League says there’s no timetable for Payton reinstatement hearing

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Earlier today, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell won’t consider a reinstatement request from Saints coach Sean Payton until after the Super Bowl.

Not so fast, the NFL says.

According to league spokesman Greg Aiello, no timetable has been set for considering Payton’s request for reinstatement.

So, in theory, it can happen at any time, including after the Super Bowl.  Or before it.

The only thing we can say, with at least 95-percent certainty, is that it won’t happen during the Super Bowl.

11 responses to “League says there’s no timetable for Payton reinstatement hearing

  1. Did Aiello happen to mention what The Sam Hill is the holdup on this process?

    I’m going to predict, with 95% certainty, that there is no substantial reason for delaying the response to Payton’s request.

  2. Just a guess but Goodell is probably trying to hold Vilma’s lawsuit against the Saints. My guess is he has been trying to get Mr. Benson to talk Vilma out of the defamation lawsuit in exchange for reinstating Payton and getting back the 2nd round pick.

    I wouldn’t doubt a condition of Payton’s reinstatement being tied to a public statement of guilt.

  3. There is a reason that Roger Goodell allowed a sign into the stadium for the 2006 NFC Championship game that read “Bears Finishing What Katrina Started.” Roger Goodell hates the city and people of New Orleans and when in 2009 it became clear that neither the Bears nor Katrina had finished the city, he vowed to do it himself. The NFL needs a real mature commish not an angry juvenile drunk on power like Roger Goodell.

  4. Goodell has shown to be nothing but a power hungry, vindictive, illogical man throughout this entire process, no reason to stop now.

  5. I’m a bit conspicuous on why this wasn’t linked to the Saints thread and only rumor mill.

  6. League says although they were not capable to truly prove the Saints so called Bounty System they can still be petty, see this story and their unwillingness to leave this story in the past and just move on.

    The Saints season is over, let Sean Payton out of Bounty prision and allow the NFL and the Saints coaches and players to move on from this fabricated story.

  7. At what point does the NFL (Goodell) put this nightmare to rest. Could Goodell look any worse for the wear on this mess?

  8. What is the commissioner doing, but he knows he is not stupid the contracts for the coaches end at the last game. So can Sean Payton hire coaches
    no not till Mr Goodell says he can. He needs to let all of this go he made his bed and he will need to sleep in it. I hope that Vilma goes thru with his suit and never lets it go. What he did was stupid and way out and has set the Saint’s back some 5 years. And he is not letting go and Vilma should not let go as well. This guy has to come to the city where he has a Suoer Bowl and no one likes him.
    I would not want to eat in place where he is eating. What do you think the workers will due.
    Just think

  9. All of this is not just Roger Goodell doing, its the other owners as well as the NFL. So if Roger Goodell don’t stand up and do the right thing he going to be in more hell than he already in holding back on Sean Payton reinstatement is not going to help Roger Goodell problem with Vilma. The New Orleans Saints has a good front office that can manage until Sean Payton get there at the end of the Super Bowl things will be alright.

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