Titans fire running backs coach Jim Skipper

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Two years ago, the Titans hired Jim Skipper as their running backs coach and signed running back Chris Johnson to a gargantuan contract extension. Johnson hasn’t quite lived up to his salary, and Skipper may be paying for that with his job.

The Titans will not renew Skipper’s contract, Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports.

Johnson had 1,243 yards this year, certainly not a bad season — but not quite what the Titans were hoping for, especially considering how inconsistent he was, with five different games in which he gained less than 30 yards and had an average of 2.5 yards a carry or less. The Titans’ decision to find a new running backs coach suggests that they think they can find someone who will get more consistent production out of Johnson.

Skipper has been a consistent supporter of Johnson’s, so Johnson may not be happy about this news. But he’s about to get a new position coach.

13 responses to “Titans fire running backs coach Jim Skipper

  1. Being a good coach means being a good teacher and a good motivator. It was obvious to Titans fans that CJOK wasn’t motivated during several of this season’s games. In fact, many of us wondered at times if Marshall Faulk was correct in his assessment that Johnson might be sabotaging the team. Here’s hoping his next running backs coach will light a longterm fire under him.

  2. Didn’t Chris go over 1200 yards? what more do you want? How much Coaching can you give a vet RB anyway?

  3. The Titans run too much of a buddy system along with a chronically conservative offense. Munchak was fond of Palmer till he needed a scapegoat and let a superior Offensive mind go in the late Heimerdinger. Now the team has even less. Skipper who is a well respected coach was let go, but I doubt we will be reading about the release of Bruce Mathews.

  4. “The Titans will not renew Skipper’s contract.”

    That’s very different from someone getting fired.

  5. Titans o-line has ranked 30th or worse for the THIRD consecutive year for run blocking and they can’t figure out it might be more of a line issue? Typical.

  6. CJ is fools gold. Not a leader and not a team guy.

    You can watch sportscenter any weekend and see RB’s make plays regardless of what happens at the line….that’s what “playmakers” do. CJ gets one big run in games against crappy teams and Titans fans jump for joy. LOL.

    Bill Belichick would have traded him instead of giving him another contract. He would have gotten some good draft picks with that trade.

    The Titans gave CJ and Griffin new contracts and drafted a QB with accuracy issues. Good luck with that. Get ready for more empty seats.

  7. Always Blame the coach, he’s the one on the field. Johnson didn’t have a bad season but how hard does he have to perform for that contract? Who’s the one who gave him the deal? Where is his responsibility in this – should he get fired too?

  8. He has been a RB coach forever. Aren’t these guys supposed to move up and become coordinators at some point?

  9. CJ is fools gold & a flash in the pan say some still?? He has 6900 yards after 5 years. Only Eric Dickerson, LT, Emmitt, Earl Campbell, and Walter Payton had more yards at this point in their careers. Yes not even AP. The past 3 years he has easily had one of the worst o-lines in the league that gets no push as well and is always moving backwards. The hate for the guy is pretty ridiculous.

  10. Since the O-line is as terrible as everyone says, why don’t they cut CJ and spend the money on the O-line?

    1,000 yard rushers are a dime-a-dozen. Spend the money on the front line first.

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