Todd Haley hasn’t said yes to Cardinals interview


On Thursday, there was a report that the Cardinals requested permission to interview Todd Haley for their head coaching position.

The Steelers can’t block Haley from taking the interview, but Haley can turn down the opportunity himself. According to Ed Werder of ESPN, Haley might wind up doing just that.

Per Werder, Haley has yet to agree to the interview because “he loves working for” the Steelers. It was a rocky first year for Haley in the role as he and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger never quite seemed to see eye to eye on the best way to run the offense.

Haley had a positive experience coordinating an offense run by Kurt Warner in Arizona before a somewhat less positive experience as the head coach of a Kansas City team quarterbacked by Matt Cassel. Given that, you can understand reticence about leaping into a muddled, to put it mildly, quarterback situation in Arizona even if things weren’t all that smooth in Pittsburgh.

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  1. Per Werder, Haley has yet to agree to the interview because “he loves working for” the Steelers.
    Right …. sure he does.

    His bags are already packed and by the door. He just doesn’t know which plane he’s getting on.

  2. Revisionist history again.

    Before he got hurt Ben was being mentioned as an MVP candidate, passing rating in the 100s and the Steelers were 6-3 and cruising.

  3. Before Ben got hurt he was having a MVP year. When Ben came back he obviously wasn’t a 100%. I wouldnt say they didn’t see eye to eye all the time. But correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t tom Brady scream in the face of his offensive coordinator a couple years ago. Point is Qb and off. Coordinator are going to disagree from time to time, but you guys love to stir up a bunch of false stuff just to create an amusing but false storyline!!!

  4. Steeler fans know we don’t change coaches quickly and Haley will be no exception. Not a great first year, but as Cowher said a fine line separates winning or losing. Be patient…would another OC so soon be a better way to go? Doesn’t get my vote.

  5. Haley did an above-average job in my opinion. Heath had been underutilized his whole career until this year. And most fans know the miscues of the receivers and Ben down the stretch were the killer, not the offensive playcalling.

  6. stay in pittsbugh todd! lets draft a big fast smart tight end to go along with Heath Miller and this offense will be unstoppable. Need to bring in smarter players on offense. time to dismantle the young and dumb crew. Bigger and smarter wrs at the wr position not these small stupid(brown) and lazy(wallace) and soft(sanders) are needed also on offense.

  7. Didn’t Haley and Warner have a slightly heated argument on the sidelines, in Arizona? Todd Haley has always been a fiery dude. Doesn’t mean Roethlisberger doesn’t like his offense. They just may have moments where they disagree on a certain play call in a certain situation….like Haley and Warner and the Tom Brady instance that was pointed out, above. I would bet he does love working in Pittsburgh, because Pittsburgh has proven to be a winning organization.

  8. Was there ever any knowledge that Ben and Bruce Arians ever has a dispute or confrontation with one another ? It’s known thet Ben and Bruce are close off the field. Ben was being discussed as MVP for several weeks in the first/second quarter of the season. Would the offense have done any better with Arians than Haley when Ben went out and when Ben came back this year ? How about the defense giving up 4th qtr leads ? Was this first season with Haley just the bugs being worked out ?

  9. The Cardinals don’t need to hire a guy who isn’t 100% behind their resurrection. If you don’t want us, we don’t want you.

    I realize that the Cardinals have positioned themselves to take the league’s hand-me-downs, but they need to stop that; it’s time to start being a bit more confident about what we can be.

    Horton will bleed for the team. Haley will just bleed them.

  10. Haley is a Pittsburgh guy, born and bred. He used to be a Steeler ball boy at training camp, and his dad worked for years for the Rooneys in the personnel department. His “love” for working there might have a lot to do with being back home, near the rest of his family. As well as having a qb who could potentially win a game or two.

  11. Haley actually did a good job of using the personnel he was given. Ben was doing a great job of executing the offense prior to his injury in the KC game. After he came back, he was obviously not 100% for the remainder of the year and the offense struggled.

    If Haley goes, good luck to him; however, I believe he’ll be back for another year.

    I’d love to see the Steelers draft Kiko Alonso in the 2nd round of the draft this year and follow up with fellow Duck, Kenjon Barner in the 3rd round. The quickest first step DE would be nice in the 1st round!


