Kyle Shanahan won’t interview until Redskins are done

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Earlier this week, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan answered a question about his son, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, interviewing for head coaching jobs by saying he thought the time for that was after the Redskins’ season came to an end.

That suggests the Redskins would block Kyle Shanahan from interviewing for interested teams next week if the Redskins beat the Seahawks this Sunday. That doesn’t seem to be a problem for the younger Shanahan. Grant Paulsen of 106.7 The Fan reports that Kyle Shanahan parroted his father’s feelings about an assistant interviewing for head coaching jobs while his team was still in the playoffs. 

“Definitely. I’m looking forward to having that opportunity after the season,” Shanahan said. “Anything that detours your mind from [game-planning] is going to be a detriment to the team.”

Shanahan said, via Mike Jones of the Washington Post, that he isn’t sure if any teams are interested in speaking to him because he doesn’t have an agent and hasn’t picked up his phone in the last six months. When the Redskins’ season does come to an end, that’s going to make for an awful lot of voice mail to sift through all at once.

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  1. Of course he is going to toe the line that Dad drew in the sand. He doesn’t want to be grounded.

  2. You don’t leave the Washington Redskins by choice. If you aren’t a Redskin it’s because you are not worthy. The Shanahans will reign over God’s team for years to come.

  3. This may sound sentimental as I just lost my dad last year. But, if I were Kyle, I would be tempted to stay put and work with Mike. Life is short and his dad is getting older. If Kyle continues to have an offense that is half as good as the Redskins have been for the past seven games, he’ll always be able to land a coaching spot. But how often do you get to have a great job working with your father and how little time would a pro football coordinator get to spend time with him if he weren’t working with him?

  4. Interview for a head coaching job..are you kidding???This guy was set to be fired about 6 weeks ago. He is about as qualified to be head coach as a janitor. This is hilarious.

  5. It’s funny. A few weeks ago Skins fans were wailing the only reason he had a job was because of his dad, and they were also kicking the incompetent Haslett out too.

    Now they’re afraid of losing them.

    On Monday they will be unhappy again.

    It’s true – they just take on the “personality” of their owner.

  6. “Not even near ready for that much responsiblility…….”

    As a Skins fan who has ALWAYS liked and supported Kyle Shanahan, even when he was in Houston, I completely and whole-heartedly agree with this. Especially after seeing him chase down the replacement officials and berate them. He isn’t the only coach to ever go over-the-top with officials, but I just don’t know if he has the maturity yet.

    We know he is a good offensive coordinator and he schemes very well. We don’t know if he can manage and motivate. Why leave RGIII and a team on the rise to take some of the bottom feeder organizations right now?

  7. Who is gonna hire this clown as a HC? When your claim to fame is verbal abuse of scab refs, you’re just not ready…

    2 words, Lane Kiffin.

  8. To add to what i said above, Shanny please don’t leave, I will miss you! You were able to mask the fact that RG3 only ranked 19th in the league in TDs, and could only muster 213yds per game 23rd in the league even below Weeden, Flacco, Vick, Foles and Newton. You are a true miracle worker. Dont go Shanny, I love you.

  9. mrbigass says: Jan 3, 2013 3:37 PM

    Not even near ready for that much responsiblility…….
    Right – the shoes of guys like Norv Turner, Romeo Crennell, Ken Whisenhunt, and Chan Gailey are just too big for Kyle Shanahan.

  10. “He can expect a call from Snyder as well. What he has done this season is quite remarkable. He’ll get extended in DC making HC money.”
    Amazing!!! Last year he was …- that close to becoming the ball boy and now you think he’s HC worthy? Why do you give him credit for what RG3 and Morris have done? I fail to see the connection.

  11. two things: he may have a lot of calls to sort through but none will be teams calling for a head coach.

    secondly, to the dude who fancies himself as logical above, i guess god has taken about a twenty year vacation from checking in on his team…… and my guess is if that’s so, he wouldn’t pick mike shanahan to be his coach…..

    but he may pick griffin as his quarterback; and that’s where the credit should go…….still, don’t get so excited about being in the playoffs; act like you’ve been there before. Perhaps you’ll win one game and double the amount of redskin playoff wins this century.

  12. Does Kyle even realize that if he leaves Washington, RGIII doesn’t get to come with him?

    Rex Grossman is wondering where Kyle will coach next year so he knows where he will be playing…

  13. Another year with Pops will do him just right. Kyle staying around DC for another year will do him very well toward rounding out his experience, and it will go along way toward solidifying the Skin’s offense for the future. Give him another year calling plays for an elite QB before sending him out into the Big, Bad World. Kyle: Next year’s opportunities will be better, I guarantee you, and brother, you need another year experience calling the OC before you go to the Bigtime. Unless of course, we win the Big One, then you can go wherever you want, except to an NFC East team.

  14. I feel bad for any franchise that falls for the smoke & mirrors that makes this kid look like a decent OC or HC.

    RG3 is the only reason they’re “good”.. Who knows how long he’ll stay healthy not to mention teams will start to figure him out when more and more game tape. Soon we’ll have to see his intangibles and see if this season was a fluke or not.

  15. so you win 7 games straight and think it’s time to move on? Win about 2 Super Bowls then let’s talk, Kyle. While I’m extremely happy with the team’s turnaround, credit is due all around and interviewing after one successful season rather than sticking around, says little for Kyle’s character in my opinion. Yes, I’m well aware of the times we live in and I can’t blame someone for taking a job elsewhere if another employer is willing to pay more. So my other take on this is if Dan Snyder can waste money on players like Deion Sanders, Bruce Smith, Albert Haynesworth and Donovan McNabb, then why can’t he shell out cash to match any offers Kyle may receive from another team if he’s worth keeping around?

  16. I think all teams still in the hunt should do this, but I can understand why they don’t.

    I don’t think young Shanahan is ready, but he is getting there. He needs a little more seasoning. I’d be surprised if a NFL team hires him this year.

    It seems to me that Skins fans have no idea of what’s coming: the Seahawks are no joke. They have been much better on the road the last few games, so don’t hang your hat on that. I’m pulling for the Skins, but I don’t see it happening. Seattle is too tough and physical and they will push that soft secondary around. Morris won’t be able to run and RG3 will endure a nasty beating.

    Hope I’m wrong…good luck!

  17. The Seahawks will be leaving messages after their slaughter on Sunday. Their vaunted defensive players grasping at air and walking back to their bench with their heads hanging, dazed and confused.
    Too bad Kyle won’t be returning calls until after the Super Bowl.

  18. i’m sure i guy who looks like a junior in high school will galvanize a locker room……

  19. People people people you all need to settle down we are talking about the redskins. I can’t believe I’m wasting my time writing this. Redskins! Redskins! Were not talking about the redskins.

  20. I didn’t see any fans asking for Kyle to get fired, or Haslett. Maybe a little with Haslett. I for one, always knew they were good coaches. Players just had to play a little better.

  21. It seems like a bad idea to let playoff assistants interview before their current jobs are done. How can they be giving 100% for the playoffs if they are worried about job interview stuff? There is likely no solution unless permanent hires are banned until after the Super Bowl. That is not likely to be well received.

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