Parcells says he’s done with football


At a time when there has been plenty of talk regarding the possibility of Bill Parcells returning to the Jets and fixing what ails the franchise, Parcells says that will not happen.

“No I wouldn’t listen,” Parcells told The Michael Kay Show on Thursday, via the Newark Star-Ledger.  “I’m done with football.  I wish them well and everybody in New York well.”

Even if Parcells was done with football, it’s unknown whether he’d be interested in helping the Jets, given the current level of dysfunction in the organization.

And that’s where Rex’s newly-revealed tattoo could be a factor that benefits the incumbent head coach.  If it’s a coincidence that the photo of the body artwork of Rex’s wife wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey (while also apparently Tebowing) emerged just as the Jets were getting ready to interview G.M. candidates, it’s one hell of a good coincidence for Ryan.

That tattoo could scare away any G.M. who isn’t already comfortable with working with Ryan, or it could compel any G.M. candidate who doesn’t want to work with Ryan to insist that he’s fired now.

Either way, Ryan wins.