Report: Reid close to becoming Chiefs coach


On Tuesday, Adam Schefter of ESPN told us that Andy Reid was 95-percent certain to become the next coach of the Cardinals.  On Thursday, Chris Mortensen of ESPN told us that Andy Reid is now more likely to coach the Chiefs.

Now, Schefter and Mortensen has dusted off their Scheftersen persona and jointly report that Reid is close to becoming the next head coach of the Chiefs.They report that “the major issues have been discussed and agreed upon.”  One source close to Reid (possibly his agent) said, “This is going to happen fast.”

Sure it will.  Unless there’s an unexpected development.  Like, say, the Chargers deciding to get in on the action.  Reuben Frank of had reported on Thursday morning that Reid will interview with the Chargers.  And it would be foolish for the Chargers to not at least do their due diligence; if the Chiefs hire Reid and the Chargers didn’t at least kick tires less than a week after Reid was telling people he wants to coach in San Diego, the Chargers will look foolish for not exploring the possibility of hiring him.

Then there’s the fact that the Chargers have hired Ron Wolf to serve as a consultant for their coaching and G.M. search.  Wolf hired Mike Holmgren in Green Bay, who hired Reid.

This time around, ESPN wisely hasn’t attached a percentage to the possibility of a deal getting done.

If they had, we would have been tempted to bet the under.

44 responses to “Report: Reid close to becoming Chiefs coach

  1. How about tracking Reid’s GPS? This is getting ridiculous. Just report facts, not speculation obviously fueled by his rep.

  2. In two days, if have I read another report saying that Reid is close to a deal with the Chargers I’m going to be really annoyed.

  3. They don’t have a viable QB in Kansa city…..the QB’s there have thrown for less than 2000 yards, a completion percentage under 60%…yikes!!…and if they give him majority of control over operations that’s crazy……he had a lot of control in Philly and just went 8-8 and 4-12…a complete disaster with good talent…another mistake in KC…

  4. My raiders r gonna get out coached in this division!. . .the broncos r gonna win the Superbowl and the chiefs r gonna go to like 4 straight AFC title games and the chargers will probably b getting an elite head coach too!, while my raiders are stuck with a young guy who they got because he came with a cheap price tag!

  5. Good hire by KC. Schefter was well-played by Reid and as such, I’m sure Reid will be well-paid by KC.

  6. Really think Reid could do some magic if he picked up Case Keenum from The Texans practice squad and then used draft choices for the other needs of the team.

  7. So Andy Reid wants to go to San Diego, but San Diego doesn’t want him, so he will almost definitely be the next Cardinals coach, but he will also almost definitely be the next Chiefs coach, and San Diego wants to interview him after all.

    Yeah, Reid’s agent is earning his money.

  8. The National media’s obsession with Reid to SD is getting annoying.

    The Team doesn’t have a GM in place and they have been clear that they want to go with a fresher name in terms of when they start their search for a coach.

    Why is this so hard to understand?

  9. It’s probably a good move for Reid. The NFC West is extremely competitive, and aside from Fitzgerald, the Cardinals really have nothing on offense.

    The Chiefs, on the other hand, are loaded on both sides of the ball. If I recall correctly, 5 Pro Bowlers on a 2-14 team. (As an aside, how the hell did Crennel get another head coaching gig? For upsetting the Packers? Sheesh.) Plus, the AFC West is weak. Denver is tremendous right now, but Manning can’t have too many years left in the tank. The Chargers are declining, and the Raiders are currently in the dumps — the Raiders could be rebuilding, but that remains to be seen.

    Chiefs just make more sense than the Cardinals.

  10. Maybe Andy Reid should take a year or two off and tend to his family…two screwed up sons (one of whom has died just this year)…come on man. The HC jobs will be there for you in the future.

  11. KC fans you will be very happy with Andy Reid. Andy gave us many incredible seasons here in Philly. The downfall of Andy in Philly began with the death of Jim Johnson, one of the best defensive coordinators in football. We never recovered, as we went through several. Losing 4 starting offensive linemen due to injury killed his team this year. How many teams can come back from that? Andy is a winner, he put the Eagles in position to win several SB’s, Andy wasn’t the one throwing up, and throwing interceptions. Andy wasn’t the one that choked in the clutch, nope that was #5. Count me as an Andy fan for Life. Go Big Red!

  12. so overrated just look at his win loss record vs winning teams. try under .400. what’s even better he is record vs AFC play off’s team, try 2-14 from 1999-2010. That’s pretty much all you need to know about the eagles run over the past 14 years. They beat a bunch of bad teams in what was once the weaker conference and even a weaker division during that time period. I haven’t ever seen such an overrated coach, team and frachise in my life. such a joke when you look inside the numbers. They were the favorite to win 4 out of 5 championship games, played 3 of those games at home and only won ONE!! can’t wait for him to fall on his face…

  13. Andy Reid made Michael Vick almost look like an NFL 3rd String QB, which is amazing.

    That guy should be inducted into the Hall of Fame for coaching that terrible QB to mediocrity.

