Elway reflects on two years of success with the Broncos


On the two-year anniversary of PFT Live, it was fitting to welcome to the show Broncos executive V.P. of football operations John Elway.  After all, he took that job two years ago, too.

While some (including me) were skeptical, Elway has knocked it out of the park so far, hiring coach John Fox without being troubled by the fact that Fox’s final year in Carolina was a 2-14 debacle in 2010 and signing quarterback Peyton Manning without being troubled by a neck injury that created a 2-14 debacle for the Colts in 2011.

Elway talks about all sorts of things, including whether he’s been checking the weather for next Saturday in Denver, when the Broncos launch their playoff run.  It’s a playoff run that could become the first for the team to finish with a Super Bowl since Elway’s final game, 14 years ago.

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13 responses to “Elway reflects on two years of success with the Broncos

  1. Remember – this is Peyton Manning in the playoffs we are talking about here, not Elway. Peyton is probably the greatest regular season QB in the history of the game but he cannot even match his little brother in playoff clutchness.

  2. He has gotten pretty lucky also. His best accomplishment so far has been getting rid of Tebow with minimal backlash. If Manning had a smaller cap hit for the Colts or if he was healthy enough to play last year, Elway and the Broncos would have had a big problem. Elway was all in for Manning because he wanted Tebow gone. That was the only way to get it done. He got lucky that Manning has played this well. What would the opinion of Elway be if Manning had hurt his neck in the first game (or not been able to make necessary throws)?

  3. If you define Elway’s tenure by Peyton Manning, then you’re not looking at the whole body of work. Two draft classes which have produced Von Miller and Derek Wolfe among others, hiring Del Rio, and that’s just the surface. Yes Manning is the highlight, but Elway’s done a pretty good job.

  4. Elway has done a decent job but is very fortunate to have Manning….I can’t wait for the Pats to beat up on the broncos in the title game so we can end this hoopla in Denver….Go Pats!!!

  5. @vikingshavefoursuperbowlappearancesandarethebest:

    Yr handle says it all. 4 appearances, 0 wins. Gonna stay that way too.

    @480volt, FinFan

    I know, right? So lucky/fortunate that he convinced Manning to come to Denver instead of the other 10 places he could have gone. Didn’t even convince him that Denver was the best fit and heading in the right direction under Elway’s direction. Total luck. No skill at all involved in that.

  6. I’m hoping the Broncos lose in their first game. This would accomplish two things:

    Divert the road to the Super Bowl through Foxboro if the Pats win, and make give Tebow a better playoff record with the Broncos than Manning.

    Unlikely, but possible.

  7. I think FinFan68 pretty much nailed it, so why all the thumbs down? Getting Manning was indeed a brilliant, bold, and somewhat lucky move that paid off extremely well. Had this not happened, he would have been facing a messy situation this past season. Funny thing is, even if he didn’t get Manning and chaos ensued at the QB position, the AFC West is so bad right now, that his team may have still won the division by default.

    Being a Raiders fan, I can’t stand it that Manning went to the Broncos. At the same time, I think it’s a welcoming challenge for the division. The bar has been raised and the rest of the West needs to step it up several notches.

  8. Brady owns Peyton…I’m so sick of the smirk on Peyton’s face when he loses to Brady and shakes his hand after the game….such a whiney guy who thinks hes owed something..He is great but I’ve seen him throw some god awful int’s this year and others and what about the one vs the Saints in the Super Bowl to win the game….yikes!!!!..his int’s this year alone should give Brady the MVP or at least behind Adrian…subpar opponents counted for 11 straight wins…I’m just not sold on him..sorry

  9. I think Manning can make many a coach and a front office look like a genius.

    Would Phil Jackson have been great without Michael Jordan or Kobe/Shaq?

    At 38, Manning is still a short term though promising solution for Denver.

  10. I watched Elway’s entire NFL career and he was great, no doubt about it. He has done well in rebuilding the Broncos, so far, but the biggest obstacle to regaining the glory they once had will be getting past the best team of the last decade. Until they do that, they haven’t won anything. Go Patriots!

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