G.M. dominoes could start falling soon

Five teams are currently looking for General Managers.  Five days after the 2012 regular season ended, a loose sense is emerging as to how things will fall together.

Here’s the quick summary, as it’s currently making the rounds in league circles.

1.  The Jets are expected to hire 49ers exec Tom Gamble (pictured).

2.  The Jaguars are expected to hire Falcons director of player personnel Dave Caldwell.

3.  The Chiefs are expected to hire Packers director of operations John Dorsey.

4.  The Cardinals are expected to promote Steve Keim.

5.  The Panthers are believed to be leaning toward Giants executive Dave Gettleman.

None of these moves are, you know, 95-percent certain.  It’s simply where it all is leaning.

22 responses to “G.M. dominoes could start falling soon

  1. As a Giants fan, I’m glad Marc Ross is staying put.
    He will be someone’s GM within 2-3 years, though…

  2. Glad teams finally learned that Eric DeCosta isn’t leaving Baltimore. I was wondering how many interviews he would turn down before other teams finally got the message.

  3. @coltzfan166 if Dorsey is the GM in KC and Heckert doesn’t get one of the other GM jobs, he will likely be in the KC front office in some type of VP capacity.

  4. I hope we get Dorsey. If we could start resembling anything close to the Packers, that’s a huge improvement over what we’ve been playing like the past few years.

    Hope Andy Reid can step it up too though. We need a QB so we can start winning some games.

  5. Jimmy Haslam has deep pockets, and a desire to break in big. Gamble will be in Cleveland!

  6. So basically if Jacksonville does hire that guy from Atlanta then Mularkey will stay for sure. This is excellent news for the rest of the AFC South.

  7. “The Jets are a disgrace. A fine personnel man like Tom Gamble doesn’t deserve them”

    The Jets are a disgrace because they have been mismanaged. The idea here is that someone is hired to come in and manages it better. That’s how business usually works.

    I’m not here to claim that the Jets are anything other than a poor football team, but you mindless haters come off like seventh grade morons. How about some critical thinking on occasion?

  8. All these losing teams are hiring guys from winning organizations. Except Arizona of course who decides hiring from within is a good idea. Cardinals fans should use “Bidwell” much the same way Seinfeld used “Newman”!

  9. Ah, a few Cards haters in force. It’s fair to wait and see what Steve Keim brings to the table isn’t it? Unless you have some insight into how to run a NFL franchise. If all of these other guys are so great, why are they unemployed?

  10. Gettleman or Ross to the Panthers would make me happy. Just please don’t hire from within. We need some fresh perspective to build this team around Cam and Kuechley.

  11. westclaims: None of them are unemployed…they are looking to get promotions and have to go outside their current organizations to get them…their current teams are likely to miss them…

    P.S. Pardon me, but who is seth macfarland? And, no doubt, illwillthemick, you’re a matinee idol…it’s pretty lame to make fun of someone else’s looks…what did he ever do to you?

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