Khan met with Mularkey this week, leaning toward keeping him


Jaguars owner Shad Khan is busy interviewing general manager candidates, but he took time out to talk to his coach as well.

A league source informs us that Khan met with coach Mike Mularkey this week, and the early sense is that Mularkey will be retained.

Khan wants to run this past his new general manager, whomever that might be, before anything’s set in stone. But it is at least a solid lean, which is good news for a coach coming off a 2-14 season.

It makes sense from the standpoint that Khan signed off on hiring Mularkey a year ago, even if it was with the input of former GM Gene Smith.

Mularkey has been a well-regarded offensive coach, but his downfall in Jacksonville this year is the same as many coaches’ — the lack of competent quarterback play.

Whether they stick with Blaine Gabbert (or Chad Henne) or look outside for some, ahem, help, the Jaguars need to find an answer at that position soon, or Mularkey’s footing won’t be solid for long.

24 responses to “Khan met with Mularkey this week, leaning toward keeping him

  1. Why isn’t he breaking his neck to get the OC from Denver? It’s no secret he wants Tebow….why not pair him with the guy that actually got something out of him?

  2. Mike was told that Tim Tebow will be the Jaguars starting quarterback in 2013.
    Mike was given two choices: play Tebow and keep your job or get fired.
    The Jaguars are all in on Tim Tebow.

  3. Or maybe, since Kahn has interviewed David Caldwell of the Falcons twice, he was getting Mularkey’s opinion of him?

  4. lmao, yes that’s it. Jags are all in on Tebow. The media wants the Tebow to Jax thing to happen so bad, it’s funny. THIS JUST IN FROM ADAM SCHEFTER: All Jaguars assistant coaches told to look for other jobs. Why? Because Khan has likely found his GM and the GM gave advice to move on from Mularkey.

  5. I think that, in most cases, the head coach should be a goner as soon as you can your GM. I’m sure there are exceptions, but I don’t see Mike Mularkey being one of those.

    By firing the GM and not the coach, you paint yourself into a corner. By the time they have a GM in place, all these other teams will have coaches. So now you have to find a GM that wants Mularkey (or is at least willing to burn a year with him), because he’s not going to be able to have a full selection of HC candidates. Or, similarly, you could scare off a GM who either doesn’t want to be stuck with Mularkey or doesn’t want to go coach shopping from a depleted pool.

  6. So Shahid Khan tells you who to start at QB and have as head coach – who WOULDN’T want to be the GM in Jacksonville??

  7. If Khan keeps Mularkey AND acquires Tebow, he is not very bright. There is no point in getting Tebow unless your coaching staff has experience with and commitment to the option offense.

    The Broncos made a short-term, half-hearted effort, and got to the playoffs with it, all the while continuing to try to morph Tebow into a pocket passer. With attention to building a team with the right cast, it may work well, but a coach who wants no part of it will not be successful with it. Tebow does not have the skill set to be successful in a traditional pro offense.

    By the way, someone forgot to tell RG3, Russell Wilson, and Colin Kaepernick that this college stuff doesn’t work in the NFL.

  8. @sactogary…yeah, RGIII, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick can run the option, BUT, they also can hit an open receiver in stride and Tebow can’t !!!!!

  9. RGIII, Colin Kaepernick, and Russell Wilson are all good passers. They can also run.

    Tebow, on the other hand, is a really lousy passer.

    Anyone who wants to build a team and a coaching staff around Tim Tebow is just plain stupid.

  10. Mike Mularkey isn’t the only reason the Jaguars are an embarrassment to the league, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a horrible football coach

  11. Mularkey built a winning offense around Kordell Stewart, so it’s conceivable that Khan believes he could make it work with Tebow.

    On the other hand, keeping Mularkey in place makes the Jags the favorite for the #1 pick (Clowney) in 2014. That can’t be all bad.

  12. I do believe Mike may pull what he did in Buffalo when/if they get tebow and hire a new GM… politely resign and go back to being an OC for one of the new openings… my instincts tell me as soon as GM was fired he started poking around with the thought 🙂

  13. Wow, everytime anything to do with The Jags comes up… or Jets… some people have to throw in the same tired comparisons of Tebow and RG3, Colin, Cam, Wilson… So tired of hearing about Tebow… How about waiting to see if /when something actually happens with Tebow and then start recycling these tired @$$ comments… blah blah blah… all you guys keep posting are the same Tebow bashing comments again and again… same words… i’m not partial to either side of The Tebow argument but reading the same comments over and over again on all these different articles is tiresome to say the least… Be original.

  14. What kind of strange football relationship does Jacksonville have with Atlanta? Seriously, really uninspired choice for GM (if true). Much like our 2-14 coach. Combine this with losing a home game to London next year. What a POS franchise. Khan can put a tarp over my two season tickets.

  15. All of these awful retread coaches should thank Belicheck for being the only reason they ever get second chances

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