Vikings shrugging off Harvin’s absence while rehabbing


While the Vikings are freezing themselves in preparations for Saturday night’s playoff game at Green Bay, one of their biggest names is in sunny Florida.

But Vikings coach Leslie Frazier said he had no objections to injured wide receiver Percy Harvin doing his rehab work away from the team.

It’s purely up to him,” Frazier said, via Judd Zulgad of “If he wanted to be around, he can be around. But the guys are working hard, doing everything they can.

“I know he wants our team to do well and that’s important. But we’ve got some other guys that are on IR that aren’t around as well. It doesn’t concern us.”

Given what’s on the line this weekend, it’s not a surprise that the team’s taken that approach. Frankly, if Harvin were in Minnesota, he’d only be in the trainer’s room, and not fully immersed in the daily activities of a playoff team.

“I know he’s supportive of his teammates and any of the guys that are on IR who don’t travel with us or don’t participate in what we’re doing, it’s nothing that upsets their teammates or gets them concerned,” Frazier said. “These guys are so focused on Green Bay and getting ready for that game and that’s what is most important.”

But the distance doesn’t create the kind of atmosphere that’s conducive to a long-term peace, or contract.

After a dust-up with Frazier, most think it unlikely that Harvin will ever get a deal there. When the coach was asked Wednesday if he had spoken with Harvin, he replied: “Not lately, not lately.”

Harvin’s entering the final year of his rookie deal, and has clearly outplayed his compensation.

But the Vikings have gotten to this point without him (they’re 5-2 since he injured his ankle), and as he’s chosen to do his own thing, they may decide they’re as well off that way.

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  1. Hopefully Percy Harvin is spending his time off learning the importance of TEAM and being a team player as he watches his team make the playoffs without him.

  2. Harvin would just be a distraction if he were around the team. I don’t know what his issue is but it sure looks like he won’t be on the team next year. I hope we can get a good haul of picks for him.

  3. Percy plays like a man when he is on the field and has most Viking fans respect.

    You have to say it’s concern that he battled with this coach in college (alleged choke out), Chilly (easily understood) and Frazier (one step away from being a monk).

    I for one want him in Purple for years to come but if he does not want to be let him go. A pissed off percy that is heading down the Moss path is not good for anyone.

    Percy for Fitz in Arizona- Make the Trade

  4. Given all of the reports that Harvin is a hot head, his injury history, plus the fact that whatever team trades for him will have to negeotiate a new big-money contract, I would be surprised if his offseason trade value isn’t as great as it might seem at first glance.

    He’s a first-round pick worthy talent, but I think this combination of negative non-football factors will affect his value negatively.

  5. seananagan says:
    Jan 3, 2013 2:17 PM
    Here’s to hoping Spielman can swing a Harvin for Fitzgerald trade.


    Would be good for him. If he doesn’t like the QB situation here (rumored to be his problem), he’ll LOVE the QB situation in Arizona…

  6. AS a Viking Fan, I love the talent of the kid. The Vikings have done everything they could to help his migraines, and he returns the favor by throwing weights at coaches and disrespecting them. Hasn’t anyone noticed how good the Vikings have become without this nuisance?

  7. Time for Percy to go. Can’t doubt his competiveness or talent, but the Moss Jr. statement is pretty accurate.

    Yes, I don’t see the Vikings getting equal talent; however, its one less distraction.

    Send him back to Florida (Jacksonville) so he can re-unite with Tebow for a #2.

  8. BTW – I’d love the deal for Fitz, but I just don’t see that happening, plus with Larry comes his old man who is as bad Harvin.

  9. logicalvoicesays says:
    Jan 3, 2013 2:07 PM
    Harvin will be a Redskin in 2013. You heard it here first.
    You seem to hate all the other Viking players. What makes you want Harvin on the Redskins? He’ll only take away from Alfred Morris. You do know Harvin lines up in the backfield sometimes, right?

  10. It’s never a good sign when an injured player, especially a prominent one, ends up staying away from the team. Daunte Culpepper did that in 2005 after his knee got blown out, came back with an attitude problem and was promptly traded. On the other hand, when Matt Birk missed a season with injuries, he was on the sideline every week.

    Harvin is electric on the field, and always brings his A-game. That said, if his staying away is because he’s ticked about something, then maybe it is best that he hit the road.

    Harvin would do well to remember something. If it wasn’t for Brad Childress (though I am no fan of Childress’s) Harvin would have fallen much further in the draft than he did. It was the Viking organization that took a chance on him when 21 other teams passed because of his off-the-field issues.

