Clay Matthews vows that Adrian Peterson won’t gain 200 yards


When preparing to play any other running back, an opposing defense might talk about totally shutting him down. But against Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, the Packers have set a goal that is not nearly that lofty.

We aren’t giving up 200 again,” Packers linebacker Clay Matthews told USA Today.

That’s the goal, and after a December in which Peterson played the Packers twice and gained 210 and 199 yards in those two games, it would be great news in Green Bay if they could start January by simply slowing Peterson down — forget about stopping him. If the Packers can stack the line of scrimmage enough to force Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder to pass, that’s their best path to victory.

“We want to take [Peterson] out of the mix. That’s definitely the game plan,” Matthews said. “If we can limit those carries and force Ponder to beat us, then that’s the game plan we’re going to play. We need to do a better job of stopping the run, and we will do that. And that will help us get after the quarterback.”

It says something about the kind of player Peterson is that the Packers think they’re going to have a good shot of beating the Vikings, if they can just hold him short of 200 yards.

169 responses to “Clay Matthews vows that Adrian Peterson won’t gain 200 yards

  1. Clay Matthews needs to just shut up and play. Wasn’t this the same guy who said the Giants didn’t beat them last year they beat themselves. Word to Matthews, until you prove otherwise shut your mouth. Peterson has averaged 204.5 ypg against your swiss cheese of a D. Shut it.

  2. I think that reflects more how terrible a quarterback they think Ponder when they aren’t worried about giving up 190 rushing yards because they know he won’t have the game of his life two weeks in a row.

  3. As much as the refs help the Packers out any way they can, I agree with Clay. The Packers are the most favored team in the league and every single person watching a Packers game knows it.

    With that said, Jim Harbaugh is still the biggest tool in the league.

  4. I’m pretty sure that was your game plan the first two times you faced them…what else ya got? SKOL VIKES!!!

  5. If only it was that simple Clay…….if it was wouldn’t Green Bay and every other team shut him down by now?? Or at least slowed him down. They have stacked the box and know he is getting the ball and he still runs all over them. Clay might have a point about Peterson not getting 200 yards, he will only get 199 yards again….He may get more with the super cold weather and them not being able to grab him…..oh wait they never can grab him regardless of the weather. AD is gonna have a monster game and put the Vikes on his back thru to the next round!!!!

  6. They’re not the only team who tried and said that. AP is gonna run over the packers D. The question is can they keep the vikings out of the end zone.

  7. That should have been the goal last week and look at what happened. Quit talking and gang tackle AD instead of hoping he’ll run out of bounds.

  8. Lets just put it this way, Whos Ponder going to pass to? Double team Kyle Rudolph and that leaves…Michael Jenkins…HA! Game over, 31 to 10 Packers.

  9. Now why would you go and say that? You realize what you just asked for, right?

  10. Boy, there’s some real bravado. That’s like vowing to hold Kobe Bryant under 60 points, Sidney Crosbie under 5 goals, or Miguel Cabrera under 4 home runs.

  11. What’s crazy is that when the Packers loaded the box up with 8 or more, AP averaged 6.9 yards per carry…

  12. He’ll get over 200 if the packers tackled like they did a week ago. Last week our defensive backs were getting out of Peterson’s way so they could avoid tackling…..

  13. “We want to take [Peterson] out of the mix. That’s definitely the game plan,” Matthews said. “If we can limit those carries and force Ponder to beat us, then that’s the game plan we’re going to play.

    Wasn’t that the game plan last week?

  14. I’m fine with it. He’s just showing respect. Just another example of why we are the classiest organiztion in all of sports.

  15. I still can’t believe Peterson missed that record by just nine yards. Sorry, but I can’t stand Eric Dickerson and seeing that record fall–especially to a guy coming off an ACL tear–would have just curled my toes. Matthews is a beast when he’s in top form, but I hope Peterson can topple Dickerson’s other record. What an awesome season he’s had!

  16. This is why so many PackFans are jittery about this game. — Everyone who knows even a little bit about football knew that stopping (slowing down) AP is the key to beating the Vikes —- This was last week !!

    They couldn’t do it. — Hard to believe that suddenly it’ll happen this week.

