Cardinals continue coach, G.M. search


With Andy Reid never even going to Arizona for an interview, the Cardinals’ search for a coach and a G.M. continues.

Team P.R. guru Mark Dalton announced Friday night via Twitter that the team interviewed Redskins executive Morocco Brown in D.C. on Friday.  Dalton says that the Cardinals also will interview Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy on Saturday in Denver.

The Cardinals have spent considerable time interviewing defensive coordinator Ray Horton.  They also have expressed interest in interviewing Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley, although Haley has not yet accepted the invitation.

Regardless, no current candidates are considered to be 95-percent certain to become either the coach or G.M. of the Cardinals.  Maybe that’s a good thing.

14 responses to “Cardinals continue coach, G.M. search

  1. “Morocco Brown” sounds like the name of a character from a Quentin Tarantino movie.

  2. With ‘Zona’s horrid OLine and the mess at QB – $60 Million+ promised to an below-average signal caller – they may have difficulty luring any “veteran” coach to step in. Of course, having to work for the Bidwell family doesn’t help… Cards fans will end up with a rookie head coach, to go with their new rookie QB (Barkley, maybe?).

    Good luck, Cards fans. You’ll need it – especially in that division.

  3. Everyone knows It’s gonna be Horton and Keim. It’s why their “search” isn’t very interesting.

  4. Seems like these guys are doing things at the wrong time…Most teams get the coach then the GM or the GM then he picks the coach..the Cardinals seem like they are going to pick each one separately and simultaneously then at the end just say…”we got each of you on the cheap now work together closely even though you two just met” not sure if that model is going to be real successful. But oh well it’s the cardinals so what can you expect.

  5. Bidwell’s daughter divorced her husband last year, so the only guy with a brain in that family is out of the mix. Better hope UFC comes calling or no sellouts for a long time in that tin hut

  6. Why don’t teams just take chances on guys that have already been successful as head coaches? I think Marty Schottenheimer and Brian Billick are both interested in coaching again. Teams need to learn that coordinators may or may not make good HC’s, but why not go with someone that already has proven himself?

  7. What some of you fail to realize is that the pool of GM’s and coaches that want to work for the Cardinals organization is about zilch.

    The Cards are known throughout the league to be cheap and not willing to allow coaches to spend money on assistants or talent.

    I say it is either Haley or Horton, either one might be a slight improvement over the last 2 years only because it will make the players feel that changes are happening, but come year 3 things will start to fizzle out as they normally do.

  8. Just wondering, what ever happened to Lil Jimmy Fassel?

    He made several post-season runs with the G-Women yet gets no love or respect.

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