Clemson QB Tajh Boyd undecided on NFL draft

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With 10 days to go before players with NCAA eligibility remaining must declare their intentions for the NFL draft, Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd remains undecided.

Boyd’s father, Tim Boyd, told the Post and Courier that Tajh has been told NFL teams view him as a third-round prospect. Tim said Tajh is still making up his mind but leaning toward staying in school.

Tajh has previously said he has ambitions to win the Heisman Trophy as a senior, and that he’d only leave early if he expected to be a “top tier” pick.

Despite the success of Seahawks rookie quarterback Russell Wilson, at least some NFL teams remain unconvinced about short quarterbacks: There’s been talk that Boyd (who is listed at 6-foot-1) will be downgraded by NFL teams because of his height. But after Boyd went 36-for-50 for 346 yards, with two touchdowns and no interceptions, while leading Clemson to a bowl win over a very talented LSU team, the talk that Boyd has what it takes to succeed in the NFL is starting to overshadow the talk about his height.

Now the question is whether Boyd wants to show that he has what it takes to succeed in the NFL in 2013, or in 2014.

25 responses to “Clemson QB Tajh Boyd undecided on NFL draft

  1. If you’re a third rounder now you’re likely a 4th rounder or later. Other guys could jump ahead of Boyd out of nowhere.

    A top 10 projection should automatically go in. The worst Underclassman jump should be a Top 35 pick.

    I say all this because the higher you’re projected the less worse your drop is.

  2. In a previous era, I would completely agree with his (probable) decision to stay. But the bottom line is that so many of these NFL teams are desperate for a QB and desperate to find the next Russell Wilson, there’s no way on God’s green earth he’d last until the third round. Too many teams need help and all it takes is one to fall in love. Good luck to this kid but GO NOW!

  3. There is going to be a run on QB’s in the third round this year. None of them deserve to be in the first round. Boyd should stay in school. He needs a longer resume.

  4. I’d be shocked if he fell to the third round. He looks like one of the better prospects, and I think he’d be taken in the second round.

  5. In the year of no top QB’s, after the success of Wilson and even Cousins , perceived 2nd tier QB’s will be bumped up. QB’s are bumped up anyway.

    A 3rd round QB is an instant millionaire as no one cuts ‘projectish’ QB’s taken in that round. Get hurt or play lousy and people do cut 5th round QB’s and practice squad them.

    Don’t be greedy, take what they give you before the offer or situation makes it easy to take away…

  6. I don’t think he’ll be a starter in the NFL, but this class is so weak at QB that he might as well come out this year.

  7. Since Russell Wilson who stands at 5’10” had so much success this year you knew that this would open discussions about QB’s under 6 feet tall. Russell Wilson is not a successful QB because he is under 6 feet tall, he is successful because he has all of the intangibles to be successful QB. Russell is a very accurate passer (especially on the run). He is really smart and a great leader too, he also has a strong arm and high release.

  8. Boyd is second only to Geno Smith. It’s a mistake to stay in school. If he stays, Bridgewater moves ahead of him. Height – smite. The kid is ready.

    His problem is that coach Dabo Sweeny has him convinced they can win it all next year.

  9. Whoever would take Mike Glennon over this guy deserves the Blaine Gabbert clone they get.

    Boyd’s bowl game against LSU was one of the most impressive college QB performances I’ve ever seen, and he did it with his arm and pocket presence.

  10. Stay in school, focus on improving the weak points of your game. Get your draft stock as high as humanly possible, then sit back and wait. Next years draft 2014 should have a better QB class than 2013.

  11. He will still be 6’1″ or less next year. Do what you want, but don’t expect to overcome the height issue by waiting a year…….

  12. Vikes will win SB and trade up for #1 pick. SKOAL.

  13. Drew Brews was drafted in the 2nd rd and is 6’0″. Imagine what scouts thought of him because he was too short…..I wonder if those scouts still have a job?

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