Eagles get permission to interview Bruce Arians


Bruce Arians did great work in 2012 as the Colts’ interim coach while head coach Chuck Pagano missed most of the season while undergoing chemotherapy. So it’s no surprise that Arians is now considered a strong candidate to become a head coach on a permanent basis.

The Eagles announced on Friday that they have been granted permission to interview Arians. That interview is expected to take place next week, regardless of whether the Colts win or lose against the Ravens on Sunday. Assistant coaches whose teams win in the wild card round of the playoffs are permitted to have head-coaching interviews during the week before the divisional round of the playoffs.

Another assistant coach whose team is playing on Sunday, Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley, is in the same boat: The Eagles have received permission to interview Bradley and plan to do so next week, regardless of whether the Seahawks win or lose against the Redskins.

Several reports have said that the Eagles’ top candidate is Oregon coach Chip Kelly. The fact that the Eagles are planning multiple interviews for next week suggests that they aren’t expecting to hire Kelly quickly — or that they want Kelly to know that he can’t string them along indefinitely.

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  1. The Colts already know they are going to win this week, so why not? Then they will fall flat against Denver and off he goes. Arians has learned from the best organization in the league and our coaching tree continues.

  2. Perfect fit for Philly. If they hire him you won’t be able to tell if they are saying “Boooooooooooooooooo” or “Bruuuuuuuuuuuuce”.

  3. “Several reports have said that the Eagles’ top candidate is Oregon coach Chip Kelly. The fact that the Eagles are planning multiple interviews for next week suggests that they aren’t expecting to hire Kelly quickly — or that they want Kelly to know that he can’t string them along indefinitely.”

    Or is it possibly a sign the Eagles expect Kelly to go elsewhere (possibly CLE, BUF or a mystery team ?)

  4. The Eagles need a HC with HC experience. Preferrably in the NFL. Kelly is a duck that is simply a flavor of the month. The Eagles have a rebuilding job that really demands a true GM — one that understands football talent and not budgets and numbers. Really they should get the true GM and then the coach.

    The Eagles HC also needs to be media friendly, in a town where the sports media is a rather rabid bunch. That may have been Reid’s biggest weakness. The Eagles HC needs to understand the culture of Philadelphia sports.

    They also need a manager that understands the entire system, not just one side of the ball. Otherwise, you get Lovie Smith all over again.

    It won’t happen, but Bill Parcells would be perfect for the Eagles. Arians would probably fit, too, since he knows Philadelphia from his days at Temple, and knows Pennsylvania from his days in Pittsburgh. Ideally not a fan of retreads, I do think the Eagles need an experienced NFL coach, or a college coach with previous NFL experience (like TB did with Greg Schiano).

    They liked Jim Haslett when they last hired as HC, when they ultimately picked Reid. He might work well. They like stability and longevity. Can’t see that with Kelly, quite frankly.

    The Eagles need to quite worrying about what Cleveland is supposedly doing and let them have Kelly. They habitually take these busts. Let ’em have ’em. Pick a solid, experienced coach AND an experienced GM.

  5. Help more figure this out. Last year Arians was the Steelers OC and he was so horrible he’s forced to “retire.” Fast forward a year and he’s led the Colts to a playoff season and is one of the hottest coaching prospects. now the Steelers fans are claiming Todd Haley is a terrible OC and the the Steelers are sitting at home as a result. So either Arians got a heck of a lot smarter in the past 12 months, or the problem all along is the Steelers?

  6. I like Bruce, but I don’t think he will make a good HC. The Colts were riding off the whole “Chuck Strong” mantra and emotions. Had very little to do with Arian’s coaching skills. Not to mention, Luck was able to make some amazing throws to Wayne . This is coming from a Colts fan. Bruce Arians just isn’t HC material.

  7. Eagles could bring in the second coming of Vince Lombardi as their new head coach and it wouldn’t matter as long as that bean counting GM Howie Pee Wee Roseman is making personal moves..4-12 forever fellow Eagles fans.

  8. College coaches scare me so 86 Chip (what kind of a name is Chip, anyway)? Arians or Mike McCoy would make me happy……unless of course Chucky throws his hat into the ring…….whoever the new coach is I hope he has a commitment to the run (McCoy, Brown and ?) could be an effective 3 headed monster. Get bigger players who can’t be thrown off blocks on D, pound the rock and take your occasional shots down field (Foles should be able to do this) to larger receivers who don’t kiss the astro-turf to avoid contact…….whatever happened to running somebody over……maybe the new HC should invite Adrian Peterson in for a demo….(ssshhhhh!) Celek seems to be our only offensive player who doesn’t mind contact. We need our NASTY back!

  9. Arians might be a good fit for the Birds. And it’s not likely that they’re using him (and the Seachicken’s DC) to send a message to Kelly.

    And while Kelly may very well be the Eagles “leading candidate” that doesn’t mean they’re desperate for him enough scramble and sign him before they interview everyone else.

    And if Kelly signs w/ Cleveland before interviewing with the Eagles, Lurie is likely to interpret that as meaning he’s not the kind of guy Lurie wants as his coach. He’d like someone who would want to approach things the way he does: by assessing all options before he makes a decision.

  10. No NFL team should be allowed to interview any coach or coordinator until their season is over.

    Total BS that some team that can’t put it together can interrupt the run of one that can.

