David Akers had double sports hernia surgery over offseason


San Francisco 49ers kicker David Akers revealed Thursday he has been dealing with the lingering effects of a hernia surgery throughout most of the season.

According to Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle, Akers underwent double sports hernia surgery last February. He had the issue flare up again during the season requiring him to seek further treatment from the doctors  that performed the procedure. In November, Akers traveled back to Philadelphia and took injections to try and lessen the discomfort.

“I worked real hard to rehab, to get back, to have a great training camp and be strong through that and things kind of went up and down,” Akers said. “It seemed I’d have a good game, then I’d miss on the next game, we’d have a situation where we’d get a block or I’d miss a long field goal. It seemed like I could never get the consistency where we wanted it to kind of get the snowball in a good direction.”

Akers’ struggles led the 49ers to sign Billy Cundiff earlier this week to compete for the kicking duties entering the postseason. Akers and Cundiff squared off in practice for the first time Thursday. The 49ers have the week off as they wait to find out who their first opponent will be after earning a first-round bye by winning the NFC West.

Akers said he hasn’t been told whether it will be him or Cundiff getting the game action when they take the field next week.

I have no idea,” Akers said. “Listen, that’s management’s decision. I’m here until they tell me otherwise.”

12 responses to “David Akers had double sports hernia surgery over offseason

  1. I remember seeing reports of a hip injury earlier in the season… they could have put him on IR with designation to return while he healed up. Could have had Josh Brown… now they’re stuck with Billy Cundiff. This is gonna cost us.

  2. No excuses man! He hit that 63 yarder pretty well early in the season. Had a very good first half. He has clearly lost confidence… thats what gets every kicker in the end.

  3. I knew something had to be wrong with Akers. He just hasn’t looked like the old Akers at all this year.

  4. Akers does need some down time, but is Cundiff really the answer? After all he DID miss one of the most heart-breaking field goals of all time in last years AFC Championship Game. Where is his head at?

  5. Akers is a good kicker and a good guy but if the injury is holding him back he needs to bench himself. This is the playoffs, you can’t afford to be out there shanking easy field goals.

  6. Why did he have to travel across the country simply for injections? That seems odd.

    Akers’ now 8-year old daughter was/is battling cancer when he was in Philly and he also lost most or all of the money he made in a Madoff-esque Ponzi scheme. He seems like a good dude & I hope he can get back to Pro Bowl form.

  7. Best of luck to David Akers……he was a class act while here in Philly……even rented a giant billboard on I-95 thanking us fans for his time here when he left. I hope he can recover and keep playing if that’s what he wants to do…..God bless you, David Akers.

  8. Complications from hernia surgeries can be extremely painful. It’s no joke & it’s a good explanation for his below average play.

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