Long lunch: Kelly still meeting with Eagles

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Thanks to Joe Webb’s introduction to the forward pass, we’re counting on external means for drama tonight.

We may have found it in the person of for-now Oregon coach Chip Kelly.

The plan was for him to have a perfunctory lunch with the Eagles, then dinner with the Browns, who he was believed to be close to a deal with.

But Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported moments ago that the Browns had yet to get their chance at Kelly, since he was still meeting with the Eagles.

As we mentioned earlier, Kelly’s playing his moment of leverage to the hilt, and with every extra dessert he orders on the Eagles tab, the price tag for the Browns goes up a bit.

35 responses to “Long lunch: Kelly still meeting with Eagles

  1. I never bought the idea that the Browns were somehow his first choice and he would give them the right of first refusal before even talking to other teams. If anything, he’s playing the Browns to get a higher offer from the Eagles. I think Kelly’s agent used the Browns just like Andy Reid’s agent used the Cardinals.

  2. Oh please please please yet it just be a ploy to drive up the price for the Browns. Don’t do this Lurie, he’s gonna set the franchise back 10 years if you hire him.

  3. Hopefully the plan to bring that gimmick stuff to a bruiser division like the AFC North is still on. Would love to see it.

  4. Is it safe to assume that Kelly is pushing really hard to get complete control over player personnel?

  5. As a Browns fan, I’ve had my doubts about Kelly, and now I think he’s just trying to roll them for more money. This guy backed out on Tampa last year. Is this guy, the guy that I’d really want to coach my team? He seems a little sketchy.

  6. I don’t get the hate for Kelly. He seems like a real innovative coach, and innovative coaches generally succeed. For the last time, he is NOT going to try to bring a college gimmick offense to the NFL. Make it happen Eagles!

  7. This Eagles fan would prefer a coach who has proven time and time again that he can create a winning offensive scheme, and motivate players to be better as a team than they are as individuals. Bruce Arians.

  8. Eagles or Browns……. Hmmmm which one would I rather take. No brainer. EAGLES. Browns are the worst franchise in sports history. They could have had RGIII but instead have Brandon Wheaton what a joke

  9. Sorry Philly he’s yours and Saban belongs to the browns. I have a feeling Philly that you’re going to be wishing for the good old days of Reid strolling you sidelines soon enough

  10. Everyone is talking about Kelly like he is some schlub. Remember last off season when Bill Belichick sought out Kelly to learn about the spread and no huddle he was running? Anyone who Bill Belichick seeks out to learn from has to be doing something right… and it could be a coincidence, but this was the pats most effective season running the no huddle.

  11. he is better off being the coach of the Eagles, despite their failures the past two seasons I would be the coach of the Eagles than the Browns. When you compare their roster to his type of offense it greatly fits the skill players on the Eagles when you have a quarterback like Vick compared to Weeden, running back like Mccoy who is a quick back compared to Richardson and the Eagles receiving corps exceed the talents of the Browns.

    At the end of the day he has to choose a job because if he chooses to play games only to return to Oregon it can forever hamper his possible explorations towards being an NFL head coach in the future

  12. jiggy3198 says:

    Eagles or Browns……. Hmmmm which one would I rather take. No brainer. EAGLES. Browns are the worst franchise in sports history. They could have had RGIII but instead have Brandon Wheaton what a joke
    Way wrong. Look at the history of the Browns vs. other franchises. You’re ignoring the Clippers (no championships ever, three cities), Bengals (same, no playoff wins in 22 years), Lions (last championship over 50 years ago), Cavaliers (zero), Phillies (despite recent history), Cubs (c’mon), Jets (one title, 44 years ago), AZ Cardinals in three cities, and White Sox (one title in 85 years). And that’s off the top of my head.

    Remember, the old Browns were a monster through the mid-Sixties and an almost perennial contender until they were moved.

  13. as long as philly gets an awesome defensive coordinator i wouldn’t mind chip kelly callin the shots on offense. he’s been part of a winning atmosphere. hopefully it’d continue for him in philly if the eagles decide to hire him.

  14. I do not want Chip Kelly to be the Eagles coach!! He has a gimmick for an offense that just won’t cut it in the NFL. Please Joe, please, grab him up for the Browns. I want Bruce Arians or Mike McCoy!! Both have proven they can win!

  15. This hire makes no sense for Haslam. He’s been in the Steeler Organization, he knows what it takes to win, and this ain’t it. Why the heck would he do this? Kelly will be an epic failure wherever he goes in the NFL. I just don’t get it. Either Haslam is playing poker, or he’s not who I thought he was.

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