Report: Bears will interview Marc Trestman

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The Bears’ wide-ranging search for an offensive-minded head coach is taking them north of the border.  To Montreal.

Ian Rapaport of NFL Network reports that the Bears will interview Alouettes coach Marc Trestman.

Trestman spent 18 years in the NFL as an assistant coach.  He left the NFL after the 2004 season, and he has been working for the Alouettes since 2008.  Last year, Trestman was interviewed for the Colts’ head-coaching job.

Trestman helped train Tim Tebow before the 2010 draft, which would put the Bears in the speculation conversation regarding possible landing spots for Tebow in 2013.

Though it would be great to hear Bob Swerski muttering “Tebow” along with “Ditka” and “sausage,” that’s most likely not happening.

43 responses to “Report: Bears will interview Marc Trestman

  1. yup.. they had no plans at all for who to replace lovie with

    this is me shaking my head

  2. As a CFL fan it will be sad to see him go, but he deserves to be a head coach in the best league in the world!! Too bad the Bills didn’t take a look at him!!

  3. I could be wrong but I believe I read somewhere that Trestman worked with Cutler before he was drafted, one of those things players do pre draft to prepare. If that is the case, it likely means that Cutler is on board with this. He has his favorite QB coach, Bates already. If he gets a HC he’s really comfortable with also, there’s no more a QB could ask for coaching wise because that HC won’t hire an OC who’s not on the same page.

  4. More Bear names that almost every Bear fan has never heard of before the McCaskeys get their man at their price. No danger of a Gruden by accident

  5. I love that Emery is thinking outside the box and has a large list of candidates, but hopefully this guy is at the bottom of the list. If he is somehow hired and it starts Tebow to Chicago drama I may go crazy.

  6. This guy worked with a lot of quarterbacks. Doesn’t mean they are possible landing spots for Chicago. Quit trying to feed the rumor mill. It digests enough on it’s own.

  7. your obsession with tebow knows no bounds does it? as a bears fan my first reaction was who? not will tebow play for the bears. you really should seek professional help with your Timmy problem Mike.

  8. We already have Weems, Bowman, Costanza doing special teams coverage we don’t need Teblows

  9. As a Lions fan, I would hate to see Tebow go to the Bears and upgrade their QB position.

  10. Stirring the pot with the Tebow garbage makes you sound like a Chicago sports radio personality. Trestman has worked with many qb’s in preperation for their pro-day workouts. Both Jason Campbell and Jay Cutler trained with him. As long as Bill Cowher and John Gruden remain out of the mix, interview as many candidates as you can…

  11. Some of the QBs who have been trained by Trestman include: Brandon Weeden (1st round pick by the Cleveland Browns), Brock Osweiler (2nd round pick by the Denver Broncos), Tim Tebow (1st round pick by the Denver Broncos), Jimmy Clausen (2nd round pick by the Carolina Panthers), Jay Cutler (1st round pick by the Denver Broncos) and Jason Campbell (1st round pick by the Washington Redskins).

  12. Better than Gruden…Not better than Lovi…..I hope he gets another shot…10 wins and u get fired…..Bet the Eagles wish they had 10 wins???? Wouldn”t they have then been in the Playoffs.? I can’t believe Lovi was let go!!!!

  13. “Some of the QBs who have been trained by Trestman include: Brandon Weeden (1st round pick by the Cleveland Browns), Brock Osweiler (2nd round pick by the Denver Broncos), Tim Tebow (1st round pick by the Denver Broncos), Jimmy Clausen (2nd round pick by the Carolina Panthers), Jay Cutler (1st round pick by the Denver Broncos) and Jason Campbell (1st round pick by the Washington Redskins).”

    Excepting Cutler all those guys stink.

  14. Lovie Smith as HC and Trestman as OC in Buffalo. Bears def is still one of the best so I would like to see what Lovie could do. As for Trestman, since we are doing the moneyball thing he might be worth the gamble. Last time we got a coach from MTL we did pretty good, right Marv?

  15. Trestman, Tom Walsh, Greg Knapp. Yep, we’ve seen them all. Good luck with those 3.

  16. Bring Tebow in ? Yeah right. Can you imagine the meltdown immature Cutler would have if they brought Tebow there ? Lolz.

