Brace your breakfast: Rex has a Sanchez tattoo (sort of)

The Jets have transcended ridiculous, and moved to a higher plane, where the insanity has begun to feed itself.

They’ve now reached the point of having paparazzi, which today offers an image I can only apologize for if you’re reading over breakfast.

The New York Daily News had a photographer tracking Ryan at a resort in the Bahamas, and discovered that he had a tattoo on his right arm of a woman resembling his wife wearing nothing but a Mark Sanchez jersey.

It got the front-and-back cover treatment, with the headlines “KINKY INKY” AND “MARKED FOR LIFE.”

There are several problems here, beginning with the fact that no one really needs photos of a shirtless Ryan Brother before breakfast.

But columnist Gary Myers wrote a reaction that borders on hysterical and ridiculous, wondering if the tattoo “could affect Ryan’s credibility with his players.”

Yes, this will be the very thing that makes people question the credibility of the Jets organization.

It gets crazier.

The following is an actual paragraph in an actual newspaper:

“In more than 30 years covering the NFL, I can say with certainty that I know of no other coach who honored his quarterback with a tattoo of his wife dressed in the player’s jersey. Tom Landry, who I got to know very well in the eight years I worked in Dallas and covered the Cowboys, loved his wife Alicia more than words can describe, but he never commissioned a tattoo artist to dress her up in Roger Staubach’s uniform top and place her on his right arm. I am pretty sure Tom Coughlin does not have a similar tattoo of his wife Judy in Eli Manning’s blue No. 10.”

I respect Gary, one of the longest-tenured men in the business. But seriously?

This just in: Rex Ryan is not a buttoned-up automaton whose entire life revolves around a mythical sanctity of the Jets, that frankly has never existed.

You know what Jets players probably think this tattoo is?


And that’s how this should be treated, such that it was treated at all.

Photo credit: New York Daily News

73 responses to “Brace your breakfast: Rex has a Sanchez tattoo (sort of)

  1. I don’t know what’s more sad.

    The fact that he got the tattoo or the fact that this stupid story made the front page and the “3 NYPD cops shot in a night of mayhem” didn’t…

    Where are your priorities people?

  2. I am more curious about what book Rex is shown reading in the picture. Would like to know what the guy reads on vacation to relax.

  3. Part of me feels bad for how embarassed the fans must be in light of all this lunacy.

    Then I remember back to 2009/2010 when the Jets were actually good and how obnoxious everyone, from the owner to the last bandwagon fan, was about their success. Now the coach who couldn’t talk to the media enough literally flees the country after the season ends to avoid them. I mean, it just gets better and better.

    I guess the moral of the story is don’t puff out your chest and flaunt your team, because you may just root for a flash in the pan team, with a flash in the pan coach and QB.

  4. Really???? Who gives a damn what anybody does with their body!! Ya it’s a wierd sense of humor but oh we’ll get over it! I am probably one of the biggest anti-jet fans but even to me this is such a non story! And for the New York daily to send a photographer to the Bahamas to follow and spy on Ryan is just absurd!

  5. The Daily News will always be the Post’s “Little Brother.”

    Maybe this was spotted by one of Manish’s “sources.”

  6. The media like to blame the Jets for this and call them a circus and are always yapping. Yet in a week where they have no more games scheduled and no one has said a word, the media hops on a flight to follow the coach and still makes the Jets the lead story. They cannot help themselves.

    Lord knows the Jets have done plenty wrong in this, but I’ve long said that the Jets are more of a media creation.

    Look at this site. On one hand, there are 12 playoff teams that has a chance to win a title. Great stories like Manning, Peterson and the rookies. Yet, in a week where No one n the Jets said a word, there are more Jet posts than on any other team. Think about that.

  7. Tell ’em Darrin. TO think that any of the Jets players would think twice about this is ridiculous and Gary Meyers, such in a tizzy about creating a story for the NY media came up with this? Sounds like he should be on ESPN.

  8. Seriously? who cares what tattoos Rex Ryan has… We have paparazzi following nfl coaches now lol this is a joke

  9. I wouldn’t want to play on his football team, and I don’t want to gaze at him shirtless.

    But I’d buy Rex a beer any day of the week for being one of the weirdest SOB’s I can think of who doesn’t care who sees him coming. Never change, Rex.

  10. Why not ? Makes sense as all the boys will be back in Florham Park next season. Rex will be back with his favorite QB Marky Sanchise and his 8 mill guaranteed salary.

  11. Not one bit stunned that Myers wrote that teenage girl type hysterical rant. He has 0 credibility with us Pats fans.

    Frankly, I’m more surprised that a dyslexic person (Ryan) would consider reading a book to be part of any enjoyable vacation. The ones I know can’t STAND reading anything because it takes way too long and it’s frustrating.

    Honestly, if I were RR’s wife I might be a little “you did WHAT?” over the tattoo, but other than that, it’s funny.

  12. Cant wait for next Tuesday. Should be a fun presser. He’ll get asked about this. I wonder if he’ll pull up his sleeve and show off the tat for everyone

  13. The Jets have been irrelevant for a while now. Only reason why they are talked about is because the media cannot let this crappy team go. You should be talking about the playoffs! Playoffs?! You kiddin me?! On a further note, the Jets still suck.