    While the Vikings could sure use his talent on the field, they will be looking for new WRs this offseason anyway. If Harvin doesn’t want to come back, then trade him for a high draft pick or an established WR.

  11. logicalvoicesays says:Jan 3, 2013 2:07 PM

    Harvin will be a Redskin in 2013. You heard it here first.

    How? how could the Skins make that deal ???

    as badly as I would love to trade Harvin for Fitz, I don’t see it happening, especially now that Reid will be taking over.

    I would trade him to the highest bidder on draft day. Hopefully someone like Oakland / Cleveland / Jacksonville, is dumb enough to give us a chance at Jarvis Jones or Manti Te’o

  12. The Randy Moss trade got the head coach fired, wasted a draft pick, destroyed the 2010 season and the worst thing that came out of it is he ruined Percy Harvin. Let Percy go! Great football player, but he will forever be a headache, no pun intended.

  13. Well, the Cards were dumb enough to think that Kolb was an elite franchise QB, so you never know…

  14. Harvin has very little leverage. He is under contract for all of next year, and even the following year he can be franchise tagged, if it came to it. He is a desirable talent with a very undesirable attitude, and it will only get worse when he likely holds out this next off-season without an extension. Ultimately, the Vikings have all of the leverage, they’re playing there best football without him, and he’ll either have to get on board, or they can hold onto him until someone shells out high draft pick(s) or a comparable player for him.

  15. Fitzgerald for Harvin? Why don’t you ask the Saints if they’d be interested in a Rudolph for Jimmy Graham trade, or maybe they could ship Ponder out to Seattle for Russel Wilson.

  16. Viking fans are getting pretty delusional. Fitz for harvin? Have you lost your minds? Not to mention someone trading a top ten 1st rounder or any first rounder for him. If the Vikings trade him it is because he has become a cancer and will be lucky to get anything better than a 3rd rounder for him. You dont think other teams realize this? It happens all the time with malcontents.

  17. I don’t see Harvin in a Redskins uniform… too much money in a year we take another 18 million salary cap hit (Thanks Mara, you Bum!). The fact that Harvin would cost too much, coupled with his downside potential, could add up to his negatives outweighing his positives. See Harvin? This is what you get when you label yourself a prima-donna in the NFL and display off the field problems and bad attitude: no one wants to take a shot on you. The Redskins are in the cat-bird seat: more talented players will want to be a Redskin with the advent of RG3, Morris and the resurgence the Skins are experiencing, so perhaps we don’t have to gamble on a guy like Percy.

  18. They surprisingly made the playoffs, and he doesn’t want to be around that atmosphere?


  19. Fitz for Harvin & a pick.
    The Cards are spending money on Fitz with no one to get him the ball. Even when Ponder struggled he could get it to his outlet man & he returns kicks. With no QB Harvin is more valuable to the Cards than Fitz, given the cost of each.

  20. gbmickey says: Jan 3, 2013 5:50 PM

    Viking fans are getting pretty delusional. Fitz for harvin? Have you lost your minds? Not to mention someone trading a top ten 1st rounder or any first rounder for him. If the Vikings trade him it is because he has become a cancer and will be lucky to get anything better than a 3rd rounder for him. You dont think other teams realize this? It happens all the time with malcontents.


    Right like Brandon Marshall, what did the Dolphins get for him again?

  21. Trade him for a box of Twinkies…who cares.

    It was nice while it lasted, and I’d love for him to stay in purple, but if he wants to go, let him go.

    Hey Percy, say it with me: “Welcome to WalMart, can I get you a basket or a cart?”

  22. Lots of Percy Jerseys we given s Christmas presents. Hope he stays and this doesn’t get all over-hyped. Personally, I don’t think Fitz will happen. I think Percy is younger and more diverse.

    High 1st round pick or a package. While he plays the game every announcer on TV has called him the most talented pound to pound player in the NFL.

  23. Harvin is an incredible athlete with an ego to match.

    Who ever signs him next year ( He won’t be a Viking ) is going to have to come to terms that the guy has issues.

  24. Although Fitz is an amazing player who I’d love to see play for the Vikes, his contract is just too much to burden. A team should be built around a QB and not any other position, especially a WR. If we lose Harvin, a 1st or early 2nd rounder would suffice.

  25. i suspect Harvin is as good as gone from the Vikings

    dont need Fitz, he’s already 30 and contract is too high

    with the way spielman drafted this year hitting on basically every pick, trade for first round pick or second/third – second/fourth scenario. could really use depth & LB, DL, secondary and starting wr’s. also looks like Jenning from GB is already campaigning to sign with us as FA in offseason.

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