PFT Live: John Elway, PFT Planet calls and tweets


It’s not every day that a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame stops by PFT Live, so Friday’s a pretty big day for the program.

Broncos executive vice president of football operations John Elway will be Mike Florio’s guest on Friday, a little more than a week before his team begins play in the postseason as the AFC’s top seed. They gained that top seed with the help of a strong defense and solid play in all phases of the game, but, more than anything else, it has been the play of quarterback Peyton Manning driving the ship.

We’ll hear from Elway about Manning’s first year with the Broncos and when he knew that his leap of faith on Manning, who missed all of 2011 with a neck injury, was going to pay off.

After that, Florio will be taking questions from PFT Planet about the playoffs, coaching searches and anything else that might be on your mind. You can send a tweet — @ProFootballTalk — or give a call — 888-237-5269 — to share your thoughts.

You can watch all of it live at noon ET.

15 responses to “PFT Live: John Elway, PFT Planet calls and tweets

  1. get ready for T. Brady and company to come rolling into town in a few weeks…..I wonder if he will address the high school teams they’ve been playing the last 11 weeks….well see

  2. Bring on the Patriots. im interested in seeing if they can beat us without that fast break offense. Also we were just starting to gell , didnt have DJ Williams and Chris Harris and Tony Carter hadnt emerged yet. Sure we’ve played some subpar opponents but that just allowed us to polish our game. Dont forget we beat the Bengals and destroyed the Ravens both on the road. The mark of a great team is to take care of buisness which we did for 11 straight games. Thats a remarkable feat no matter who you play. its easy to get caught napping. Top 5 offense and defense, great punter kucker return guy and unrivaled home field advantage due to weather altitude and fans. Nobody can beat Denver right now. And if thats not scary just think of next year with maybe a new interior o linemen, a speedy wideout, and another stud DT.

  3. Well, your not the only team that gets to draft players next year so keep that in mind….I can appreciate that Denver won 11 straight but let’s be honest….there competition was subpar and when the patriots beat u in foxboro by 3, the broncos were still gelling as a team and I get that, but so were the Patriots…u think Denver were the only ones trying to figure things out?….The game still might end up in Foxboro which I highly doubt…..It’s gonna be a great game but as good as Peyton has been I’ve seen him through some god awful int’s this year(look it up)….Mannings playoff record is really not that good so get ready for a disappointment….Go Pats!!!!!!!

  4. 480volt must have spilled coffee on his note cards. Broncos lost by 10 in that game. I can’t believe we were even in the game in the 4th Quarter to have McGahee choke us out a loss. If the NFL magically changes its Home Field Advatage procedures to meet 48ovolts standards, and the game ends up in Foxboro then we will have something to worry about. If not, see ya’ll in Nawlins!!

  5. Peyton has never had a defense like this. Derek Wolfe can get pressure up the middle (6 sacks on the season at DT, 3 in the last 3 games) with Dumerville and Miller on the edges is lethal. Gronk and Hernandez pose problems but we have one of the fastest defense in the league. Wesley Woodyard is the only player in the league with 100+ tackles , 5 sacks and 3 ints and excells in coverage. As his mini clone Danny Trevathan and DJ Williams. I also look for Maninng to go no huddle and wear em down with McGahee and Moreno. Dressen, Tamme, Thomas and Decker with Moreno in the backfield allow us to use a myriad of formations and run pass or playaction in a no huddle situation. This team is laser focused and has a killer instinct nasty mentality with an unrivaled preparation. Not only did we beat everyone we played, we destroyed them in a boring methodical fashion while having glorified practice. I dont recall Manning having to scold his team for coming out sloppy and almost losing to the jags at home. Not to mention this years Broncos are the highest 4 quarter scoring team in NFL history and the ciaching staff has been the best at in game adjustments in the league this year. Theres a buzz around this team

  6. 48 ovolt you are the man! the reason the game will be played in foxboro is because the hapless broncos lose the week before. Seen manning too many times to believe he will win in the 1st round! Pats win it all!! Finally

  7. So the Pats lose to the Cardinals at home, barely beat the Jags… and their fans think the Broncos wont take care of business in the 1st round?

    If you’re a Pats fan, I’d be very nervous about your own team before thinking ahead.

  8. Whos gonna beat the Broncos? The only team in the AFC that stanfs a chance is NE. Im personally hoping we get the Colts in the divisial round. Thank them for Peyton and send em home with nothing then then beat the patriots and then get our revenge on ATL in the Superbowl

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