Report: Chiefs and Andy Reid agree to deal


Make that six head coaching vacancies.

What has seemed inevitable in recent days is now (almost) official, as ESPN’s Chris Mortensen has now reported that Andy Reid has agreed to a deal to become the next head coach of the Chiefs.

Mortensen points out that “lawyers reviewing contract,” which I suppose leaves a 5 percent chance something breaks down.

How Reid is able to deal with a roster which includes more Pro Bowlers than wins remains to be seen, but first on his list is going to be finding a quarterback.

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  1. Sorry, Andy, but McNabb has already said publicly that he would only consider playing for a winner.

  2. Thank God. I can secretly pull for the Chiefs on Sundays. The AFC West added Peyton Manning and Andy Reid in 2 years and became a relavent division again. Quite possibly THE division to beat. Times Yours…..

  3. Eagles face the Chiefs in Philadelphia next year. This should be interesting. Congrats Andy!

  4. The roster certainly has some talent, on both sides of the ball. The only glaring issue is QB. On paper, this QB draft class doesn’t have a lot of star power, so hopefully they don’t reach for Smith or Barkley at #1. There should be serviceable finds later in the first round and certainly in the later rounds. Take one, develop him, and they should be set over the years.

  5. First, ESPN was “95%” sure that Reid, was heading to Arizona. Then, for the last 24 hours, they said he was “on the verge” of becoming the Chiefs coach. Not their finest hour.

  6. Good luck Chiefs fans. You’re gonna need it.

    BTW, is it safe to say Geno Smith (or Donovon McNabb Jr. as I like to call him) is gonna be the #1 pick now?

  7. This is a fantastic hire. Andy reid brought hope to the Eagles franchise when there was none. In 99 this orginization sucked and he helped bring it back. It just so happens he didnt win the Super Bowl but not many teams do. KC has something they haven’t had in 10 years….hope.

  8. The only reason this worries me as an Eagles fan, is because I want them to take Joekel at #4. Reid loves taking Lineman at the top of the draft, and he could swipe him

    That being said, the few top picks he did have, never went to OLine (McNabb, Simon, Bunkley, Graham, McDougle and Cox are the guys he’s picked in the top 15). So judging by history, he’ll eitehr go with Smith, or Lotulelei. Here’s hoping the jags take the other one, and the raider go defense

  9. I’m gonna have to do a better job

    that’s on me

    the time is yours

    are you going to finish that

    just a few of the lines KCer’s are going to hear from their new coach.

  10. While I think Reid is an average at best coach a change of scenery in KC could be just what he needed. Hopefully he doesn’t get “final say” because Reid is a awful judge of talent. If Reid goes back to what he did when he first got to the Eagles perhaps he can turn the Chiefs around but his last years in Philly make me hesitate.

  11. Tom Heckert’s family:

    Yay! We’re moving out of Cleveland.

    Wait. We’re moving to Kansas City?

  12. What are the chances Vick comes with him to hold them over until they can find their franchise guy? I’d say better than 50/50. I’m not in love with Vick as a QB, but he’s done and Philly, Reid has had some success with him before, he is better than anyone else that could potentially start for KC next year, and I don’t think he’s going to have a ton of options to choose from on the FA market.

  13. it is because of move like this that Kansas City has been a laughing stock for the past 20+ years..

    Best of luck Andy,, and congratulations Geno Smith on being the #1 draft choice in 2013..

  14. Mortensen points out that “lawyers reviewing contract,” which I suppose leaves a 5 percent chance something breaks down.

    Well theres that other 5% from when it was reported it was 95% certain he was going to Arizona.

  15. I like Geno Smith, to a certain degree. I just don’t think he’s worthy of the top pick. If Murray comes out, I’d wait to draft a QB and see if he’s available at the end of the first round or in the 2nd or 3rd rounds. On paper it’s a mediocre qb class, so reaching would a whole lot more riskier than in past drafts.

  16. From one organization with a bad QB situation to an organization with the worst situation in the league.. No great QB’s in the draft…

    Still not looking good for the Chiefs…

    But at least they’re a ton smarter than the Raiders!!! But then, who isn’t ?

  17. well its safe to say that Pioli and Reed are from 2 differnt coaching trees, thus the firing of Pioli this morning. As is life in the NFL
    Good luck to both men

  18. Good for Andy and the Chiefs .Andy is a really good coach and the Chiefs are a really good franchise.

  19. The Walrus has finally left the NFC East 🙂
    My good friend is a Chiefs fan. I’m happy for him. It isn’t everyday a coach of The Walrus prestige is available.
    Great signing KC.
    Philly is back to the doormat if the NFC East, where they have always belonged.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  20. geniusfan says:
    Jan 4, 2013 11:25 AM
    While I think Reid is an average at best coach a change of scenery in KC could be just what he needed.

