Ron Rivera, Jerry Richardson meeting on Saturday


The Panthers are putting together a list of general manager candidates, which now reportedly includes Titans vice president of player personnel Lake Dawson, but their head coach still hasn’t met with the team’s owner to talk about the 2012 season.

According to Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer, that meeting will take place on Saturday. Ron Rivera and owner Jerry Richardson are expected to sit down to discuss Rivera’s future with the team. Rivera’s status has been in question ever since the Panthers fired General Manager Marty Hurney, but his team did finish the year with five wins in the final six games and four straight at the end of the year to wind up with a better record than he had in 2011.

How much playing out the string at that pace will impact Richardson’s decision remains to be seen, but it does suggest that Rivera was still able to find a way to elicit a strong effort from his players. An even bigger question is whether Richardson would make keeping Rivera as the coach for at least one more year would become a precondition for any G.M. candidates if the owner does decide to keep Rivera around.

We should know more after the weekend about who will be on the sideline for the Panthers in 2013.

13 responses to “Ron Rivera, Jerry Richardson meeting on Saturday

  1. As I said on another post, if Andy Reid was “really” 2-14 this year, Ron Rivera was “really” 10-6. A crap PI call cost us both the first Falcons game and the Cowboys game, and a dropped pass and stupid 4th down call cost us the Chiefs game. Otherwise we’re in the playoffs and Ron is Coach of the Year.

  2. coaches should put in clauses in their contract about when they should be notified.
    why should they wait around and then get the ax after all the jobs are filled.

    oh boy!

  3. He needs to be given atleast one more year. With all the injuries and contract mess that’s happened the team played hard for him every game. The amount of games that were close and lost can easily be turned into wins next year. That’s the differance from a good team to a great team. With a couple of roster moves to free up some cap and some healthy linemen we could easily be a playoff caliber team.

  4. Rivera will be back and he should be. He earned another year with a new GM in place. Rivera seems like a good dude and I find it easy to pull for him.

    Fire Jerry Richardson if you want to hold someone accountable!

  5. This guy takes over a 2 win team having the worst record and first pick, wins 6 games and 7 games in his first two years, and we’re talking about him being fired already?

  6. Personally, I’d like to see him go. We have ended the past two years on high notes just to be disappointed the next year. He coaches far too conservatively when the game is on the line. Cutler admitted to running the same 5 plays in a row down the stretch to beat us because we didn’t adjust one bit. That was painful to watch. I believe he’s going to stay another year so hopefully he will improve. On another note, Lake Dawson? Not a fan of any member of the Titans having control of our team… Either way, with Kuechley at the helm, Cam hopefully growing up, and us getting a group of guys that can give him more than 2 seconds to make a play, we have a shot

  7. I’m with wfederal. He has displayed poor time management skills and a lack of urgency, especially when we are in close games. If we had won half of those close games we would be a playoff team this year.

    If he is back, cool, but hire a new OC. Chud keeps calling these read options for Cam when we have a stud backfield who we invested a ton of money on.

  8. This opens the door for Rivera back in Chicago…if he stays on, he’s lame duck or treading water from day 1 when the new GM is hired.

  9. I have said it before and I will say it again –

    Richardson is one of the WORST owners in the NFL. No one talks about him bed/ he played one year with the Colts and they act as if he knows it all!

    What a colossal JERK, he has not spoken to Rivera at all this past week? WHY? You don’t feel that you owe it to your coach, team and fans to at least have a conversation? A-hole.

    Wait until he hires another non-football guy to be the GM… he will show everyone how stupid he is..

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