No structural damage to Dez Bryant’s back


Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant had to leave the stadium in a wheelchair after injuring his back during Sunday night’s season-ending loss to the Redskins and he was still on crutches Tuesday, leading to tests over the last few days to determine the extent of any damage.

Calvin Watkins of reports that the Cowboys got good news from those tests. Bryant has no structural damage to his back and the receiver has been diagnosed with back spasms that should not impact his readiness for next season.

Bryant also has a fractured index finger on his left hand, which was thought to be a season-ending injury until Bryant opted to put off surgery to help the Cowboys’ attempt to make the playoffs. Bryant did plenty in the final weeks to help that effort, one that obviously fell short although Watkins reports that the end of the season hasn’t led to the surgery being scheduled yet.

Bryant put together a huge 2012 season, finishing with 92 catches for 1,382 yards and 12 touchdowns. It’s the best of his three NFL seasons and exactly the kind of production the Cowboys were hoping to get when they selected Bryant in the first round of the 2010 draft.

11 responses to “No structural damage to Dez Bryant’s back

  1. where was he Sunday night? I heard ppl saying he would have 200 yards against the skins. Hail to the REDSKINS

  2. There was no logical way of knowing that Bryant was going straighten up and focus on his playing more. He head off the field, knucklehead behavior that caused concerns.

    Only fanboys that never see any wrong with the Cowboys organization chose to ignore the earlier warning signs. Remember, the guy needed a babysitter to get to this point.

    That aside, back problems are no joke and I hope Bryant gets well and continues on his path of being a good receiver.

    Not being in the playoffs means no worries of Jerry baiting him back onto the field anytime soon.

  3. I’m not a Cowboys fan and not a fan of Dez the person. But as for Dez the football player, I’m glad to see him healthy because he is a great talent.

  4. Until he got hurt (and Romo did his thing) this Redskins fan was scared to death he’d kill us with a late bomb beating DeAngelo Hall to win the game. He is a great talent, when he’s not kicking his Mom’s a$$

  5. Back problems never go away once you have one you’ll see next year he will miss some time with flare ups, too bad he couldn’t finish out his great season,the back is a serious pain tolerant issue good luck

  6. Left in a wheelchair. Of course there’s NO possibility that he was being a typical “star” drama queen about it?

    That said, I don’t wish him ill. Whatever the problem was/is, I hope it gets properly evaluated and fixed–not that you can count on a knucklehead like Bryant to follow doctors’ orders.

    As for the finger, just get it done NOW, Dez. You showed some real grit in playing with the injury, which we didn’t expect. Now get it fixed, done, over, so it’s not an issue during OTAs or training camp.

  7. I’ve dislocated my shoulder, broken both thumbs, cracked my shin, and my back spasms hurt hurt more than all of them put together.

    When they are bad, you can lay still, and your back spasms (contracts) and it’s like electricity thru your body. I had them so bad a month ago, I was laying on my back in bed and my leg slid off the bed. I couldn’t pick my own leg up, my GF had to run around the bed and move it for me. They can be debilitating.

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