  12. He wil stay in Pittsburgh because that where he wants to be. Another year with the offense is what the Steelers need. Since when has the infamous inpatient NFL coaching carousel ever paid off? Coaches need more then one year to implement thier game. Players need more then one year to get used to a new system. I would think Steelers fans would grasp that one pretty easy. Guess I was wrong.

  13. You complainers are just a bunch of bandwagon fans that can jump off anytime. True fans understand that Pittsburgh doesn’t ditch a coach after one mediocre season. And I don’t know you can call it that because Haley pretty much did what was asked; Keep Ben baby off the ground and call more running plays. He did both. He can’t help that the performances of certain skill players were poor.

    Surely his plays didn’t call for a RB fumble, a WR drop or the QB throwing a pick!

  14. It will be a real challenge for Haley to try to get Roethlisberger to be any more than a bottom third in scoring quarterback. Haley couldn’t do it in his first year and Arians got fired because he couldn’t do it.

  15. The Rooneys won’t get rid of Haley..He’s a Pittsburgh Guy like Colbert..He’ll have to leave on his own. Honestly tho he did no better then Bruce. Total points were almost identical..Redzone % was below last years I believe. Steelers have No identity. Haley’s problem is he’s too predictable, especially with the run..and he dosent take advantage of mismatches in the passing game. I hate watchin other teams with less TALENT score so easy ALA the Patriots and Colts. Those teams are excellent at using their personnel the right way..its a “copy cat” league..Haley needs to start watchin film of theses teams.

  16. A lot of things went wrong for the Steelers this year, but the last thing we want is for Todd Haley to leave. And I would think the last thing he’d want is another failed head-coaching assignment on his résumé. No team will succeed without a quarterback, and Arizona doesn’t have one. I don’t see any potential Lucks or Griffins coming out this year. Haley would be a fool to take that job.

  17. Don’t go Haley! That dink and dunk offense that you perfected helped Pittsburgh achieve one of the best 8-8 seasons in recent history! Hah, this team is in shambles and it starts with the coaching staff. Cheers!

  18. In my opinion, you can’t compare and contrast last seasons’ offenses because last year was a strike shortened season. With that being said, I just don’t think Haley has fully recognized the urgency us fans have, as we have witnessed the shootouts with other teams, over the years…i.e New England and we know offense is rhythm. You don’t dink and dunk the whole game then switch to a more upbeat offense in the final minutes of play. Last year the fans hated the WR bubble screen Arians would employ so much and Haley came in doing the same thing. 😦

    Haley also preached about customizing the offense arounds the QB’s strengths …never the opposing team’s defensfensive weaknesses.

    All in all, I like Haley, while regretting the loss of Arians (Bruce we’re sorry for letting you go :).

  19. Hey I’ll take our dink and dunk if we can beat the mighty ravens with a 38 year old 3 rd stringer.shambles is not making the Super Bowl like the ravens ..smh

  20. I’m thrilled for Arians’s success with the Colts. But I’m definitely not sorry we let him go.

    I am sorry our offensive line was decimated as the season opened. I’m sorry Mike Wallace sat out the off season and didn’t bother learning the new offense. I’m sorry Roethlisberger was injured when we were on a four-game winning streak and that we didn’t address our need for a viable, young backup during the off season. I’m sorry the entire team got fumblitis, and that time is catching up to some of our defenders.

    But mostly I’m sorry Ben refuses to accept that he can’t make magic happen on every play. When most of your o-line is out, you must QUICKLY GET RID OF THE BALL. If he’d done that against Cincy, we’d be in the playoffs. He may verbally “accept” Haley’s offense, but mentally he still wants to play his way. Ben brings so much to this team. But as he ages, he’s got to rely more on following the game plan and less on some of his more reckless moves. Haley can help the team win and help get Ben into the Hall–if Ben is smart enough to get with the program.

  21. Listen, people, the reason the Steelers didn’t qualify for the playoffs this season had NOTHING to do with Haley.
    The offense was status quo: Finished among the league’s bottom feeders and ranked 22nd in scoring for a second consecutive season, even though it played against some of the worst defenses in the league this season.
    The defense, on the other hand, went from having the No. 1 scoring defense in the league in 2011 to No. 7 in scoring defense in 2012.
    With Roethlisberger running the offense, there simply is no margin for error for one of the most consistently stout defenses in NFL history.
    And I’m getting a little tired of the “Big Ben Was Injured” excuse.
    Trade him!!!
    With Roethlisberger, the Steelers have gone from winning Super Bowls (2008), to losing Super Bowls (2010), to losing playoff games (2011), to not even making the playoffs (2012).
    I see a trend.

