Ron Rivera will remain Panthers’ head coach


In an offseason that started with seven NFL head coaches getting fired, Ron Rivera will not be the eighth.

After meeting today with Panthers owner Jerry Richardson, Rivera has been informed that he will remain the head coach for 2013, the team confirmed.

In his first year as the Panthers’ coach in 2011, Rivera showed a lot of promise as a young team coming off a bad season went a respectable 6-10, led by a spectacular rookie season from quarterback Cam Newton. However, doubt started to emerge about whether Rivera was safe when the Panthers got off to a disappointing start in 2012, and by the time the Panthers fell to 2-8, there was a great deal of talk around the NFL that Rivera could be out.

The Panthers’ late-season rally to a 7-9 finish may have been enough to give Rivera a third year. Suffice to say, 7-9 won’t be good enough in 2013, if Rivera wants more than one more year as the Panthers’ head coach.

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  1. Yay! We’ll stumble out of the gates again next year then win a bunch of games once we’re out of contention. Rivera has won 13 games but a whopping 10 of them have come when we were mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. Late season meaningless wins don’t impress me. Jerry Richardson was just too damn cheap to pay two coaches.

  2. As PFT’s lone Carolina fan, I say this was more than deserved. I can easily see them going 8-8 or 9-7 next year, and competing for a Wild Card.

  3. Chargers fans are gonna be mad now. Rivera was there only hope. No they are gonna be stuck with some other lame coach.

  4. That was the right decision for this situation. The Panthers will be alot better when they commit to running the ball first.
    OL, DL and WR should be the areas addressed with their first 3 picks in the 2013 NFL draft.
    Since the Panthers do not have a general manager, I will be glad to take over those duties. Just send me the contract Mr. Richardson.

  5. Funny how things go in cycles in the NFL.

    Apparently, this off-season, the trend is teams are keeping their coaches and minimizing their options of finding the best GM candidates as they force the new GM to keep the existing coach…………who will then be fired next year after taking the blame for another bad season (which everyone else on earth saw coming).

    This will continue until the draft when teams will jump on the bandwagon of drafting a quarterback and playing him immediately because of the success of Luck, Griffin & Wilson this year.

    The beat goes on…..

  6. I think Ron Rivera is going to start off a lot like Leslie Fraxier, get the defense squared away then start building a lethal offense. Leslies not there yet either but both have built solid foundations with very tough disciplined defenses. The only thing that might hurt Ron is that Cam Newton is completely overrated and he cant take control of a game on his own. Good quarterback but not great.

  7. Cam carried that team. Defense is awful and thats Rivera’s thing. No run game other than Cam and they have 3 good backs. Offensive line is average at best before the injuries. 49 year old Steve Smith and an ok TE were the only weapons Cam had. They need a new offensive coordinator and a Hershel Walker trade type draft class to put talent on both sides of the ball.

  8. I really don’t see how Rivera taking a team that was consistently pulverized…and I mean absolute beatings and losses by over 20 points when J. Fox was the coach to now losing something like 12 games over the past two seasons by less than six points is a worthy of firing.

    I mean, if I see a team that is consistently competing (save a few beatings by the Manning brothers) and is within 6 points in most losses, and has held the lead in the 4th quarter in 14 of 16 games this season that simply doesn’t scream fire the coach.

    To me, that says you’ve got a lot of very right pieces and the team just needs to mature together and learn to close out. Starting over was not the answer and I’m disappointed in Richardson for considering it.

  9. Waste of a year. Should just fire him now and delay the inevitable. Same mistake the Browns made when they brought back Mangini b/c he won his last 4 games. They need an offensive minded head coach to really bring out the best in Cam.

  10. What is the joke about the rest of the NFC south? You big dummies. The Panthers spanked the ‘aints twice and really beat the falcons twice too.(except for a last second flunk of a play). The bucs got lucky against them once and then we gave away the second game. I’m laughing at the rest of the NFC south. The Panthers finished the year with the #10 defense and the #18 offense. Yea NFC south, go ahead and underestimate the Panthers in 2013. You will all get spanked. The ‘aints with the all time worst defense in NFL history! Hahaha! that is so funny!

