Takeo Spikes, Mike Goodson fined $7,875 each after ejections


The Chargers and Raiders saw their seasons come to a close last Sunday with one player from each team departing the scene well ahead of the final whistle.

Raiders running back Mike Goodson and Chargers linebacker Takeo Spikes were ejected from the game in the second quarter after they got into a post-play scuffle that involved a lot of pushing and shoving, but no punches. The NFL has fined each player $7,875 for the incident, specifically citing the way the players grabbed each other’s facemask as they tussled.

Both players had to be physically pulled apart from one another, with Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor jumping in to get Goodson out of the fray. Spikes seemed dismayed at being ejected without throwing a punch, so we imagine he won’t be thrilled about sending some cash to the league offices as a result of the Week 17 scrape.

20 responses to “Takeo Spikes, Mike Goodson fined $7,875 each after ejections

  1. They got ejected and fined for shoving each other?

    Does the NFL realize that players shove each other before, during and after every single play?

    When it happens DURING a play, it’s called blocking. But AFTER a play, it’s called fighting?

    What a joke.

  2. Why is everyone also forgetting that Takeo Spikes took off his helmet and threw it in the direction of the officials. It was underhanded, but clearly it was intentional and in there direction.

    Being a Raider fan I have the game recorded and watched the fight again yesterday. You can almost see the network trying to get the infamous black bar to show and cover Spikes mouth as he hurdled not so Sunday thoughts at the men wearing stripes.

  3. There is an English expression which covers this limited sort of pushing and shoving: “handbags at dawn”.

    Seriously, a lot of fuss over nothing. I’m a Raiders fan, but I do feel sorry that this was may well have been the last play of Takeo Spikes’s career.

    The best part of the whole ‘fight’ was Terelle Pryor’s throw-down of Goodson. If the QB thing doesn’t work out, he might have a future as a pass-rushing OLB…

  4. I love the fine amount $7,875 it is like the NFL is trying to pretend the number was well thought out and not just pulled out of their “air”
    Be interesting to see the official list or menu of fines.

  5. no doubt they will both appeal this fine…….i have seen worse in every and any game, where they do not even throw a flag, let alone eject the players….total bias against the raiders, plain and simple.

  6. Neither player should have been ejected. It was a horrible call by the officials.

    That said, the actions of Spikes afterward, was a sad display, and I’m surprised he didn’t get fined more than he did.

  7. Really? Crabtree and Gore are fined $10,500 each for throwing a football into the stands and ejections are only worth $7875? Something not quite right about that.

  8. helloanybodyhome says: Jan 4, 2013 6:12 PM

    Who knew Spikes was still in the league?

    Are you sure you are watching the same sport as the rest of us?

  9. I’m with helloanybodyhome, I didn’t know Spikes was still playing. Now I know why – who watches the San Diego anymore? Whitey Bulger could have been the Chargers Offensive Coordinator and stay hidden. They have turned into the West Coast Bills.

  10. Yeah I’m late on commenting and everything has been said but neither player should have got ejected they should have let them stay and it would have gotten interesting but Mike shouldn’t have gotten fined spikes should have gotten fined twice for throwing his helmet and for the guy who was bad mouthing the Raiders just shut up you obviously didn’t watch the game to know what was going on

  11. No punches thrown and all they did was push each other. Refs were way out of line to eject both players. The league is EVEN FURTHER OUT OF LINE to fine these guys. I guess it has to do to the fact they were ejected. Must carry a mandatory fine. The refs should be fined for rushing to judgement. Horrible decision. Appeal written all over it.

    RAIDER NATION!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. This whole thing was a mess, and its all on the refs. This regular season will be a black eye to NFL officials and officiating in general, during the lockout as well as after. Senseless interpretation of some rules, rules that dont make any sense, lack of good judgement, on and on. Lets just hope they get it right during the playoffs….

    Now this incident… Do the officials really have to eject players from a game when both of them wont let go of each other for a couple seconds?? No punch was thrown and they where basicaly grabing each other and officials had a hard time separating them. What I understand is they got ejected for not directly obeying the officials that got in their little fight. And its just awefully ridiculous….

    I understand Spikes reaction very well. The guy is a proud warrior and it was desapointing enough to maybe end his career in a meaningless game, now THAT. I would not have taken it very well either.

    Its really sad a grown men league is beeing officiated like a kids league so nobody should get hit too hard, nobody should ever fight, and holly no nobody can be a human beeing and show their emotions!

  13. I’m still waiting for the players to force that great union that represents them to actually do something for them like make a rule that fines officials for the horrific calls they make. I have been involved in/with unions my whole adult life and they do nothing but collect money anymore. Why don’t you go earn some for a change! Money isn’t the only thing to consider or when the players can actually put on pads to start practice and get a play book from a coach. This league is becoming a joke.

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