    He’s won more games than every other NFC franshise during his tenure in Philly. So you must be saying that every NFC organization has had below average coaching since 2000.

    geniusfan……that’s gotta be sarcasm, right?

  21. Bad hire by KC,,,this guy is fried & lacks fresh perspective. KC will continue to be cellar dwellers in my opinion.

  22. I just can’t stop feeling like the Cardinals dodged a bullet on this one.


  23. Sorry about your luck Chiefs fans. Get ready for the same mistakes over and over again and the same tired excuses after each loss. I feel bad for you because you deserve better than this. I know you think you’re getting a good coach but his record against winning teams is abysmal and his last 4 years in Philly were horrific. Fool’s gold, the definition of insanity and players inside the locker room not believing in their coach (see Jeremiah Trotter’s comments from yesterday)… get used to that stuff.

  24. LOL good luck! Horrible game day coach. Great coach in everything else but glad he is gone. Now when he losses for the cheifs they can listen to his generic response “uh…uh… we need to get better as a team, I need to do better as a coach”.

    Though it would be pretty funny to see a remake of twister and instead of a cow see Reid in the funnel.

  25. calibear831 says: He’ll get Matt flynn from the Seahawks

    You mean the guy who couldn’t beat out the 75th pick in last years draft? Great move!

  26. Why is the rest of the league jealous of us? Oh, that’s right: 6.

  27. putyournameonit says:

    Should of headed west
    In case you’re a typically geographically-challenged East Coast resident–KC is west of Philadelphia.

  28. I think Andy played this smart. The NFC West is going to be a tough division in coming years — the Niners and Seahawks are both top tier teams right now and the Rams are clearly on the upswing. The AFC West, on the other hand, looks like a mess. Oakland looks to be in rebuilding mode for a while and San Diego is messy. Denver will be tough but Manning only has a few more seasons left. Reid will also probably have a lot of personnel control in KC, which he likes, and KC has a lot of talented pieces in place. Reid is well-known for getting the best out of whatever quaterbacks he coaches. Now he just has to remember to run the ball with Jamaal Charles and he could eingeneer a quick turnaround.

    Plus the BBQ. Let’s not forget the BBQ.

  29. “andy reid will fix kevin kolb”.

    if a QB needs to be fixed by somebody, then he’s not a real QB.

  30. If the name Vick comes up Chiefs fans, raise holy hell. Do not let that man destroy what is left of your team and I doubt seriously that Reid has learned his lesson concerning vickie. He would make a great rb but is a joke as a qb, he cant read defenses to save his life and if he gets an owie he cant play

  31. * Picturing Arizona Cardinals committee standing at the Phoenix Airport, still waiting for Andy Reid’s plane to arrive, with limo and “Welcome, Andy Reid!” banners*

  32. Good move, big guy! The fans in KC are a lot nicer than the fans in Philly. They also aren’t known for throwing batteries, booing Santa Claus and/or your newly drafted quarterback or cheering when an opposing player suffers possible spinal damage. You’ll be treated much better there.

  33. The Chefs don’t need another QB immediately. This is the coach who made sub par QBs like Feeley and Kolb look like starters. He resurrected the careers of Vick and Garcia.

    There’s little reason he could not do the same with either Cassell or Quinn and yeah, get a second round pick in the process.

  34. As I live in west Virginia and attend most home games like the collapse vs k-state, he’s not a round one qb. Barely round two. So I feel sorry for who drafts him. He’s pat white with an arm and a little more accurate.

  35. In 1999, taking over as the Eagles HC, Reid drafted Donovan McNabb with the #2 pick. Draftniks have been encouraging NFL fans to compare Geno Smiths style of play to a young McNabb rather than RGIII. Looks like this chiefs team compares pretty favorably to the Eagles when Reid first took over and went on a 10 year tear on the NFC. Good luck to Andy, he’s a great coach that should benefit from a change in scenery.

  36. Even if he does bring Vick in, it’s an upgrade. I would take Reid and Vick over Crennel and Cassel every day and twice on Sunday.

  37. I think this is a step in the right direction. However, I will wait to get excited till I see who his GM will be, and what kind of staff he puts together. But most importantly…who the QB is.