  11. @boondocksaint7

    Do you watch Pamther football? Defense was ranked 8th clearly made strides. Cj and hardy over ten sacks, kuechley the future of linebackers, and young corners who stepped up like josh thomas.

  12. Not sure why the NFC South is happy, we went 4-2 in the division and one of those losses was due to a BS pass interference call with less than a minute left. So yea we really got killed in division games (rolls eyes).

  13. Bad move panthers….let him go and lure Gruden if you can….that team is loaded and should’ve been in the playoffs…Rivera coached San Diego and won nothing of importance…never made the Super Bowl with all that talent…

  14. I watched most of them and I love there defense because I had cam on my fantasy team and he always had to score 30 pts because of the awful secondary. D line is improving. They need linebackers and a new secondary.

  15. I hope the deal comes with one condition…No playoffs…No Job!

    This might be the best thing for the new GM. Allows him to learn the team inside and out…then he can hire a coach that fit the teams key players.

  16. I think despite the Panthers record, they made some improvements. and he deserves AT LEAST 1 more season. I agree with Lou Holtz, that people expect too much too soon. He stepped into the job and had a 2-14 team. 3 years is a good number, then evaluate if progress is being made. Good move JR…

  17. I really like Cam Newton he was on my fantasy team and I would take him again. He needs another big play receiver and the defense needs some elite players in the secondary because they give up to many points.

  18. If they can get someone else to coach the first 8 games of the season, the Panthers should be in good shape.

  19. Wow. I cant believe that the Panthers did the right thing. I am disappointed because as a Chicago Bears fan, I wanted Rivera to interview for the Bears head coaching job. The Panthers will be in the playoffs regularly starting next year.

  20. boondocksaint7…..The defense was “Terrible”?????? The defense finished # 10 in the NFL. SInce week 5, when Luke Kuechly was placed in at MLB, the Panthers are 5th in total defense since then!!!!!

    The defense still lacks a couple of pieces, but are solid at DE and LB spots.

    The main problem this year has been the play calling of Chudzinski….if he can get his head out of his a** and start utilizing that three headed running back of Williams-Stewart- Tolbert a little better, we are gonna be scary!!!!!!!

  21. “bucsfan5000 says: Jan 5, 2013 1:08 PM

    Thank you Mr Richardson!

    The rest of the NFC South”

    This schtick is played out and best left to the ESPN message boards. Please advise.

  22. mwm367 – Your team did NOT ‘really’ beat the Falcons twice. You won one game 30-20 and lost the other 30 is greater than 28. You won one game in 4 years when playoffs were on our mind. Congratulations; you have something to build on.

  23. This decision makes sense to me. A GM is yet to be hired, and whoever he is is going to have major problems dealing with salary-cap issues. There will be some fan-favorites that will be shown the door soon. I would say it is playoffs or bust for the coaching staff in 2013. “Pressure makes diamonds.”-George Patton

  24. You undercover Panthers lovers that are pissed that Jerry did the right thing and kept Rivera need to understand that we’re building a team that can fight for a championship year in and year out like New England & Pittsburgh.

    Good Move JR!!

  25. Glmor, like I said , d-line is decent. Panthers had a weak schedule down the stretch which inflated the Defense #. But against the top teams you secondary is weak at best. If you like your linebackers, good for you but if the panthers want to be elite they need to upgrade the back end of their defense. I hope they do. Cam is awesome and you have an excellent fan base. I hope they win the NFC next year.

  26. I’m a Steelers fan and Pittsburgh had the #1 ranked defense and the problem with the rankings is they don’t take pass interference into account with the yardage total. Bad secondaries give up long penalties. Pittsburgh was #1 against the pass but injuries and PI killed there secondary all year.

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