PFWA accepts Jets’ delayed compliance with media policy

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The Jets won’t be cooperating with the league’s policy requiring the head coach to be made available to the media within one week after the last game of the season.  The Professional Football Writers of America won’t be pushing the issue when it comes to the obvious violation of the rules.

“The PFWA is satisfied that the New York Jets are following the spirit of the rules in making their executives available on Tuesday,” PFWA Mark Gaughan said in a release that was forwarded to PFT.  “There is good reason for the NFL’s rule requiring teams to make a top executive available to communicate with the fans through the media within seven days after the end of the season.  After discussing the circumstances with the Jets, we look forward to hearing from owner Woody Johnson and coach Rex Ryan on Tuesday.”

So, basically, the rule has now been adjusted as a practical matter from one week to nine days.  That’s good news for any future team that hopes to avoid the heat until the kitchen is better under control.

Meanwhile, the PFWA has essentially withdrawn its complaint without saying that the complaint has been withdrawn.

17 responses to “PFWA accepts Jets’ delayed compliance with media policy

  1. Wonder what Rich Cimini has to say about this. The guy has been complaining all week that the Jets are “inconsiderate” and don’t care for writers. Jeesh, even the writers covering the Jets are garbage.

  2. “So, basically, the rule has now been adjusted as a practical matter from one week to nine days. That’s good news for any future team that hopes to avoid the heat until the kitchen is better under control.”

    LOL…..I like the way you put that Florio.

  3. The writers will be better off if they get a press conference after 9 days if there is then something material to say than they would be if the Jets stonewalled them in a presser after 7 days then made them wait for day 14 to announce something material.

    The press needs to report on the bus not drive it.

  4. Rich Cimini is the reason the Jets brass is hiding. Rex can’t resist putting his foot in Cimini’s mouth.

  5. They know the jet franchise is in turmoil. 43 years and counting… good luck jet fans.

    It’s gonna be a brutal couple of years and no Fireman Ed to cheer you on.

  6. Like I have said several times. As badly as the Jets are run, they STILL are allowed to operate under different rules than the rest of the league. This is just a small and relatively irrelevant example

  7. I understand that rules are rules, but this is likely to be the lamest possible rule to get worked up about.

  8. Why does the press need a press conference, all of their reporting this year has been through “anonymous sources”, be them real or imagined.

  9. i have been a jet fan since the dawn of modern civilization. i do not find it to be an ‘affront’ or disgusting’ that the jets aren’t talking to the media when they would like. (ny sports talk radio) i’d love to know what they’re going to do. clearly they have a lot of work to do. but whether they talk tuesday or friday is irrelevant.

    what IS an affront is the way the media is handling this along with the entire jets season. i guess they have to fill up the airwaves (not to excuse print media). clearly the jets season went from one of hope to one of disappointment. however the nature and level of criticism has been small, petty vitriol that’s an insult to me as a listener.

    why does (well deserved) criticism become ridicule? the manufactured moral indignation thing is way over the top. PLEASE at least don’t congratulate yourself that you’re doing this for me, you’re not. and thank you for the insult that follows when you learn that fans think it can wait until tuesday; “wake me when the season starts”. you’re not defenders of freedom”. you’re throwing a hissy fit because you’re not getting what you want when you want it.

  10. Should have addressed the media already after firing a GM that has been bad but very loyal. No class.

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