    Oh and he did make Donovan McNabb into a HOFer

  14. Pittsburgh paper has a story now that Haley is interviewing for AZ job!!

    Steelers couldnt be that Lucky.

  15. Excellent place for someone in the twilight of their career and looking for a temporary landing spot…KC only keeps coaches for two or three years especially if they don’t make the playoffs. By this time next year they will already be looking to dump Reid in favor of the new flavor of the week. KC is a great place, has an incredible organization but is extremely fickle and is fan driven. Don’t get too comfortable Andy, you might want to look into getting a personal media coach too!

  16. I used to live in Denver and Adam Schefter was a turd back then too. These sports “reporters” that ESPN/TMZ use should have every advantage in the industry but they’re terrible at their jobs. These guys say anything to get us to watch and they don’t care if it’s true. I quit watching everything on that channel 6 yrs ago and through the use of the internet I’m more educated than ever on the sports I love.

  17. While ‘past performance does not guarantee future results’, with Andy I think what you have seen is what you will get. I appreciate that Andy made Philly relevant, but poor personnel decisions (both players and staff), poor game-time management, poor play calling and not designing your system to match your players are all traits of a coach who will NEVER win the Super Bowl. And let’s not forget that most of Andy’s success in Philly was with Ray Rhodes’ defensive players, he padded his winning percentage by playing awful NFC East teams twice a year, and he almost never beat an AFC team. Advice to KC: Let him make you relevant but don’t keep past his use-by date!

  18. If a team wins 2 games, without major injuries, & is the worst team in the NFL, it says something about that team. They stink! They obviously don’t have a lot of talent obviously either. 5 Pro bowlers? No wonder the Pro Bowl is a joke!

  19. Hopefully it will happen quickly– before the Chargers can interview him.

    Charger Fans Everywhere

  20. “BBQ joints in KC rejoice! Your sales are about to go up!”

    Actually, Reid will fill in the void created by Crennel’s departure. Therefore, they will probably break even.

    Unless Crennel stays on as DC!

  21. He’d be a whole lot better off if he went to arizona cause the turnaround in kc is gonna take longer,maybe 5 years! he’ll have to gut the offense and start brand new!

  22. I’m not convinced that this is going to be a good hire for anyone. I’m with the camp that thinks Reid should take a year off, but I understand he has to do what he has to do.

    With everyone chasing Reid and the Bears quietly talking to Arians I have a feeling it’s the Bears that are going to come out looking good. They are the best team with an opening and Arians is the most proven candidate right now…

  23. If I were him, I’d aim for the Kansas City job. They have a lot of talent with Jamaal Charles, Tamba Hali, Eric Berry, Dwayne Bowe (who’ll probably leave as an FA though), the O-Line (Winston, Albert, Allen, etc.), Derrick Johnson, Justin Houston, Brandon Flowers and a few others. They had five Pro Bowlers on a 2-14 team if that says anything.

    The Cardinals have Larry Fitzgerald and Adrian Wilson. That’s about it.

    If both teams offered him a gig, he should definitely go with Kansas City. No doubt.

  24. Does anyone really care where these coaches go except for the city they end up in.

    Reid in print is now almost as bad as Favre.

    No more reading if Reid stories for me.

  25. That headline is the worst news Jamaal Charles ever read in his life. All you with Charles in a keeper league better trade him to someone else ASAP….


    Apparently you were not watching when Reid had the likes of Duce Staley, Brian Westbrook, and Lesean McCoy…If memory serves me correctly, those backs were top 5 fantasy backs at their peak…J. Charles would surely follow suit…

  26. For those who actually watch Chiefs games know Eric Berry is very overrated! People just know he was drafted high in the first round & was a stud in college.

  27. “the Chargers will look foolish for not exploring the possibility of hiring him.”

    No they won’t. Even at his best Reid’s teams were poorly conditioned and his horrible clock management often cost them games. He had some good years in Philly but he is certainly not the be all end all in NFL coaches.

    There’s zero embarrassment if they don’t want to hire him.

  28. @tardyyy Cards are loaded…Calais Campbell, Patrick Peterson, Daryl Washington, Kerry Rhodes, Sam Acho, Greg Toler, Darnell Dockett, Michael Floyd, Rob Housler, Andre Roberts, Larry Fitzgerald, Adrian Wilson, etc, etc.

    The probowl is a popularity contest, not an exact science on who is actually the best player at a particular position. If it was…surely KC would have won more than 2 games.

  29. You know what’s crazy? The eagles play KC, SD, and ARI all next year…in philly…welcome back Andy??

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