  17. I hate GB but the Bears are okay. Chicago like a smaller Twin Cities, not as sophisticated but the people are cool. Wisconsin people are so rude and think their better than us. I went to madison once and people were jerks (made fun of my sweatshirt) and drove way too fast. If not for Minneapolis then Chicago would be the best city in the region. SKOAL.

  18. Thinking that Trestman is a poor coach because he’s been coaching in Montreal and not in the US is just plain dumb. He’s made his team a consistent winner and champion multiple times and while being an offensive guy has a similar personality to Lovie. Comparing him to people like Greg Knapp who has had no HC experience is ridiculous. Lots of QBs visit with him in the offseason to perfect their craft, he would definitely benefit Cutler and would be an excellent choice.

  19. @hyzers says: Jan 5, 2013 3:32 PM

    As a Lions fan, I would hate to see Tebow go to the Bears and upgrade their QB position.
    Shhh: The Lions finished dead last “again” at 4-12.They have had 1 winning season in the last 12, have beaten the Bears only once in their last 10 meetings. If memory serves me correctly I don’t believe they have ever been to the SB.I can go on and on but whats the point.And your owners kept your idiot coach and GM. Good luck next year.LOL

  20. Having never heard of this guy before, I have no opinion of him…But Tebow-to-Chicago rumors scare me.

  21. I think Trestman has interviewed for a few NFL head jobs. I thought he interviewed w/ Buffalo when they hired Gailey. Probably would be a better choice as OC or QB Coach/Assistant HC IMO.

  22. He spent substantial time in the NFL as a Qb coach and OC. Everywhere he goes, the offense puts up yards and the Qbs have their best years (Kosar, Mitchell, Gannon, Plumber). Guys he trained for the draft haven’t played well in the NFL, but he got the most out of them and they got drafted high. If he was a college coach and not a CFL perennial championship coach, nobody would think he was a joke.

  23. since the Bears are determined not to entertain us with their play on the field I say bring Tebow. the chicago newspapers would be far more fun to read each Monday during the NFL season and at least he got the Broncos to the play-offs once in his short career.

  24. I for one am glad Emery is interviewing a lot of candidates I think it just confirms the guy is all about the details and he is very thorough . He definitely is getting a lot of different view points on how to fix the offense which is smart. I hope in the end it is McCoy. Anyone that can get a bunch of 300+ yard games out of Kyle Orton, create an offense Tebow can run and get to the team to the playoffs with and then have enough sense to get Manning up to speed, incorporate what he likes then step to the background and get out of his way has my vote.

  25. Despite what all the football geniuses are saying in the comments section here, I am happy to see Emery follow through on his “fast and furious” head coaching search. He really appears to be casting a wide net, and he is not afraid to think outside the box. I’ve heard that to truly succeed in today’s copycat NFL it takes creativity and innovation. Well, Mr. Emery appears to have an open-minded approach. Don’t go automatically dismissing every single candidate he finds just because the names aren’t “Cowher” or “Holmgren.”

  26. The master of the 2 yard pass and Jay Cutler together? Please! When this guy was OC for the Raiders, they ran an extremely complicated 2 yard pass play 90% of the time. Guys getting blown up and severely injured for a 2 yard gain on 3rd and 10. Da Bairce can do better than this schmuck.

  27. Do you mean 2002 when Rich Gannon was NFL MVP, threw for over 4000 yds and the Raiders led the NFL in offense? ……that must have been rough to take.

  28. Emery Just try not to go to far away
    from Pete Carmichael Jr. and Greg Roman. I know Mike McCoy is on the list but its time to start narrowing this list down so the new coach can get a good staff

  29. Nothing wrong with looking at this guy. Maybe he can bring some o lineman that can actually move their feet and block. That wider field up there , they have to be able to move…

  30. Nothing wrong with looking at this guy…Maybe he can bring some o lineman with him. As wide as that field up there is, they have to be able to move their feet and block.

  31. I like this idea. Maybe he ca bring some o lineman that can actually mover their feet and block some one. With the wider fields up there ,they have to have good foot work

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