Packers backs get them back on top

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The Packers don’t have running backs with the pedigree of Adrian Peterson.

But they’re using theirs with effectively, nonetheless.

The Packers took a 7-3 lead on a replay-reviewed touchdown run by DuJuan Harris.

Harris, cut earlier this year by the Jaguars, has 31 yards on eight carries, and he and signed-off-the-street Ryan Grant have combined for 51 receiving yards. The Vikings pass rush just stopped the next Packers drive, and it’s shaping up as a night when the running games could determine the game.

The Vikings keep avoiding disaster on Joe Webb throwaway attempts, as the backup quarterback  keeps offering up balls that will eventually be picked off.

7 responses to “Packers backs get them back on top

  1. yup, It’s almost sad to watch out there. Ive said it for so many years, he is not a QB he is a WR. Whether he likes it or not thats where he belongs..if they think he can’t get WR, then he is a kick returner at best. Vikings have never deveoloped a consistent QB ever! Name one… Trash talking aside, he needs to settle down, he can throw deep. Maybe the WRs are not used to a QB who an throw ahead of them lol

  2. Who is the 3rd string QB because GB is even having to defend agains the pass with Webb. I read several post from GB fans actually saying ponder being out wasn’t an advantage for GB? Really? Ponder may not be Rodgers, but at least GB had to defend against a passing threat.

  3. Looks like there needs to be a little more love for ponder, according to the AP MVP boys this should not have mattered because no one thought there would be a pass thrown anyway…

  4. @packfaninvikeland:

    I’m not sure I agree with you 100%. Give Webb an off-season or two with the first team to be the franchise QB. Have an established QB coach work with him how to refine his defense-reading skills.

    He already has the physical abilities, and his mechanics look good to me. Perhaps he just needs the right coaching environment to develop into a QB the Vikings can ride for a good 10 years or so towards success. I think it’s possible.

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