49ers’ Crabtree, Gore fined $10,500 each for throwing ball in stands

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When 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree and running back Frank Gore scored touchdowns on Sunday, they decided to throw the ball into the crowd and let a San Francisco fan get a souvenir. That was an expensive decision.

The NFL has fined Crabtree and Gore $10,500 each for throwing the ball into the stands.

From the NFL’s perspective, it’s a fan safety and crowd control issue: Fans could get hurt if people are pushing, shoving, leaping, jostling and fighting for thrown footballs. So the NFL discourages players from doing it. Players are, however, permitted to hand the ball to a fan in the first or second row if they can do so without causing a commotion.

There was some good news on the fine front for the 49ers: Outside linebacker Aldon Smith, who was flagged for unnecessary roughness on Sunday, was not fined. That suggests that the league office watched the tape of the play and concluded that the officials made a bad call.

42 responses to “49ers’ Crabtree, Gore fined $10,500 each for throwing ball in stands

  1. NFL rule book update year 2021: “No football player shall acknowledge fan existance during game play per insurance purposes.”

  2. Then the MLB should start fines for every foul ball hit as well…..No Fun League..

  3. So Phil Taylor from the browns gets fine $7,875 for illegally blindsiding steeler OL Kelvin Beachum and causing him to have a concussion. But Gore and Crabtree get more of a fine for throwing a ball into the stands after they score a TD? And the NFL and Goodell say they are focused on player safety? What a joke.

  4. Its all fun and games till somebody gets an eye poked out then its hilarious !

  5. In other words…lawyers run the country and nobody is allowed to let loose and be reckless once in a while. Besides – Dwight Clark said recently on Bay Area radio that Eddie D always gave the players extra scratch to pay fines. I’m sure Jed is following Uncle Ed

  6. Dont they know thatll cause some type of riot with the kinda fans they have. Ive always wondered…. What do the Crips wear when they go to a 49ers game?

  7. It’s kinda of a weird rule. Every baseball stadium in the country throws balls into the crowd, and while there are certainly jerks, it adds more to the game than it detracts.

  8. I have never understood why a player would be fined or penalized for giving a game ball to the fans. Gore gave up his franchise record breaking touchdown ball and he gets fined for it? Give me a break!

  9. o.k. fine. If you throw a ball weighing a few ounces into the stands it’s 10 g’s. So a player throwing himself into the stands would probably be a few million ! It is far more dangerous to the fans and the liability to the league is off the charts. This is another example of east coast bias in sports. Stop the west coast oppression,go niners !!!!!

  10. @electionconfidential
    Agreed, but I have yet to see an air-filled football cause an injury like a cork baseball to the eye. I was at a Phillies game a long time ago when a Montreal Expos player overshot me and nailed a guy a few rows behind me.

    “Fans could get hurt if they were pushing, shoving, etc. for a thrown game ball.” When was the last time you’ve heard about a stadium riot based on a thrown ball? As we’ve seen a couple of times during the previous 2 regular seasons, fans don’t need the prospect of acquiring a game ball to make them unruly. The riots (not really riots… a handful of fights featured on ESPN) that I’m talking about were fueled by a hatred of a rival team and Bud Light.
    I don’t think two thrown game balls will cause a riot. I mean if that’s all it took, they shouldn’t have t-shirt cannons firing away into the crowd during halftime. And I don’t think an authentic NFL game ball costs $10.5k. The fine should have been the price of the ball. If someone really got hurt, then yeah, the said fine would be justifiable, if not more.

  11. Stupid. At the very least, please tell me players like Brady who spiked the ball in front of a ref was fined…..
    Or Gronk is fined each time he spikes the ball.

    Giving the fans something to remember like a football should not result in a fine. Sorry, but that is just idiotic.

  12. So it’s a safety issue, right N.F.L.? Ok…but keep the brew flowing and the crowd hyped. What could possibly happen?

  13. I’m waiting for Major League Baseball to fine batters for hitting foul balls in stands.

  14. rayray5227 says:
    Jan 4, 2013 6:01 PM
    and the league keeps filing their coffers


    Not true. Fine money actually goes straight to NFL-supported charities. Perhaps one of those charities is the Goodell Family Trust Fund, but not likely.

  15. imagine the day that baseball starts fining players for foul balls and home runs that go into the crowd.. SMH ..

  16. First of all, read your tickets and the disclaimer that says the league is not responsible for you and your safety. If you go fighting and jumping around for a ball, you are doing it at your own risk. Lot’s of valid points made about alcohol and baseball…I agree with all of them. This league is full of itself. Also, agree with better to fight and get ejected than to toss a football in the stands…give me a break.

  17. electionconfidential says:

    Jan 4, 2013 6:30 PM

    I actually agree with this rule. You don’t want to accidentally nail some little kid in the face.

    Yes you do.

  18. If the NFL are worried about safety for the fans, then they should beef up security in the parking lot-where most fight occur, not to mention even fatality.

  19. Brandon Marshall was fined $5,250 for throwing a ball into the stands this season.

    Why are these guys paying double? Shouldn’t it be a set amount if a player throws a ball to the fans?

    Where does all of this fine money actually go?

  20. Players are, however, permitted to hand the ball to a fan in the first or second row if they can do so without causing a commotion.

    But what happens if players are doing that throughout the game and they are only down to just one last ball?

  21. This is really stupid.
    At least one MLB fan was killed when he reached over too far and lost his balance and fell when a baseball player threw a ball up into the stands.
    And that changed things in the MLB.
    Kidding! Nope, players keep on tossing those balls up into the crowd and don’t suffer any repercussions.
    Has any NFL fan suffered from any thrown footballs at them?
    They should fine only if that happens.

  22. Godel and his group continue to amaze, what they want to fine and what they ignore. He will one day ruin the fan base in football.

  23. So they were fined more for throwing a football into the stands than Phil Taylor was for blindsiding a Steeler and knocking him out of the game with a concussion. Goodell sure is doing a great job!

  24. canetic says:
    Jan 4, 2013 6:46 PM

    But the Packers aren’t fined for throwing themselves in the stands…
    Two things –

    – any player from any NFL team can jump into the stands. It isn’t just the Packers that are allowed to do it – they’re just more well known for it.

    – when was the last time you saw a Lambeau Leap go past the 1st or 2nd row?

  25. Goodell is a Tool… and I’ll help pay “Bam Bam” Chancellor’s fine no problemo.

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