  17. We wont give up 200 yards….that like a defense saying we wont give up 500 yards to a QB.

    Gotta hand it to Peterson that’s impressive for a team to need to say.

  18. If Peterson does indeed rush for 200 yads again,then the Packers defense should be ashamed of themselves and spend the whole offseason on how to play run defense and put every memeber of that defense to wear paperbags on their faces.600 yds vs an opponent in 3 games in one season?

  19. “We want to take [Peterson] out of the mix. That’s definitely the game plan,” That’s been the game plan for every team for the last four years….Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

  20. Why add more fuel to the fire? What i love about sports is when you impose your will on your opponent and they cant do anything about it.

  21. Clay would be too busy running off the edge trying to get to Ponder. That front line gotta get it done.

  22. Are you serious??? This Matthews guy is a hilarious!!! I mean really, your goal is to hold him below 200 yards…hahahahaha. how about setting a goal to hold him under 100 yards, like most defenses in the nfl TRY to do. Oh wait, that fraudulent secondary of the Packers were literally shying away from contact with AP (dont believe watch the tape, it dont lie). They should be ashamed of themselves for the rat ass effort they put on the field defensively last week. Mathews needs to focus on trying to stay on the field (healthy) and make a meaningful play during a game. All any team has to do to neutralize his pass rush is run right at him. He cant get off blocks, he’ll stay blocked for like six seconds at a time in the run game. I’m indifferent to what happens in the game, i just couldnt believe the headline!!! What a joke

  23. Mike McCarthy has probably figured this out by now, get ahead on the scoreboard and then you wouldn’t have to worry about Peterson. Both games this year, the Packers feel behind and that allowed the Vikings to run the ball.

    If the Packers win the coin toss (like they did in the last game), this time they should take the ball and work on getting ahead instead of playing defense.

    Put Ponder behind on the scoreboard and I know where I would put my money on the final score.

  24. Twin city y’all that’s where I’m from. Thats where im from. All day ere day blue and red y’all I was born to be a football player. I’m 50 Tyson I’m 50 Tyson blue and red all day twin cities y’all.

  25. logicalvoicesays says: Jan 4, 2013 5:24 PM

    Adrian Cheaterson will never wina SB unless he wants to backup Morris in DC.

    This is an equally DUMB statement as Matthews! Morris is a 4.7 guy who was drafted in the 6th round by Shanahan. Shanny is one of the greatest offensive innovators of the run game to ever coach in the NFL. Every RB to ever play under him has had awesome success, including Morris. But please dont compare him to arguably the greatest RB to ever play the game, thats absurd, and everyone to read your words are now dumber for having to do so.

  26. Hey Viking fans come back when you have won something to be proud of? Only time you have went anywhere recently is when you had to go and get a former packer to be your Qb

  27. Not exactly a bold statement. It’s been a great season no matter what happens Saturday. It will be very tough for the Vikes to win the game, but what the hell, they’ve got nothing to lose.

  28. He can have 200 but no W just like last time he played in GB.

    He can have the MVP as well. He can join Mauer and Morneau in the”not good enough to get outta the first round of the playoffs” club.

  29. Packer players and fans should be totally EMBARRASSED by that comment. Like a boxer saying ” I won’t get knocked down more than 7 times!”

  30. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what Peterson does. They’ll need ponder to equal his best effort of his professional career, at lambeau, at night, in the playoffs. I don’t think that happens.

    Packers 31, Vikings 21

  31. Where the heck were all of you the rest of the season? Oh that’s right, busy calling for Ponder and Frazier to be canned.

    There’s no way the Vikings bandwagon could have been prepared for this onslaught – which means the wheels are about to come off. Ladies and gentlemen, the most fairweather fans in the league (San Diego and Cincinnati don’t count because they don’t actually have fans).

  32. All the people who say Matthews is a bad run defender have never seen him play the run. He’s about as good of a run defender as he is a pass rusher.

  33. In other news, Clay Mathews also vows that pigs won’t fly…

    Cmon man, AP ran for two hundred twice against you this year. He averages over 200 yards a game. Even if he doesn’t run for 200, and runs for say… 150… you still failed. Your run defense is horrible and saying you are going to hold a guy under two hundred yards is already conceeding defeat.

    How about this bet Claymaker? Hold AP (the best running back to ever play the game) under 75 yards or cut your lucious locks of hair… deal?

