Report: Heckert cancels interview with Jets


The disclosure of Rex Ryan’s wife-in-Sanchez-jersey-while-Tebowing tattoo could be having its intended effect, even if the effect wasn’t specifically intended.

According to Newsday, former Browns and Eagles G.M. Tom Heckert has canceled his interview for the vacant G.M. job in New York.

Bob Glauber of Newsday notes via Twitter that Heckert was concerned about the team’s cap situation, and not about having to work with Ryan.  There’s a chance Heckert, who could be a candidate to join the Chiefs, is merely taking the high road.

Regardless, the wide net that the Jets have cast with the assistance of NFL headhunter Jed Hughes (who if he’s being paid by the hour has no incentive to keep the field narrow) may need to get a little wider.

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  1. Left at the alter again? It will be curious to see who will want to join the circus with all the problems this franchise has. Cap, personal and the intense media to boot.

    Happy 2013 jets!

  2. I think we can all agree that Woody Johnson know nothing about the inner workings of a football team, other than writing a check of course.
    A GMs effectiveness is the amount of wins he produces with the personnel HE CHOOSES AND the man he chooses to coach they personnel.
    I would think that ANY highly sought after GM would not want to be stuck with a Head Coach not to his liking. Woody, requiring the New GM to keep Rex as a condition of his employment is ludicrous.

  3. Hmmmmm, no QBs on the roster, no WRs if they had a QB, a buffoon as a coach who can’t keep his mouth shut, an owner whose only concern is making sure he doesn’t pay a penny in taxes on all the money he inherited, and a fanbase that seems determined to take the title “worse fans in the NFL” from Philly – who WOULDN’T want that job?

  4. Might as well make Rex the GM, or find some fantasy league champion- maybe a wacky radio promotion would be in order, be GM of the Jets if your the 12th caller now!

    So long as ryan is at the helm, this franchise will continue to be a circus. Sorry Jets fans, your are the new version of the old Redskins for the foreseeable future.

  5. The good news is that I’m sure there is one pseudo-GM out there willing to play the role of GM without having GM powers AND work with Wrecks Ryan as well.

    The bad news is that the Jets recently fired him.

  6. Even though the new GM essentially gets a free year, since the clock doesn’t start until he hires his own coach (see the Bears), I am sure this guy doesn’t want to be part of the circus that is Rex Ryan.

  7. I’m sure the fact that BB and Tom Brady are in the division has no effect either?
    Sanchez and the 8 mil. and a beunch of over paid FA’s…….Other than that there’s Woody Johnson…

  8. The guy is being smart to stay away from obvious future problems that he will be blamed for. The entire New York scene from the Mayor down is nothing but a train wreck.

  9. Like most corporate hiring decisions in America, it’s mainly all about money, power, and control.

    I seriously doubt that a tattoo is affecting any of these GM candidates.

    Shoot, I love that tattoo myself. And I think Ryan may have the coolest wife of any NFL coach, ever.

  10. The Jets organization, front office and owner do NOT deserve any respect because of the way they have totally mismanaged the team and this is the result.

  11. I believe the OP. This is the Jets cap situation in brief. Currently they are at $140MM in obligations when the Cap is at $121MM. Although the do have some cuts they can make to quickly get under the cap. The real problem is they have 7 guys with undtradeable and uncutable contracts that take up 67% of their cap. (Holmes, Cromartie, Revis, Harris, Sanchez, Fergeson, and Mangold)

    That would leave the new GM just $41MM to sign the other 46 players to the 53 man roster. That means its likely you can’t resign any of your own FA’s like Keller and Landry, and more that half you roster is going to be made up of minimum wage rookies or vets. …and oh btw- Mark Sanchez is going to be your QB. Not a good way to start yor career as the Jets GM.

    This is why it is probably a GOOD thing to be happy to keep Rex on the job. Let him take the hit for the debacle that likely next year. Tjen the year after you’ll have 2 drafts in the top 10 and a better cap situation to recruit a top HC candidate

  12. As a whole we may have never seen a more self celebratory team that had accomplished absolutely nothing over the last 4 seasons. Guarantees of Super Bowls. Professions that EVERYONE wants to be a JET. Rex Ryan deceiving people into believing that he was the defensive coordinator for the Ravens when they won the Super Bowl. WHY would ANY general manager worth his salt want to get involved in this 3 ring circus? This organization gets everything it deserves because it asked for it.

  13. Wow, I knew their cap situation was bad, but this is beyond reason how grave it is. Maybe the next GM will understand its about TEAM building not Star grabbing. Even if all the guys they’ve guaranteed that money to where all-pros they would still have trouble fielding a good team with such little left over for the rest of the starters and needed depth. As a fan of a certain little team from the greater Boston area, I’m not crying for the Jets but I do think its more fun when they’re good because it adds to the rivalry.

  14. I wonder if Tim Tebow has a tattoo of his wife in a Mark Sanchez jersey tebowing or Mark Sanchez has a tattoo of his wife in a Rex Ryan Jersey tebowing and on the other side a Tim Tebow Jesey tebowing.

    Tell you what…After finding out about this…I wonder if the head coach is sleeping with Mark Sanchez wife in the locker room…Because it sure does take Rex Ryan a really long time to get to the field for a interview with the crews on the field…Unless he is filling his mouth with cream filled long johns or filling his mouth with cream filled hohos or dingdongs.

  15. gibbskins9 says:Jan 5, 2013 8:14 AM

    I would like to apply for the Jets GM position and I promise to work closely with Rex

    Were you a Skins fan before Gibbs and III?


  16. You guys are so lame! The Chiefs are so much better than the JETS…. Um, I’ve got a great bridge to sell you! The Jets Cap is ok this year but they’ll have ~40 million in free space in 2014

    Prow bowlers With Revis, Cromartie, Ferguson, Mangold, Landy, Moore. Wilkerson should have went and Coples made a couple of all rookie teams.

    CHIEFS = Top 5 pick next year to! Good luck with that GM job buddy!

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