Nick Saban, Brian Kelly both downplay NFL interest


Both of the coaches who have led their team to Monday’s college football national championship game have been linked to NFL rumors. Both of them attempted today to downplay any interest in leaving college for the pros.

Alabama’s Nick Saban, who claimed while he was the Dolphins’ head coach that he wouldn’t leave for Alabama right up until he left for Alabama, is now saying that he doesn’t believe he has anything he needs to accomplish in the NFL.

I don’t have any unfinished business in the NFL,” Saban said. “It’s not something I’m concerned about. It’s not even anything I want to do.”

Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly said he has given no thought to coaching anywhere other than South Bend.

Leaving is not an option. I don’t even think about it,” Kelly said.

It’s hard to take coaches at their word at this time of year, and it’s particularly hard to take Saban at his word given his track record. But if Saban or Kelly have any interest in leaving, they’re not letting on.

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  1. moerawn says:
    Jan 5, 2013 12:35 PM
    Which means Saban signs with San Diego on Tuesday.

    I’m sure Nick Saban and Philip Rivers will get along like two peas in a pod.

  2. The safer bet is in college. They are still getting pro money while coaching those prestigious schools. If I was a coach and I had to pick between bama Notre dame or Philly, I’d be stayin in college

  3. Oh good, the coach who has failed in the NFL and the coach who runs a gimmick offense don’t want to be coaches in the NFL. For that the fans say THANK YOU

  4. Saban cant hack it in the NFL. His bogus “I have nothing to accomplish there” is total bs. Just admit you are not good enough to coach 1 of the 32 teams in this league.

  5. It really feels like the “interest” in Saban is Saban denying NFL interest. That’s it.

    I don’t think he’s as highly sought after as he’d like to think. That guy’s ego is a monster, and maybe he’s having a hard time accepting that he really isn’t that high on the list.

    Chip Kelly and Bill O’Brien all had more real interest from the NFL. It sounds like the Philly job was Bill’s to accept or turn down, and Chip Kelly has the same option with several teams.

    Is it possible all the NFL talk is on Nick’s side of the table, either trying to test the waters with the league, or to maybe increase his image and make his recruiting that much easier?

  6. Saban is afraid of failing in the NFL. Until he wins in the NFL he can never be regarded as a better coach than Pete Carroll who won in college and now is winning in the NFL.

    Unless he goes back to the NFL, Saban = Coward

  7. Doug Marrone, yet another NFL “genius” having his ass handed to him in college is about to go running back to the NFL.

  8. Both of these guys have proven that they are scum. If they say they aren’t leaving it seems like a pretty safe bet they’ll be gone if someone wants them. Why would anyone want Brian Kelly after maybe 3 good years of coaching someone else’s recruits (2 in cincy and one at nd)?

  9. It’s hard to recall any job Saban has taken that didn’t initially involve his downplaying interest, or even flat out angrily denouncing such talk — calling the inquiries insulting.

    Also, Saban tried the NFL ride — and didn’t like it. Saban strongly prefers the big fish/little pond caliber of challenge.

  10. Saban can’t coach. He just has good players.
    I just wanted to see if it felt as stupid to write those words as it does to read them when someone else writes them. It does,and more….

  11. Saban didn’t claim he wasn’t going to Alabama right up until he left for Tuscaloosa. Alabama approached his agent while the Dolphins season was still in progress, and Saban said he couldn’t discuss with them until the Dolphins season was over. At that point, no formal offer had been made. I got that from a member of the Alabama Board of Trustees.

    The press asked Saban about Alabama at every Dolphins press conference, and he refused to discuss it. Finally, he said he wasn’t going to Alabama. He should have told them to piss off. That was his big mistake. Once the Dolphins season ended, Alabama came back with an offer and he took it. His family was miserable in Miami, and the offer was a pay cut from what he was then making in the NFL. Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga said there were no hard feelings and he didn’t blame Saban for leaving given his family circumstances. That whole situation has been blown ridiculously out of proportion.

    As a Bama fan, I’d like him to stay. But if, after the title game, he wants to return to the NFL, he will do so with my blessing.

  12. Saban will succeed in the NFL around the same time the eagles win a super bowl. In other words, don’t hold your breath.

  13. Brian Kelly ain’t going anywhere and Saban isn’t either, except I think Saban will leave eventually for Texas, as they’ll give him the World after getting rid of Mack Brown. They gotta still A&M’S momentum of college recruiting and winning in Texas.

  14. Haven’t we already learned our lessons with Saban? He wasn’t very good at all in Miami and then he jumped back to college out of nowhere. I can’t believe there are still NFL teams foolish enough to even consider Nick Saban anymore.

  15. wheresmyjuice says:

    Nice job photographer. Why aren’t they both standing under their respective university logos?
    Because that’s an exceedingly bad PhotoShop job.
    The Prophet says:

    I can’t believe there are still NFL teams foolish enough to even consider Nick Saban anymore.
    It only takes one fool, and as in other sports, there’s almost always one fool with a job available.

  16. I hope Kelly knows that in the NFL, if you demand someone go up on a lift in high wind conditions, he has the right to say, “No”, rather than go up and wind up dead.

    I also hope Saban knows that if takes an NFL job and doesn’t like it, walking away may be much harder and much more expensive this time. You can bet there will be some provisions for that in his contract should he decide to go back to the level where he failed before.

  17. Saban is a great college coach but his ego wont allow him to succeed with NFL players. Ask Heath Evans.

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