Report: Bears request interview with Bruce Arians


The Bears have added another offensive name to their search for a head coach.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reports that the Bears have requested an interview with Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians. The request is a formality since the Colts can’t block Arians from interviewing. As the regular season drew to a close, Arians said he was open to head coaching opportunities, but that he isn’t “just gonna run away” for any job.

Arians was a lot more than just the offensive coordinator for the Colts this year, of course. He guided the team to a 9-3 record as interim head coach while Chuck Pagano was away from the team fighting leukemia. It was the first time in Arians’ long coaching career that he filled the top spot and it’s no surprise that his work has resulted in interest about a permanent shot in the role.

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck made his feelings known about the prospect of Arians leaving for a head coaching job when asked what he’d tell teams about the job Arians did this season.

“Terrible. Just terrible,” Luck said, via Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star.

Saints offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael has interviewed for the job in Chicago and the Bears have also expressed interest in talking to Buccaneers offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan, Packers offensive coordinator Tom Clements and Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy.

31 responses to “Report: Bears request interview with Bruce Arians

  1. Starting to really like Emery as GM McCoy is my first choice, and Bruce would be my second choice. I got to say so far I’m really impressed with the direction the organization is going. So glad Bears aren’t trying to get old washed up coach, instead are looking for the next big thing.

  2. I’d be happy with Clements or McCoy or Arians. Maybe even Carmichael, although not sure he’s really the brains of the operation. McCoy top choice, though.

  3. Enough of this. They really need to change the rule that coaches can’t be interviewed until after the season, the whole season, is over. It’s not fair to the players, other coaches, fans or ownership. Let these coaches finish what they started w/o distractions.

  4. Who would want to take a job to deal with a baby like Cutler? He’s not a leader no matter what coach you get.

  5. Phil Emery is proving to be a great GM hire. McCoy, Clements, Arians and Shanahan Jr were my top choices for HC. If Emery presents any of these 3 as his finalists to McCaskey and Phillips, we can’t go wrong. So glad we are not getting a burnt-out retread like Reid or gimmick college coach like the Kelly brothers (Chip and Brian).

  6. Emery has been busy. Let’s hope he found glasses lanyard that was conspicuously missing from the presser the other day. I don’t see him making a good decision without it.

  7. Just an offensive minded HC is not gonna fix the Bears. Jay Cutler is Tony Romo’s twin. The Bears need a winner at QB. Cutler quit on them two years ago in the NFC Championship.

  8. Enough with bringing in all these nobodies. If money isn’t a consideration, Emery needs to do what it takes to bring Wannstedt back.

  9. From an outsider’s POV, Carmichael’s offense in New Orleans does not fit the team or the offense or anything in Chicago, for that matter.

    Not that the coach isn’t able to change, but that Saints team is built for a dome and super pass happy scheme…..Chicago’s outdoor game and weather don’t fit that mold.

    As a Packer fan…I say bring it on.

    I honestly think the right guy is Arians….his guys love to play for him, he’s a big imposing dude that pretty much speaks his mind. That has Bear man written all over it.

  10. Canned Heat…my only concern with Arians is longevity. We need to find our own Mike McCarthy–someone who is young enough to provide stability on offense for several years. Arians technically retired from the Steelers before getting hired by Pagano in Indy. Not sure if he’s in it for the long haul. We are not gonna win the SB next yr, but by year 3 of the new regime Jay should have mastered the new system and compete for the SB.

  11. Good choices by Emery so far.
    How refreshing after that idiot Jerry Angelo.
    I don’t mind if they have to do some rebuilding just as long as they get it right.

    I would rather see them be a contender for years to come instead of just making the playoffs next year and then watch the defense get really old.

  12. How about a college coach coming off a Rose Bowl victory with an .851 winning percentage who coached in the NFL as an assistant for 9 years, coached a much more NFL-ready offensive scheme than Chip Kelly and was position coach and then offensive coordinator for one of the best up and coming QB’s in the league?

    Anyone know who I’m talking about? Anyone surprised his name hasn’t come up for a single job?

  13. dmleigh9 says: Jan 3, 2013 2:22 PM

    “Enough with bringing in all these nobodies. If money isn’t a consideration, Emery needs to do what it takes to bring Wannstedt back.”

    Made my day with that one…Still LMAO!

  14. thetooloftools:
    If you actually believe that the absence of Bruce Arians is the reason for the Steelers’ demise, then you obviously know nothing about football…
    Guess you’re a tool for a good reason.

  15. So last year Bruce Arians was the root of all evil and the Steelers and their fans couldnt wait to get rid of him. Fast forward a year, Arians is now a hot coaching prospect and the Steelers are whining about Todd Haley. Either Arians got a lot smarter in the last year or the problem is actually with the Steelers.

  16. thevza says: Jan 3, 2013 3:00 PM

    “I wonder who Jerry Angelo would have targeted for head coach interviews if he was still GM. Hmm…”

    If Jerry was still GM, no Marshall trade last year, and Lovie’s still HC.

  17. @Larryboodry
    I have Pete Carmichael Jr. as my front runner. But if the real chance
    at Greg Roman was to show it self
    I would want him. and I belive this is a two man foot chase right Now… between Carmichael and McCoy

  18. Hats off to Bruce. He was new in Colt land had a new QB and then the bad news to Chuck. He pulled that team together and they made the plays to get to the playoffs. He should be coach of year and he deserves to be interviewed.

  19. @jredshoes

    or… Arians is not that good but the stars have all aligned for the Colts to have a good season. Which he will use to springboard into mediocrity as a head coach.

  20. Arians didn’t retire from Pittsburg. His contract wasn’t renewed. Basically fired. Talk about going from the outhouse to the penthouse. Good for him.

  21. Okay anyone who thinks Cutler can’t win doesn’t know ball, Martz was the first problem and was going to kill him. But he can play, besides nobody else out there. Let’s cut out the Dallas coach as a possible, only ever a special teams coach, can’t be that good if Dallas never up’d him and they have a losers mentality. Arians I agree may not be long term, Saints guy again agree, no go wrong style for us, and hell no to SHANAHAN Jr he’s ruined players. I don’t mind McCoy if new guy, but I like Cowher for a bring back.

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