    I doubt it’s Vick. Kansas City isn’t that far from Leavenworth.

  38. I for one would like to Thank You Andy for all the Great years! These idiot fans forget how bad it used to be. Good Luck with your new team!

  39. Sources are also confirming the chiefs are also retaining Romeo Creenel as Andy Rieds personal food and beverage coordinator.

  40. Chiefs passing on 3rd and 1 is better than a Brady Quinn sneak that loses 2 yards on 3rd and 1… Or taking Charles out of the game on 3rd and 3.

    Chiefs instantly got better. Far more talent thank he had at Philly.

    I’m most excited about him working with DJ, Hali, Houston, Poe, Flowers, and Berry. I think they’re a QB away from being in the playoffs. Kind of like Denver and Indy. But somehow Denver rallied around Tebow. There was no rally for Cassel or Quinn. Pioli would still have a job of he kept Orton.

  41. its a shame people will have to think twice before drafting Jamaal Charles for their fantasy football team now, as history has shown this guy doesnt like running the ball even if he has a stud in the backfield, lets hope he doesnt waste another pro bowl running backs talent

  42. charliework said: Good for him. I hope Chiefs fans like to see the offense pass on 3rd and one.

    We will be happy to just see a 3rd and 1, instead of 3rd and 12 like we did all year.

  43. Congrats, Chiefs fans. Andy’s time was up in Philly, but he’s still a good coach. Don’t listen to the Eagles fans who act like we just kicked Rich Kotite out of town. As long as you care about results more than whether your coach gives off the right attitude (which Philly fans do not) you’ll be happy with him.

  44. the fact that the clown didn’t even take a year off to re-assess all his recent mistakes ensures he will continue to screw things up. He cannot coach anymore, terrible game day coach, terrible evaluator of talent, great eater though.

  45. greysolon says:
    Jan 4, 2013 11:46 AM
    Juan Castillo to be named Running Backs Coach and Director of Scouting.


    Dang, I heard Offensive Coordinator!

    Reid must be a heck of an interviewer if he could convince the Chiefs to fire their GM and hire him and his crew after his last two seasons in Philly!

  46. SO GLAD to see Reid out of the NFC East! He gave my Skins fits for over a decade. You have a good coach KC…Congratz!

  47. Future news – Black Monday 2015.

    KC Chiefs announce the firing of Andy Reid after winning just 4 games in 2 years. Clark Hunt says “he wasn’t who we thought he was”.

  48. For all those commenting about the demise of Jamal Charles’ career – can I mention a few names to you:

    Deuce Staley
    Brian Mitchell
    LeSean McCoy

    I don’t think Andy Reid did too bad by these guys….

  49. KC ownership and all the Andy lovers must have been asleep like Rip Van Winkle past 2 years.
    Last 2 years have shown a total incompetence coupled with arrogance and stubbornness. Add in the bad draft picks, mismanaged game plans, mismanaged timeouts and you have a great justification for hiring him (not)
    he won’t last 3 years.

  50. LOL Cardinals! Y’all got PLAYED AGAIN! Then again, who in their right mind would ever accept a position in a franchise owned by the Bidwell’s?

  51. I knew Andy would not sign in AZ he wouldn’t be able to wear a winter coat to all the games. Looks like he will dump the 4xl black coat for a red one. KOOL AID!

  52. Philadelphia Eagles Schedule 2013: no KC.

    So hold the potential Eagles vs Chiefs drama for at least one more season

    Go Eagles!!

  53. Screen game, split backs, fast receivers, mobile QB, I like it. Chiefs have some quality players on the roster that have under-performed, let’s see if this works.

  54. Reid is a top half of the league coach. Nothing great, but not bad.

    That being said, if losing his job in Philly humbled him, he could wind up as one of the best in the league. His biggest issue was always trying to prove he was smarter than anyone else. He could win with a pass heavy offense, and no WR. Or he could win by passing to run the clock out. Or he could make playmaking QB’s pocket QB’s. Or that he didn’t need LB’s. Or that it was a good idea to hire a dline coach, who runs a gimmick scheme, before a d coordinator. Or that it was a good idea to make your oline coach that d coordinator. Or that it was a good dea to replace that oline coach with a guy who runs a gimmick scheme, while the QB is adjusting to the new offense.

