with a league-high 20.5 sacks.

Watt will need to continue playing at his high level for the Texans to advance in the playoffs, because their problems on the other side of the ball have been numerous.

14 responses to “J.J. Watt is the AFC defensive player of the month

  1. dmartin17 says: Jan 3, 2013 1:14 PM

    And yet he disappeared for the Pats game. Which Watt shows up for playoffs?


    Belichik is hailed as a genius for a reason. They put together a very good scheme for focusing on limiting Watt’s destructive ability.

    While Watt didn’t have any sacks or batted passes, he didn’t really disappear. He recorded a forced fumble and was still in Brady’s face all night.

  2. I don’t get the focus on the Patriots game. A coach that’s one of the best ever created a scheme to minimize the impact of an opposing lineman, and this is a big deal? Even if that wasn’t the case, not every player is going to have a good game every week.

  3. Funny how there is nothing but pats fans commenting on this article for watt … Hmmm… They wouldn’t be getting nervous about the Lil ol Texans going to Foxboro next week would they? They are, and should be, favored in that rematch….

  4. No he was not, you idiots. Four QB hits and two hurries would be the most productive day of the season for most 3-4 DEs in this league. The fact that a game like that constitutes a down day for Watt just speaks to how dominant he is.

    And did somebody seriously question his ability to show up in the playoffs? He led the postseason in sacks last year and tacked on a pick-six, PD, and 14 total tackles in just two games.

  5. Just because he didn’t have a sack against the Patriots doesn’t mean he didn’t have a good game against them. In fact, he was one of the only ones who played well against them. He had numerous pressures and knockdowns in that game.

  6. cincyorangenblack says: Jan 3, 2013 2:32 PM

    Geno Atkins deserves it more. just like he deserves DPOY more.

    That’s just a dumb comment coming from a fanboy. Atkins has had a great year but has nowhere near the same numbers as any of the other guys.

  7. JJ Watt will win DPOY and its not close. Pro Football Focus has given him the highest rating at any position… Ever.

    Led the league in Sacks, TFL, Run stops, Top 10 in Passes Defended (set an NFL record for passes batted at LOS), He had a defensive stop on almost 20% of the plays he was involved in.

    He dominated the position like never before. He led the league in sacks from an interior line position…. that’s insane. On top of that he led the league in run stop percentage.

    Miller, Smith, Tillman, and Atkins all had great years, but its not even close.

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