  34. Honestly I’m not sure the Packers need to stop Peterson, all they have to do is stop Ponder on 3rd down when they are given the chance.

    Every 3rd down that they let Ponder convert = more carries for Peterson. Last week they had ample 3rd downs and 5+ yard situations and they didn’t do the job, or got a stupid flag to extend the drive.

    If they had done an average job against Ponder, Peterson would probably had 130-140 yards. Holding Ponder completely in check would have probably knocked Peterson down to 100.

  35. I don’t get the fuss here.

    1) Is slowing down Peterson the easiest way to beat the Vikings? Yes.

    2) Is anything that he said NOT true? Nope.

    3) Did the Vikings lose when Peterson topped 200 in Lambeau in December? Yes.

    I don’t get what Michal David Smith’s point is. Nor do I understand what all the fuss from the masses is.

    Talk about making a story out of nothing…

  36. I didn’t realize every minny fan was such a chotch. And whoever is saying the pack benefits from the refs.. your an idiot. Seattle.. Monday night.. Russell Wilson’s game winning interception ring a bell

  37. WTF there are actually Redskins fans that think Alfred Morris is in the same league as AP.

    He shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence as AP.

    Toby Gerhardt is just as good as Alfred Morris C’mon man!

  38. Claybaby would have got my attention if he said 100 yards. Actually would be happy if AP just gets enough to win even if its 50.

  39. I am so sick of hearing vikings bandwagon, I was a viking fan even last year when they were 3-13 so stop calling viking fans bandwagon. I hope the vikings stomp all over the pack you fans are pretty pathetic calling all teams losers, mostly what I read and saying your team is the best, well see come game time ponder will not repeat what he did last time in packer land, he has actually been a pretty good quarter back so I see it being a close game, I would love to see a blow out, the vikings 24-17 is my prediction vikings of course would be cool to see 49-13 that would be a great blowout but like I said it will be close so the other 24-17

  40. The Vikings fans are really amped on this site tonight. Who wouldn’t be…….two SuperBowls within one week!

  41. Reply to lionsdraftguy:
    The Lions are the only team, besides the refs, who should be wearing stripes (the prison variety).

  42. you are pathetic stellar we dont feel its a superbowl to get into the playoffs, the vikings have been in the playoffs in the past and its not been along time, but awhile, just wish both teams luck but sorry more luck to the vikings coming down with the win.

  43. The difference maker in this game will be the reigning MVP in Rodgers. An MVP caliber QB will win 9 times out of ten over an MVP caliber RB and a mediocre QB.

  44. Well, if the Packers do hold AP under 200, it won’t be because of Clay Matthews. He got blown by AP a couple times last week, and is easily the most overrated defensive player in the league.

    For those wondering, the over/under for AP tomorrow night is 128 yards! Unheard of.

    My guess is that AP breaks Eric Dickerson’s playoff record of 248 tomorrow night. Can’t wait to see Tramon Williams try to stop him.

  45. Clay and all of his fatheads in his room couldn’t begin to slow down the MVP! All Day is on a mission and if Ponder can just manage the game, the Vikes have a great shot!

  46. I remember Brian Bosworth made a guarantee like this when it came to Bo Jackson.

    Then Bo ran for 221 yards and scored 3 touchdowns (1 receiving) and crushed the Seahawks.

    Better back up your talk Clay.

  47. But hey, the Packer players are really getting psyched up for this game… Matthews hoping to hold AP under 200 yards, Greg Jennings wishing the game was indoors on the road… James Jones wondering if playing at Lambeau will be a home field advantage…

  48. Sure is a lot of talk coming out of the Viking fan base all of the sudden. Why don’t you wait until you win squat before running your mouths? Individual accomplishments by your RB mean nothing!! I could care less if any Packer ever breaks another record or wins another award. It’s all about winning games!!!

  49. Vikes O-line/fullback are dominanting defenses right now. When you have a Michale Jordan like figure that will handle the ball 30+ times in AP good things will happen. If Ponder can complete 3rd downs and convert pts in the redzone. WATCHOUT!!!

  50. lets put up the sign that says “hey Sharon Rodgers this is what 6’3” looks like”….

