Kelly and Dunn using their leverage while they have it

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Give them credit for drawing up plays that keep the pressure on opponents.

Oregon coach Chip Kelly and his agent, David Dunn, are working the system to its fullest, in an effort to extract the best deal possible.

Word leaked out last night that Kelly was close to a deal with the Browns, which made sense because new owner Jimmy Haslam clearly wants to make a culture-changing splash, and isn’t afraid to spend a pile of money to do it.

The funny part of the immediate aftermath last night was hearing chatter that the Eagles really weren’t that interested in Kelly anyway. It was as predictable as it was lame.

Now, ESPN’s Adam Schefter’s reporting that the Eagles are flying to Arizona to meet with Kelly today, to take one last chance at getting the prettiest girl in school to go to the prom with them.

NFL Network’s Albert Breer says Kelly will have lunch with the Eagles, but has dinner scheduled with the Browns. The Bills have seemingly been reduced to a late-night Taco Bell run.

Either way, it seems close to ending, soon.

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer says Kelly will make a decision tonight.

It’s a fast-paced process, with money and control flying around the way his Oregon teams scored points.

At the end of the night, the only sure winners are Kelly and Dunn.

9 responses to “Kelly and Dunn using their leverage while they have it

  1. I don’t think it’s “chatter” that the Eagles aren’t very interested in Kelly. After all, this would be one of the first times under Lurie that what they were thinking was reported accurately before it happened. From the beginning, I had my doubts about the Eagles interest in Kelly, becuase I heard to much about the Eagles interst in Kelly.

    If nothing else, Lurie plays his cards close to the vest. I find it very unlikely that all of a sudden, the franchise is leaking info that important.

    My guess, Kelly goes to CLE, and the Eagles get one of either Arians/McCoy/Bradley. Personally, from the beginning I’ve waned Arians. But the more I learn about McCoy and Bradley (especially Bradly), the more intersted I am. The only reason I am leaning towards McCoy right now, is I don’t think Lurie wants a defensive minded coach

  2. Kelly’s offense will never make it in the NFL so whoever makes the hire will waste 2-3 years figuring that out.

    good luck to the hapless Cleveland Browns.

  3. show me one piece of actual evidence that the Eagles were targeting Kelly? All you people ever have is someone opinion. The same kind of opinion that told us Reid to Arizona was 95% done deal. I never thought Kelly was Lurie’s #1 target, doesn’t make any sense. He hired Reid out of nowhere from the coordinator ranks and i think thats where he’s headed again this time. He knows its important that his head coach has great assistants and I dont think Kelly, with no NFL experience is gonna bring in top flight coordinators.

  4. First of all, I think its pretty obvious that the Eagles are interested in Kelly…. i mean why not? It is pretty evident that he is a good coach and motivator of players. As far as his offense, everyone says it wont work in the NFL, have you ever thought that maybe he will try and adapt to his team and the players they have??? Chip Kelly is a great prospect and I think the Eagles should try for him, not necessarily give him full control or anything crazy like that though. Either way the Eagles will be fine, its the best coaching job available right now with Chicago a close second.

  5. I love when people make uneducated commemts like Kelly’s offense won’t work in the NFL.

    He is not going to run a carbon copy of the Ducks offense. He won’t be bringing that playbook…but he will pluck some plays and concepts from it. He will adapt his offense to the pro game and adapt his offense to the personnel he inherits, drafts and signs.

    People should listen to the things coming out of Chip’s mouth instead of assumimg.

  6. “At the end of the night, the only sure winners are Kelly and Dunn.”

    If by winners, you mean returning to Oregon, and without an NFL contract…

    Btw, looks like the Bills were never really interested.

    My guess is Marrone ends up being the best HC signing this offseason.

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