Chip Kelly expects NFL decision to happen quickly

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Oregon head coach Chip Kelly is easily one of the hottest names on the market for NFL teams in search of their next head coach.

Now that the Ducks season is over with a 35-17 win over Kansas State in the Fiesta Bowl Thursday night, Kelly will turn his attention on whether to make the move to the professional level. Kelly had not addressed the interest from the NFL before the bowl game electing to focus on the game at hand.

Kelly is expected to interview with the Cleveland Browns, Philadelphia Eagles and Buffalo Bills.

During his post-game press conference Thursday night, Kelly said he has yet to talk to any NFL teams but is planning on meeting with his agent, David Dunn, on Friday.

“I’ve said I’ll always listen and that’s what I’ll do,” Kelly said. “…I’ll listen and we’ll see.”

Kelly said there isn’t a set list of prerequisites he needs to hear from a team to sell him on making a move and that the interview process for him will be more of an information gathering task.

“That’s part of what this whole thing is. It’s more of a fact-finding mission than finding out if it fits or doesn’t fit,” Kelly said. “I don’t really have that answer. I’ve been in one interview in my life for the National Football League and that was a year ago so I don’t really have any preconceived notions about it. I think that’s what this deal is all about for me.”

Whatever decision Kelly makes, he expects it to happen quickly.

“I want to get it wrapped up quickly and figure out where I’m going to be,” Kelly said.

42 responses to “Chip Kelly expects NFL decision to happen quickly

  1. Hope he makes the jump. Will be really interesting to see if his offense can work in the NFL. Obviously he will have to make a few adjustments. I just question whether these teams listed have a qb that can run his system.

  2. Philadelphia seems to be the ideal landing spot for Kelly, considering the personnel already in place. Buffalo might put a big offer on the table; their newly appointed President/CEO Russ Brandon has Ralph’s open checkbook, and previously mentioned his desire to make Buffalo relevant again. But my guess is Cleveland lands Chip. And knowing Cleveland, it’ll turn out to be a disaster, because that would be such a Browns thing to happen.

  3. Cleveland imo doesn’t have the talent to run that kind of up tempo offense. This has Philadelphia and Vick written all over it.

  4. I think his decision will come down to whether he wants to prove to himself that his system will work in the NFL. I can’t see it being money related…while the NFL doesn’t have a cap on coaches salary I’m sure Phil Knight could write an equally large check to Oregon in order to match/exceed the NFL team’s offer. People that get to the highest level of success are always looking for the next challenge…you saw it with Nick Saban, Steve Spurrier, and Jim Harbaugh. It would be hard to turn down a chance to develop the “next” vogue NFL offense.

  5. You have to wonder if he knows the sanctions for his dirty Oregon program are close to reality and he knows he better get out now. His quirky offense won’t work in the NFL. Whoever hires this guy deserves what they get. The Syracuse guy is probably a better hire and has a solid NFL background.

  6. You bet Kelly needs to hurry up.
    That NCAA investigation and those NCAA sanctions are right around the corner for the Oregon Ducks.

  7. Listening to him talk, he doesn’t come off as the sharpest tool in the shed… but still a tool.

  8. We’re hearing more and more about how these demanding Oregon Boosters are driving Chip crazy. So if he leaves they have only their pompous selves to blame.

  9. Don’t goto the Eagles… i don’t like his gimmicy offense and love for small and fast players…that doesn’t work in the NFL… and as an Eagles fan i have no faith in Kelly and Howie pencil neck geek Roseman making the decisions for the Philadelphia Eagles… this is a nightmare.

  10. This offense is predicated on a fast release, strong arm and a shot gun style QB. Weeden is perfect for this system and the Browns have implemented a version of it. The youth on the team will adapt to the college coach better than other teams with too many veterans. Kelly can also revive a franchise here. See you in a week.

  11. His defense in the NFL will need a heavy dosage of heart medicine, because they wont have much time to sit.

  12. If he goes anywhere, it seems that that Eagles have the best personnel fit, followed by the Bills (except need a new QB).

    Not sure he will succeed greatly at the next level, but I also thought Cheatin’ Pete would flop as well (maybe next year the vets will tune him out?)

  13. Kelly’s system works very well in college football, but it will NOT work in the league. Just look at the list of Oregon standouts in recent years and tell me what they are doing in the NFL today.

  14. This will kill two birds with one stone.

    Oregon will go back to being a middle of the road Pac-10 team and Chip Kelly will be fired in two years because his offense won’t work against NFL level LBs.

  15. Please god do not let the Eagles sign this guy as their new coach! He isn’t the worst candidate but there are much better options out there. And we don’t have a QB to run his offense. I really wish we could get Bruce Arians, Lovie Smith, or Jay Gruden. If we couldn’t sign one of them then I think the next best group of candidates is Mike McCoy, Doug Marrone, and Mike Zimmer.

  16. Chip will be successful in the NFL ONLY if he has the right personnel. The guy is bright, a workaholic and will succeed anywhere.

  17. Chip Kelly failing because he’s a college coach with innovative ideas that both the Patriots and Broncos are using right now….how has that worked out so far for Brady and Manning?
    let’s see…Pete Carroll…USC…NFL Success….John Harbaugh…Stanford….
    NFL success….gee, do you see a trend here?

  18. They’re saying Bellichick is running pieces of Chip’s offense already. So why wouldn’t the rest of his offense work in the NFL? Bellichick to the time to meet with Chip in the offseason to learn more about his offense. I think Chip will do fine in the NFL. He’ll just need a team with at least some pieces already in place that match his system. Otherwise it’ll be 4 years before he’s successful at all.

  19. I wouldnt leave Oregon for any of these franchises. They are in utter despair. Use it as bargaining chip but I wouldnt go.

  20. The Redskins appear to be pretty successful at running a read option offense as well. I don’t think it’s a gimmick, I think it’s the effect of an ever evolving NFL.

    Offensive formations and styles have changed throughout the history of the league. Why is this any different?

  21. Chip Kelly will be a good nfl coach. He won’t have it so easy in the nfl however. The talent on teams is more closely matched and the no huddle offense is old news.

  22. NOT the right personnel in Philly… Vick is due a ridiculous amount next season and the Birds aren’t going to pay him. If you watched Philly play this year, then you know that Foles isn’t the most fleet footed QB either. I don’t see C. Kelly in Philly.

  23. I would suggest Kelly wait for an opening in Green Bay or New England, the only two franchises that have an atmosphere that would be comparable to Oregon. The whole of Kelly’s offense will not work in NFL, you can’t run your QB that much. But the zone read and the speed offense are already there. Kelly is smart enough to adjust.
    Kelly treats his players like adults already. He would do fine with a franchise that values good attitude players.
    Again, I see him in New England, he should wait til Belechick retires and meanwhile win a National Championship or 2 for Oregon.

  24. NFL coaches fail at a much higher rate in college than college coaches do in the NFL. FACT

  25. Kelly will be the next Steve Spurrier in the NFL….his Oregon team didn’t beat K-State because of his amazing new fast offense. They beat them because Nike U. recruited ten times better players than KSU – they could have won the game running a wing-T or Wishbone. Good luck doing your magic in the NFL where everybody else is fast and talented.

    He’s a nice guy, but everybody needs to calm down how how good he’s going to be at the next level. My advice to him – stay right where you are for 5 more years, then if you don’t like college ball, retire.

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