    His biggest problem over the last 5-6 years, is him thinking he knows better than everyone in the world. If losing his job brought him back down to earth, it could be a good sign for KC fans. That being said, him being the first coach to sign, and it happening so soon, I’d guess they gave him everything he wanted, which probably won’t help much

  55. He turned the Eagles into one of the truly awful franchises in the NFL. They won one of their last twelve games. He’s either lost it or is burned out. Hiring a tired burned out coach in an obvious rut may not be such a great move.

  56. bobappraisals says:Jan 4, 2013 11:23 AM

    This is a fantastic hire. Andy reid brought hope to the Eagles franchise when there was none. In 99 this orginization sucked and he helped bring it back. It just so happens he didnt win the Super Bowl but not many teams do. KC has something they haven’t had in 10 years….hope.
    During Reid’s time with the Eagles, 9 different teams have won the Superbowl. That’s 28% of the teams. So Reid is not in the top 28%. He may give them hope of being better, but not hope of winning a Superbowl. Jim Johnson’s defense was the reason they were good, and he’s long gone now.

  57. I actually think Reid can turn around the Chiefs in the next couple of seasons. With a roster that includes Jamaal Charles, Eric Berry, Tamba Hali, Dwayne Bowe (who’ll probably leave in free agency though), the O-Line (Winston, Albert, Allen, etc.), Derrick Johnson, Justin Houston, Dontari Poe, Dexter McCluster, Brandon Flowers, Tony Moeaki, Javier Arenas AND the No. 1 pick in April, they have a talented roster. They just need the correct coaching and Reid can probably bring that to the table. Will they be a playoff contender in 2013? Definitely not. Will they be a playoff contender in 2015/2016? There’s a possibility. We’ll see what happens.

  58. alexnexus says:
    Jan 4, 2013 12:55 PM
    Philadelphia Eagles Schedule 2013: no KC.

    So hold the potential Eagles vs Chiefs drama for at least one more season

    Go Eagles!!


    Hey genius,

    Take another look, the Eagles DO play the Chiefs in ’13. In Philly. I predict a polite round of applause prior to the game, then Reid gets treated like any other opposing coach from there on out…

  59. Good luck die hard K.C. fans! Hope you have thick skin… you’re going to need it with all the spitting-in-your-face your new coach will do to you. Just brace yourself for when it happens… cause once you mention it the national media will be will there to tell you how wrong you are and how great Andy Reid is. At that point though… you will know better. And maybe, just maybe you will think “Those people n Philly were right. Just like they were with McNabb.”

  60. @fmwarner

    Saying Philly fans don’t care about results, just how they relate to fans is moronic. Reid got all the leeway in the world when he was winning. But the last 5 years, he hasnt’ been winning, and he is still the same guy up there with the personality of a slug.

    If he is going to spend all those years saying over and over again, “It’s my responsibility”, it is time he took some. Unless the definition of being responsible for something has totally changed.

    Personally, I dont’ think Reid is a bad coach, but I dont think he’s a great one either. I think he’s on the high end of middle of the pack coaches. Anywhere from like 9-14. He did a lot of winning in Philly over the years, and I thank him for taht, but he hasn’t lately, and it was time.

    The Eagles could of easily been 0-16 (Vick fumble should of been recovered by CLE, and they dropped a pick in the endzone on the last drive, Giants just miss a FG, Ravens win was due to a joke PI call, and TB win was the last play of the game), there is no way you could justify bringing him back after a season like that. Best case scenario, he lost the locker room

  61. This makes sense for next year as KC plays the four NFC East teams but bringing in retreads like Juanita is looking like the same old Reid. Won’t be surprised to see McRib, Vick and Special Ambassador Hugh Douglas there too. Maybe fawning Vai Sikehema can be OC.

  62. Dear Jeff, Since I was not able to deliver to you for 14 seasons, I would like to offer this trade to you:

    We will give you our 1st and 3rd round pick in exchange for Michael Vick and your 1st rounder…


    Big Red

    KC Fans, get use to trading out of the first round or drafting guys from Cal Poly (or 1 yr players that were firefighters)…

  63. Well cheifs fans. As an eagles fan this is what i have to say. Have fun with Reids horrible clock management, misusing of timeouts in crutial situations. And not running the ball enough. And after one season youll probably be able to predict the plays one after another. He will win some games and the players love him. But unless he looks in the mirror and adapts it will be the same result. Good news is he can go get you guys a top 2 qb in the draft.

  64. Jamal Charles will put up huge numbers in the Brian Westbrook – LeSean McCoy role next season. Some will doubtlessly complain that Reid doesn’t run the ball enough, but his way of using Charles – screens, draws, shuffle passes and the like – will be the right way. You don’t want to slam a guy that little up the middle 20 times a game.