  14. Is the media so desperate for Jets news that they resort to this? Is it stupid, yes. But its his arm, who cares what he puts on it.

  15. The NY Daily News is a trash newspaper competing with the National Enquirer!

    That paper, along with that so-called sports reporter Manish Mehta, are an embarrasment to New York City and the entire USA.

  16. Now if the Hoodie had a tatty of Giselle in Brady’s uniform I could understand…… but this did make me lose my breakfast.

    Certainly explains Sanchez starting 5 more games than anybody on planet earth not named Rex thought he should have been….

  17. The tattoo is very obviously faked. I’m surprised the media hasn’t caught on to that. You can find an article about it on Spinitreacts. I think Rex did it to get a rise out of the media.

  18. C’mon, that has to be fake. It makes no sense for him to do that. His wife sporting a Sanchez jersey in a Tebow pose…Really?!? My money is on photoshop

  19. Sometimes, columnists need to find something to be enraged about. It looks real, not henna. It is ugly. And it is unimportant.

  20. And let’s say the tattoo is fake. Okay, fine. Your head coach skipped town in order to avoid the media, and then invites the media to take a picture of him, shirtless, but only after getting a fake sexy Sanchez tattoo.

    Does that make you feel beter about your coach, or worse about your coach?

  21. The Jets Circus amounts to one or two comments by Rex Ryan every other month. The fact of the matter is, the real circus is the Daily News.

    Move to New York and follow the lesser franchises. They have their problems, certainly, but the media does everything they can to create the circus impression, in hopes no one will notice they have no worthwhile journalists.

    And Myers has been mailing it in for years.

  22. Gary Myers is a joke. He came to speak at my sport management class in college. He thinks he’s the greatest thing ever, when he really just represents everything that’s wrong with sports journalism.

  23. Reporting on a Mark Sanchez tattoo on vacation while “hiding” from the media is an amusing anecdote to the punchline that the Jets organization has become over the last 2 years. Getting filled with righteous indignation, and moral superiority, is why Gary Myers should never be taken seriously. With Myers its all about HIM.

  24. For all those that do not live in the tri-state area or are unaware – the New York Daily News and the New York Post are NOT legit newspapers – they are basically tabloids….

  25. What I find odd is that no one even considered whether the number might actually mean something other than Sanchez’ number. Most people who get tattoos tend to add details with deeper meanings. To assume that, because the jersey has a 6 on it, it must be a reference to Sanchez is just silly. I’m guessing Mr Myers doesn’t have any tattoos of his own. Or maybe Rex is just pranking the media that is pathetic enough to follow him on vacation and spy on him. They sure do seem desperate.

  26. You would think Rex would have gotten the tat removed after the ButtFumble. Is there anything Sanchez would do on the football field that would be humiliating enough that would cause Rex to rethink his tattoo choices? This is just embarrassing. Considering what Tebow accomplished with the Broncos last year, Rex should have a Tebow tat. There’s nothing that Sanchez has done to warrant anyone getting a tat of him.

  27. That’s the worst use of ink by a member of the Jets since the team signed Sanchez to a contract extension that guaranteed him $8.25 million in 2013.

  28. I loathe and despise everything about the NY Jets, but isn’t the man at least entitled to some privacy? The Daily News should be ashamed of itself, but they’re probably high fiving each other in the newsroom. It’s pathetic.

  29. Hope Rex gets fired and takes a head-coaching gig somewhere else, only to come to NY and stomp the Jets. The NY media has done more to hurt this team than Amy decision Rex has made.

  30. This important for two reasons. First, it establishes Rex as tacky, which we already knew but it keeps thing entertaining.

    Second, it shows that his dealings with Sanchez was neither neutral or well thought out. An NFL Head Coach need to make extremely tough decisions, sometimes cutting or benching people he likes. He needs to make the right personnel decisions and sometimes the right business decisions when the good of the team is at stake, and that means being objective and unbiased. Getting a tattoo of your struggling QB illustrates that committed to Sanchez through good times and bad, regardless of performance or what shame it brought to the organization.

    He was was committed to him as much as he was committed to his wife – FOR LIFE. Don’t miss the symbolism there, kids. My wife, and my QB, I’ll stand behind you forever. Maybe a good husband, but a bad, bad coach. Sanchez should have been dumped long ago, obviously Rex was blind to that.

  31. I don’t get why everyone is blaming Rex, as a Jets fan I’m actually surprised that they managed to win 6 games. Special teams were a disaster, not to mention a very average O-Line, garbage wide receivers (I.e.- Chaz Schillens) and a stable of lousy running backs.

    Also- it’s Daily News…. Go get a copy of the Post instead

  32. This will be my third comment more than likely deleted from this particular post because I’m going to go ahead and mention again that it’s weird to run a story and in the contents of the article make it out to sound like its a non-story. You want to make a big deal out this tattoo but then come across as if you’re above making a big deal out of something so stupid, saying all it is is something funny. And then when someone like me questions your integrity, that you’re basically preying on the stupid by running this story for page views, you delete my words. So how’s that cake taste? Because apparently you can have it and eat it.

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