  11. to the person posting who cannot read, the sentence refers to the seattle dc whose team play the redskins. but thanks for your intelligent contribution. are you a congressman?

    i hear kelly is a guy on the eagles list, not the whole list, or first among equals. don’t think they would get in a bidding match with cleveland.

    personally i hope if they choose arians, he’s got a guy to run his defense. if not, i hope they choose a defensive coach, although i expect lurie to go with an offensive guy.

  12. @PhillyPhan72 – only Gruden I would consider is Jay.
    I wouldn’t mind either of these guys (although I would rather have Chip Kelly or Mike McCoy).

    Chip Kelly should still be the top choice. Anyone who says he runs a ‘gimmicky’ offense or can’t work with a guy like Foles is mistaken.

    Chip is one of the brighter minds in football. Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll both brought him in the past to implement his ideas to their NFL Offenses (you can easily see this with the Pats) Even Jon Gruden, who’s known for the WC offense, immediately sought after Chip after he was fired to learn from him (it even got to the point where Chip offered Gruden a spot as offensive coordinator, but Gruden’s wife didn’t let it happen).

    As far as his offense or not being able to work with Foles, Chip made it clear in an interview with Urban Meyer that he’s not attached to any scheme:

    “No one’s married to an offense or a defense. If we had a group of guys who could line up in the Power I and run the Power I then we would do it. I think our players have total faith in us that we wouldn’t ask them to do anything that we didn’t believe would help them win.”

    I want to make it clear I’m not saying there isn’t a lot of risk bringing him in as a HC, but he’s far from a ‘gimmick’ and high on several teams lists for a variety of legitimate reasons.

    Highly suggest reading the article by Tommy Lawlor called “Let’s Talk About Chip Kelly”.

  13. With our horrible defense, why isn’t anyone talking to Lovie Smith? I am happy to know we’re probably not going to get a college coach. However, my instincts tell me Lurie and Roseman may be finding Philly to be a tough sell. The Philly media is so goofy they’re trying to tell suitors for Reid why they should not hire him. Obviously Clark Hunt thought that was an endorsement for Andy Reid.

  14. Philadelphia bring this guy back!!!

    Bring some Temple University blood back to the city of brotherly love!!!

    By the way, The former regional college/Regional big-city choice has been pretty good in NFL history.

    Usually those teams will at least go to the playoffs:
    •San Francisco 49ers: Ex-Stanford coaches Bill Walsh and Jim Harbaugh And former Cal coach Steve Mariucci
    •Miami Dolphins with the University of Miami head coach Jimmy Johnson
    • Los Angeles Rams with the Southern Cal head coach John Robinson

    Not a bad list.

  15. I wish the Ravens were playing the Steelers this week instead of the Colts….then the score would have been 55 to nothing instead of 38 to nothing.

    Raven Nation Rules

  16. I am surprised more teams were not trying to get Bruce. He proved this year he has the goods. Besides Lovie Smith, Bruce is the best pick in my opinion.

  17. All the Eagle bashing and I will take a healthy eagle offensive line,with three starters returning,a healthy wr corp with now proven depth,two rbs who provide speed and power,a 2nd year qb with a full off season and full year playing with the full starting lineup with Bruce Arians running the show! Adapting to no talent is hard Chip check out Cleveland

  18. I’m Krazie but the best choice is Gruden. GM Charlie Casserly..

    However, the Coach Killer gives bad Karma..

    So, take the job at your own risk.

  19. Don’t be stupid Philly, you know that you want Childress. The truth is that ever since Childress and Johnson arent there they havent been the same. Childress has a great eye for talent and doesn’t get the credit he deserves. He is the perfect fit for Philly or Arizona.

  20. I’d take Bruce Arians,he a really good coach who is good at developing young Qbs like he did in Pittsburgh and Indianapolis.

  21. Seems like Philly is going to stake some schlep who doesn’t mind taking orders from a 37 year old accountant. Hey Lurie, I’m 43, I go to at least 6 games a year. Please fire Roseman hire a FOOTBALL GM and so I can possibly see a SB winning team before I die in 40 years.

  22. Remember all the steeler fans saying Arians was the problem? Where does De Nile meet the Ohio river?

  23. I’m an Eagles fan, but Kelly is risky. With no NFL experience, how will he get assistant coaches? This team needs a defensive coordinator bad. I like Arians, McCoy, and perhaps even Syracuse’s head coach better because they have NFL experience. Most Eagle fans want to keep Foles and have ground and pound…we are tired of finesse offenses.

  24. The Eagles job is way better than the Browns job. The Eagles lost their top 3 offensive lineman, all of who are returning. LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin, DeSean Jackson, Brent Celek…..the defensive line has some young talent….it is really the secondary that must be fixed.

  25. Eagles are going to end up with a “last hope” HC because they are telling each candidate that Foles and Not Vick is who is going to be the starter….it’s why Kelly chose the Browns over the Eagles even though the Eagles have better weapons on offense that fit Kelly’s scheme better…….Watch as more and more so called Candidates fall off the the Eagles Radar even after Vick is released after the SB….Then watch the Bills, Chiefs (yes the Chiefs), or Jets take Vick and run the 2010 offense…….

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