    Rodgers – “I am sensitive about my height”

    Real man – “say what?”

  51. What a feeble comment. That’s like a Vikings player saying, “I guarantee ARog won’t won’t throw for 450 against us. No chance.”

    What a meathead. Get a haircut hippie.

  52. Funny how some Packer fans are not just predicting a victory, but an end score. Same people that were predicting a 42-13 loss for the Vikes or thereabouts last week? Any given Sunday, any given Sunday.

  53. I find entertaining that everyone gets caught up and negatively reacts to what ever the press or player says. But hey, everyone is entitled to their opinions. I am a intrigued as to how they will stop him. What will Woodson’s impact be? We’ll see if GB wants to tacke this time. Should be a close game.

  54. The Packers saying thier gonna shut down Ap? Is like the Vikes saying thier going to keep Rodgers from completing a pass!! As a Vikings fan I have one concern about the game! And that is this! Everyone knows that the Packers got hosed on that call in that Seahawks game! Do the officals feel they need to make it up to the Packers for that blown call? …… All I want is a good game! Not one decided by officals!

  55. The Steelers and Ravens continually go 15-20 games without giving up a 100 yard rusher, and have for the past decade.

    Gotta love it when Clay Matthews vows A.P. is not going to get 200.

  56. You should be mad at several of your own teammates (Tramon Williams among others). They were constantly shying away from takling Peterson! They should have been taken out for refusing to tackle!

  57. I see no problem with the statement. AP had 55 rushes in two games against the Pack, 49 were at a 4 yd average, 6 were at a 35 yd average. Don’t give up the big run, they have him contained. Not impossible.

  58. What are you scared of Clay? The embarrassment of seeing your fearless leader, Aaron Rodgers, stomp his feet and throw another temper tantrum on the sidelines just like he did last weekend if MVPeterson goes for another 200?

  59. Whenever there is a game where everyone says it can’t happen, that’s when it usually does. I figured this game was a forgone conclusion, but maybe not…..

    Vikes have beaten the 49ers this season, and could possibly beat Atlanta. Stranger things have happened…..

  60. The Vikings will beat greenbay again
    because the packers D is weak. AP
    is mad because he didnt get that record by 9 yards. One and done again greenbay

  61. Why do NFL fans keep using AP? He already has a great nickname. Leave it to NFL fans to come up with the lame AP.

  62. I am definitely not a Vikes fan but, Clay you are biting off more than you, and your mates, can seem to chew! Adrian seems to be on a mission like his MVP pal from Denver is and YOU may be the next speed bump.

  63. Why are we to believe that statement, Clay? Based on what? You guys haven’t done that one time in the last two the last 4 games your amazing defense has held him under 175 yards 1 time…

  64. I have never been more proud of any Viking as I am proud of AP. He is so talented and such a genuine likeable person. 250, 2 TDs and a Vikes squeaker over the Cheese. Keep poking the bear girly man…even my 91 yr old grandma dislikes Clay Matthews.

  65. While the Packer fans are going to hold up signs saying “This is what 9 yards looks like”, AP will be showing them what 200 looks like……..Again….

  66. There’s a limb worth standing on. Jared also was quoted in saying “We wont allow Aaron Rodgers to throw for 750 yards”.

  67. Well then he better talk to his DB’s about wanting to play physical football. They wanted nothing to do with AD’s physical nature in the first two games, and now the hits are going to hurt 10 times worse in the cold.

  68. The cheeseheads blew it by losing to Minnesota last week, thus sending them to S.F. should they win. Good luck at the Stick. Clay might get his hair messed up trying to tackle Frank Gore and Vernon Davis, while the Niners’ D will wipe that smirk off Rodgers’ face.

  69. Giants fan here; Packers do get all the calls blind Packer fans. And since when is holding a RB under 200 yards considered a challenge? 200 yards is A LOT of real estate, nice bar setting, Clay.