  22. Hello, bobzilla. Did you catch my comment above? Does it sound as though I’m in love with the rockstar QB as you posted on another thread? I know you can read, but you need to work on your retention skills.

  23. Sorry bobzilla Deb is right she has been on Bens case reasonably this year and last. She sees the good and bad calling it IMO fairly without the bias you appear to have against Ben. If you think it was just Ben you are not being fair…and you can be…I have see you on these threads.

  24. Deb and Fool:
    This downturn in offensive productions didn’t just happen overnight. This offense, with this quarterback, has been horrific for FIVE seasons now.
    Instead of making personal attacks (which are rather amusing considering no one here knows anyone on a personal basis), how about offering some REAL INSIGHT.
    Please explain to me the reason the Steelers have gone from winning Super Bowls (2008), to losing Super Bowls (2010), to losing playoff games (2011), to not making it into the playoffs (2012).
    OK, genuises, the floor is yours.

  25. The Offense has Been below average ever since we lost the Bus..Marvel Smith..Alan Faneca..Jeff Hartings and Dermonti Dawson..POINT BLANK! None of those positions have been replaced with the same Talent with Maybe the exception at center! And its still too early to place Pouncy in the same sentence as Dawson. No consistent run game in over 4 years, and a Miss Match Mash unit for an Offensive Line. But that being said I REFUSE to blame this years losses on injuries (Except Ben’s) in he 1st loss to the Ravens. The Defense also had injuries but held they ground the 2nd half of the season..basically after the Titans game. Injuries didn’t Fumble he game away in Cleveland. Injuries didn’t throw 3key interceptions the last 3 games of the season.Injuries didn’t drop passes on critical drives or collect over 20 penalties on Special. Teams.

  26. @bobzilla …

    I did offer those insights in the post above, and have offered the same insights in a number of other posts. I’ve never denied Ben’s issues, and your persistence in referring to me as a Ben worshipper isn’t productive, either.

    Here are my insights …

    This QB achieved too much success too soon, which would have been fine if he hadn’t been over-indulged by coaches and owners. He didn’t listen to anyone and no one made him listen. The motorcycle thing, for instance, should have been a clause in his contract, not something Cowher asked him nicely. Come on–this is a multimillion-dollar business.

    BA tailored everything to suit Ben’s whims, creating an increasingly one-dimensional, predictable offense. Fortunately, Ben’s talent and our defense made magic often enough to keep us competitive. But that’s too hit and miss for consistent success. And as he ages, our offensive productivity will continue to decline if we depend on sandlot hijinks over sound gameplan. That’s why the Steelers severed the symbiotic relationship between Arians and Roethlisberger and hired Haley. Haley has installed a good offense if we can keep a healthy o-line and the players can hang onto the ball. But Haley and Tomlin must make Ben see the light and work the program.

    Things were coming along this season until Ben got injured. The team’s refusal to recognize that he’s not indestructible and to bring in a viable backup was their fault, not his. When he came back, we were losing so he abandoned the plan and returned to his old “Here I come to save the day” style of playing. He’s always going to revert to that when the team is in trouble. That’s where COACHING comes in.

    Ben is uber talented. But he’s also hard-headed and was never forced to be more disciplined when he was younger. Haley and Tomlin together can get him to change, but it won’t be easy. Personally, I think he’s worth the effort because without him … we’ll be Arizona with a better defense.

  27. For crying out loud! When a guy comes on and asks for my insights, I should be allowed to give them! What is the problem? Women aren’t allowed to give football insights? Do I have to send another complaint? Can’t you just grow up and post the damn comment?

  28. Not a genius and haven’t claimed that as some have. IMO , you are over reacting to a season that could very easily have been 10-6/11/5/9/7. The fact it wasn’t isn’t solely Bens fault and if you think that you are letting a lot of people off the hook. We would not be having this conversation if we were in the playoffs so the self flagellation is pretty self defeating. To win Super Bowls you have to be good, lucky and healthy which we have been in the past. We are in transition in more areas at once than we have been in a long time so our margin for error on both sides of the ball plus special teams is very small. To say Ben is the major cause is the easiest way out….I don’t buy it.

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