Horton remains a finalist in Cleveland


If the Browns don’t hire Chip Kelly to be their next coach, Cleveland could opt for a defensive mind instead of an offensive specialist.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton remains in the mix for Cleveland, one of three finalists for the job.  Horton specifically has been told by the Browns to be ready for another round of interviews.

Of course it won’t matter if a deal with Kelly is “95 percent” done.  Oh, wait.

Horton also has been interviewed extensively by the Cardinals, and by the Bills.

19 responses to “Horton remains a finalist in Cleveland

  1. Horton won’t go to Cleveland. He still covertly works for the Nation.

  2. Ray horton used to coach in pittsburgh while former part owner (now browns owner) jimmy haslem was also in pittsburgh. Wouldnt be surprised if he landed the job…

  3. Hire a defensive minded HC? Gee, considering that the defense in Cleveland is now led by a DC that is actually worth a damn and has been far more consistent and generally reliable than the woeful, can’t-get-it-right-for-years-now offense, that seems smart. (eyes rolling…)

  4. Wouldn’t be the right hire IMO. The Browns already have a pretty darn good defense. They need a coach who is more offensive minded

  5. I wish the Bengals were in the market for a Head Coach just to see the headline, “Horton Hears a Who Dey”.

  6. The offensive-minded coach in Cleveland the last 2 years turned out to be pretty…well, offensive! Hire a leader to lead, manage and motivate…then get the right coordinators to run the offense, defense and special teams!

  7. I am more than 95% certain that Horton needs to lose those absurd cornrows. Accept your age Mr. Horton!

  8. Yes, because a guy’s hair style dictates his knowledge and skill. It’s 2013, it’s more about what you know than how you look or what you wear. My boss has blue hair and about 30 piercings, but his knowledge is second to nobody in our field. I’d take him over a suit any day.

  9. Case in point about overusing stupid jokes. You’ve already long since run the 95% thing into the ground and it makes your entire site (and you specifically) sound petty and pathetic.

  10. The Browns would have a lot better chance of hiring Horton then they do Chip Kelly. Horton would be a better fit and would continue to help that young, improving defense. If the Browns want to make a hire that will get a lot of attention, hire Norv Turner as your OC to help Brandon.

  11. BTW, count me among the folks who thinks Ray Horton needs to get a new hairdo. I mean he looks one of the Isley Brothers. I mean will he give a speech at halftime or sing Twist and Shout? C’mon Ray, get with the program, besides Allan Iverson called and wants his hairstyle back.

  12. steelernationisthepinnacleofexistenceyouarenothing says:

    Horton won’t go to Cleveland. He still covertly works for the Nation.
    That’s like saying he covertly works for the Bagels because he used to play for them. Well, almost, Mike Brown wouldn’t pay.

    Half the league or more has worked for multiple organizations. That doesn’t mean their loyalties are with a former team. The only franchise you can make that claim about is the Patriots; however, just because all their people stink when they go elsewhere is not proof that they’re working for New England, it could just be that they stink.

  13. If the combination of Horton and Lombardi are Jimmy Haslam’s idea of improving the Browns then he has been huffing his own diesel fuel too long.

  14. I agree with Elliot there’s no way gms and owners don’t take him down a notch or two due to his hair. It’s a fact how you appear plays into how people judge you

  15. You know, I’m a long time Cardinals fan and I didn’t really pay much attention to Ray Horton’s hair style until I read some comments on here. Who flippin’ cares if he has corn rows? Good lord, this isn’t the 1980’s anymore where things like Tattoos and exotic hair styles were still taboo.

    The world today is about results, not image. The man gets results, and he is qualified to be a Head Coach. Enough said.

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