  70. I wonder under what context this statement came from.
    I do not think the Vikings are good enough to win a playoff game at Green Bay.
    Ponder ? seriously, where do they think Ponder is going to take them.
    One thing is for sure, The Vikings will not win the Super Bowl this year.
    The Packers have a little better shot at it, but they will not win it either

  71. What’s funny is the 2007 draft, Oakland chose Russel, Detroit took Megatron, Cleveland took Joe Thomas, Tampa bay took Gaines Adams, Arizona took Levi Brown, and Washington took Laron Landry before the Vikings took AP… There is only one guy in that list you could argue, and that’s Megatron. Detroit is the only team in that list who took a player who actually could have been taken before AP. Other than that, wow… Funny that he slipped to 7th. But i think there were concerns about his shoulder or something at that time.

    Rewind the clock, would everyone still have taken who they did? or would AP go first? Bet old Al Davis is rolling over in his grave right now!

  72. We are gonna line up and punch that weak ass defense right in the face!

    Hey Woodson, Hayward and CO. Get ready for the pain! Are you ready to get trucked by 28?? It’s just motivating him that nobody gives the Vikes any credit. It’s all like oh we played a bad game thats why the Vikings won/ Well we will prove again that we are for real!

    Vikes are gonna send the Fudge Packing! Bring it. Man it’s gonna hurt in the cold, getting trucked by AP!

  73. @leyroysbutler

    Real fairwether? We pretty much got our team a stadium built after a year where we were 3-13. Another reason why I hate GB. The biggest reason in their hillbilly fans.

    I could get a ticket to Lambeau as a Viking fan for actually cheaper than the dome so get over it Fudge you are just a fan like any other NFL fan nothing makes you special. Unless you want to consider wearing cheese on your head special, I would say like special ED.

  74. Vikings fans will be happy with AP getting 300 yds, Packer fans will be happy with a trip to SF. The difference in priorities, gotta love it!

  75. tluke25 says:
    Jan 4, 2013 10:24 PM
    The Steelers and Ravens continually go 15-20 games without giving up a 100 yard rusher, and have for the past decade.

    Gotta love it when Clay Matthews vows A.P. is not going to get 200.


    Whoa! Defense like that must have translated in to tons of Super Bowl wins!

  76. Gotta love when minny people try to make fun of Wisconsin people. We’re in the same geographic location. Calling us hillbillies is calling yourselves hillbillies.

    It must really sting that the players of the nfl said that gb has the most knowledgeable fans.

  77. chachanola says:
    Jan 5, 2013 11:43 AM
    didn’t they vow that the last game? and what happened? might wanna focus on your 5 yard sprints and not bumping your coconut dude

    Actually, no…

    They vowed that he wouldn’t get the record. What happened? Might wanna worry about ponder playing like ponder…at night, away, in his first playoff game.

    Sorry. Didn’t mean to spread the terrifying truth.

  78. As far as I see it, Trash talking aside over a 50+ year span of this historic rivalry the Packers are historically the better team with a record of 54-49-1 (with only one loss to the Vikings in the playoffs during that span) sure AP may undoubtedly be one of the best running backs in the game and the Packers run defense lacks but I doubt even the best Run defense in the NFL can keep Adrian Peterson under 200+ yards he is just that damn good… But I am a Packers fan through and through and I love watching these 2 teams play each other, Last weekends loss for the Packers (37-34) was a tough one for them but they didn’t make the Vikings winning an easy task This will be another great Pack-Viks game but I gotta go with my Packers 40-37

  79. I just want to say on this last comment thank you for being the sole classy Packers fan. I totally respect your QB. He’s bad ass. Wish we had him. May the best team win.

  80. Less than 100 yards. Helped a lot that Vikings were with their backup QB. Total respect for AD. I hope he can win a Super Bowl some day.

  81. Judging by the comments section – internet service seems to be out for the entire state of Minnesota.

    Where is everybody?

    Losing Ponder and going to Webb 20 mins before game time should have benefited Peterson more – as you’d more likely hand the ball off to your one constant – the MVP (I guess) of the league/team?

  82. thetokyosandblaster says: Jan 5, 2013 10:54 AM

    tluke25 says:
    Jan 4, 2013 10:24 PM
    The Steelers and Ravens continually go 15-20 games without giving up a 100 yard rusher, and have for the past decade.

    Gotta love it when Clay Matthews vows A.P. is not going to get 200.


    Whoa! Defense like that must have translated in to tons of Super Bowl wins!

    Four Super Bowl visits and three Super Bowl wins among those two teams in the past 12 years seems pretty impressive to me!

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