Horton waits to hear from Cardinals, Browns, Bills


With one of seven head-coaching vacancies filled, it’s unclear when the next seat will be occupied.

A candidate for three of the open jobs has put the hay in the barn, and he’s applying patience as the teams gather information on other candidates.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton is still waiting to hear more from the Cardinals, Bills, and Browns after interviewing with each of those teams.  They will be performing other interviews before deciding whether to have a second round of sessions or, possibly, to hire one of the folks they are considering.

Though the Cardinals were disappointing in 2012, the defense wasn’t the problem.  Still, the offense needs to be fixed, regardless of whether Horton or someone else gets hired for the job.

7 responses to “Horton waits to hear from Cardinals, Browns, Bills

  1. I would rather the Browns call Lovie Smith, Or Ken Wisenhut over this guy.
    I hate to say it dude, but you filled the Rooney rule requirement for all three of these teams.

  2. fitzmagic1212 says:
    Jan 4, 2013 1:44 PM
    horton hears a who?

    You just ruined the next article title for Mr. F.

  3. Too old for cornrows. C’mon, man!

    However, according to Rob Parker, cornrows make you less of a cornball.

  4. Hate to admit it but I am a Bills fan and in our circle here I picked Horton as the guys the Bills will pick. He fills a few spots on the check list. 1. He knows people in the organization already check. He won’t cost an arm or a leg, even though we hear money is no object check, but they said the same thing and we got Chan Gailey. He will actually come to Buffalo check. I also predict they will make their move as they start to see coaches come off the board. It is like 3am at a bar. The few hot woman will leave and then you start to look at the B’s list and make you move.

  5. fitzmagic1212 says:

    horton hears a who?
    As a former Mayor of Whoville (in “Seussical”), I heartily endorse Ray Horton to get the Cardinals’ job. Just bring in a real OC, trust his judgment, and tell management to spend money where needed for once.

    I suspect, though, that he’d like the Cleveland job, just to coach against his old team, the Bagels.

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