Ryan Grigson: Colts will do “whatever we could” to keep Bruce Arians


The Bears want to talk to Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians about their head coaching job and they might not be the only team interested in interviewing a guy who went 9-3 as the interim head coach of a playoff-bound club.

Indianapolis isn’t just going to thank Arians for a job well done and drive him to the airport, though. General Manager Ryan Grigson was on the NFL Network Friday and said that the Colts plan to put forth a strong effort to keep Arians on their staff beyond this season.

“We would try to do whatever we could to keep Bruce, but again, he’s his own man and will make his own decisions,” Grigson said, via Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times. “It’s kind of a great situation we have here. It’s pure speculation, but we’d love to have him back.”

The Colts can offer Arians more money, obviously, but the 60-year-old coach might not be in line for too many more head coaching opportunities before his career comes to an end. This is clearly his moment to make a bid for a top job and that might outweigh anything the Colts can offer should Arians’ interviews result in a head coaching offer.

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  1. Be bitter sweet to see him leave, but he has to be careful taking the Bears job, Cutler is a……..

  2. Atleast Arians is where someone wants him, which is more than I can say about the team I support (Steelers).
    The Steelers 1st mistake was to announce his retirement, becuase BA never wanted to retire, and look what he has done for Indy and the rookie QB.
    Its no wonder teams are falling over themselves to talk to this guy. He is great and hopfully he gets a HC position.

  3. Irsay should open his wallet and pay the man and also change his title to associate head coach. You never know how long Paganos health will hold up, and they need the continuity for Luck as well…

  4. The fact that he says the Colts will do “whatever we could” in the past tense seems to indicate they already know he’s out the door, but want the fans to think they made an aggressive attempt to retain him.
    I know I’m reading too much into his wording, but it struck me as a bit strange.

  5. Just want to throw this out there (and please no backlash Colts fans), but could you imagine a scenario in which Arians gets a HC gig, and goes on to take his next team to the playoffs. Meanwhile, Pagano gets a full season as HC and fails to make the playoffs. Say it happens 2 years in a row. Will this cause an uproar will Colts fans? Will they say Arians should’ve been moved to HC after this 2012 season considering his record with Chucky P away? Let’s be honest- Chuck isn’t going anywhere. He cant. That wouldn’t be giving the man a fair shake. But they have 2 hot commodities on their hands in Indy. Somethings got to give. Just hope for their sake that Arians isn’t the key to success on the team if he ends up leaving.

  6. During the season, with Luck getting hit so much while running Arians’ slow-developing plays, I looked forward to Arians getting a HC gig and leaving. He is a great leader and I think he will be a very good HC. But his playcalling sucked a lot of the time. There were times the Colts won in spite of the bad play calling.

    Then Pagano came back, Arians was able to focus on the offense, and the Colts beat the Texans 28-16. It was easily Arians’ best game.

    So now I’m torn. Which is the real Arians? With Pagano running the team overall I think Arians would flourish as an OC. More than he ever did in Pittsburgh. But Arians is on record saying he’d like to be an NFL HC, and his stock will never be higher than it is after this season.

    He is probably gone, and I wish him well. I hope we can keep him, but we probably can’t. Hopefully the Colts can bring in Norv Turner as OC if that happens. Just don’t promote Clyde Christensen to OC again, please. What a downgrade that would be.

  7. regarding Grigson quote the Colts will do “whatever we could”, is probably due to his poor grammar. He went to Purdue where academics are marginal at best. But, you have to like him for trying.

  8. A HC gig might be good for Arians, but only because he won’t be OC. He may be good at developing quarterbacks, but his playcalling is awful.

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