  65. If Chip Kelly goes to Cleveland, and Heckert and/or Schurmur come with Reid, don’t be surprised if Weeden shows up too

  66. and guess which teams in the nfc the chiefs play next year? the skins,giants,eagles and cowboys!

  67. Any body that can win for Philadelphia’s tightwad owner Lurie is a really good coach.

  68. commonsensedude says: Jan 4, 2013 11:55 AM

    Good move, big guy! The fans in KC are a lot nicer than the fans in Philly. They also aren’t known for throwing batteries, booing Santa Claus and/or your newly drafted quarterback or cheering when an opposing player suffers possible spinal damage. You’ll be treated much better there.
    No, they cheer when one of their own gets injured.

  69. I’m happy for coach Reid. I think he and the Eagles needed a fresh start. I’m thinking that he’ll trade out of the spot and the call will be Landry Jones from OK somewhere in the lower half of the first round

  70. Say hello to Barkley, the number one pick. Yeah I know…probably not going to happen but there certainly are no Russell Wilson’s in the 2013 draft so you either pick Barkley number 1 or figure out a way to trade down. Maybe Arizona wants to wheel and deal with Andy again… 🙂

  71. Andy Reid was out coached in a lot of big games. We knew that if the game was close at the end or we needed to score in last 2 minutes we were gonna lose.

    —Jeremiah Trotter
    Jan 3,2013

    Trot said what angry clueless eagles fans have been saying for years. Guess trotter as an all pro linebacker is clueless too.

    KC think Schottenheimer except throwing instead of running

  72. As a Raider fan I couldnt help but be scared and happy at the same time. Reid has never won the big one cause he has no idea how to run a defense or an affective running gamr consistently. You can put all the pieces there but if he doesnt know how to use themmm…IT MEANS NOTHING.

  73. You gotta hand it to Andy, hes been on the winning end of the press box more often than not. Hes been successful in relation to an average coach. I see him like i see Mike Holmgren. He has some moments he can look back on and feel accomplished. He is not in the conversation as a great coach. Better than mediocre without a doubt, unless you are a gutless Philly fan… who cant appreciate having multiple playoff trips and a siper bowl appearance…

  74. Wow
    I do not understand how this guy gets another job.
    He comes from the NFC East which has more SB winners then any other Div in the game yet he has none.

    He has had more then one first round draft pick at QB and zero rings.

    I have no idea why anyone would give this guy a sniff let alone a job

    Sounds like andy will be trading in his chesse steaks for ribs

  75. Andy Reid has a QB plan for the Chiefs. He has a deal (obviously not executed) with Belichick to send the number one pick in the draft to the Patriots for Ryan Mallett, the Patriots 1st round pick, and a backup offensive lineman. Reid wanted the quarterback question answered before agreeing to the Chiefs job. It appears Belichick has reveresed course on his prior drafting philosophy and is now drafting for top talent while Brady is still available.

    There is also talk that Belichick will flip the pick for a star wideout and a second round pick in 2014 but I suspect salary cap issues may blow that up. One of the holdups with the Chiefs was their concern about bringing in another NE backup QB. The Hunt’s fear the fan fallout if the plan backfires but they believe Mallet is their best option both short and long-term.

  76. I coached football a few years at the playground level. And, I promise you the most powerless person on the field during a game is the coach. Yes, he can make the decison to go for it on fourth down or rather to blitz. But, the truth of the matter is he can’t make the blitz get there. What makes a coach great or the players. Now, I Reid’s case he picked the players on the Eagles toward the end. So, he’s got to take a little of the blame for what happened, ok he’s got to take most of the blame. But, I think he’s a great coach. And, I wouldn’t be surprised if KC pulls a Colts season out of the hat next year.

  77. Wow. The word out of NE is that it is not a backup offensive lineman, its Logan Mankins. It appears Belichick wants money and cap space for Vollmer and that Reid wants to add a veteran all-pro with a reputation for toughness. The trade makes more sense now.

  78. All the “Vick to KC” talk makes me chuckle.
    Vick’s gonna have to find another coach to kill.
    He already got Reid once, do you really think Andy wants to give him another shot?
    Vick will always play just good enough to keep his job for awhile, but not good enough for his head coach to keep his.

  79. Two people said; Alex Smith or Matt Flynn. I’d add Matt Moore. I think any one of the three could be winners with the right system and receivers. BUT.. as a Patriots fan I’d LOVE to get Bowe for Mallet!!!!

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