Andrew Luck goes out, RG3 goes down and Russell Wilson arrives

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We’d never seen this before, a playoff Sunday with three rookie quarterbacks starting, and if you were hoping for one of them to put up spectacular passing numbers, you turned off your TV feeling disappointed. But one of those three rookie quarterbacks, Seattle’s Russell Wilson, was anything but a disappointment.

It really is amazing, thinking back over the last year, to consider that Wilson now stands head and shoulders above the rest of this year’s fantastic class of rookie quarterbacks. Andrew Luck, the can’t-miss prospect drafted first overall by the Colts, had a phenomenal rookie season that came to an end with a tough loss to the Ravens. Robert Griffin III, the Heisman Trophy winner drafted second overall by the Redskins, hobbled around on a bad knee against the Seahawks until it buckled underneath him and he limped off the field, ending his own phenomenal rookie season.

But there’s Wilson, the allegedly too-short quarterback drafted 75th overall by the Seahawks, still alive heading into the divisional round, where he’ll lead the Seahawks against the Falcons next weekend. And Wilson was better than either of his fellow rookies on Sunday, completing 15 of 26 passes for 187 yards with a touchdown and no interceptions, and adding 67 rushing yards on eight carries.

Wilson was good all season, but he really arrived on Sunday. It’s not just that he’s got the arm and the feet to threaten any NFL defense, it’s the way he commands an offense and leads a football team. It’s the way he runs out in front to throw blocks to spring Marshawn Lynch for big gains. It’s the way he knows when to tuck the ball under his arm and take off running, and when to stay in the pocket and scan the field for an open receiver. It’s also the way he knows — and this is important — when to take a sack and when to throw the ball away when there are no plays to make, as he wisely did a few times on Sunday.

I don’t know how Wilson will compare to Luck and Griffin when we’ve had several years to compare their careers, but I do know this: Russell Wilson has arrived as a legitimate NFL star. Not bad for a rookie who was supposed to be too short.

Wilson was my favorite player on the field Sunday. Here are some other observations:

Line judge Mark Perlman made the call of the playoffs. Seahawks receiver Sidney Rice made a sensational 27-yard catch along the sideline in the second quarter, but the first official on the play ruled that Rice didn’t get his feet down inbounds. Perlman was the official who correctly came in and overruled his colleague, calling it a catch. The NFL uses all-star officiating crews during the playoffs, meaning these officials haven’t been working together all season, and sometimes postseason officiating is criticized because the officials don’t work well together as a unit. But Perlman did his job perfectly on that play.

We narrowly missed one of the all-time great playoff moments. When Colts quarterback Andrew Luck had a pass deflected at the line of scrimmage in the second quarter, it bounced right into the arms of Ray Lewis, playing in Baltimore for the last time. It would have been an easy interception, and given how much daylight he had in front of him, Lewis might have taken it back for a touchdown. That would have been an amazing way for Lewis to go out in style in Baltimore, but unfortunately he dropped the pass. “I’ll never live that down,” Lewis said after the game. Actually, everyone in Baltimore will gladly overlook it. But it would have been some great moment.

The Colts need to revamp their offensive line. It was amazing how often Luck would take the snap, drop back and have three Ravens in his face before he could set his feet in the pocket. The offensive line has been a major problem for the Colts all season, and it’s a testament to Luck’s toughness that he managed to stay healthy the entire year. Luck is going to be a great quarterback for a long time, but the Colts can’t let him get killed back there.

Colts receiver T.Y. Hilton had my favorite play of the day. With the Colts facing third-and-26 with 12 seconds left in the first half, Luck found Hilton open about 20 yards downfield. Luck’s throw was too high, but Hilton leapt up and caught it, then raced past three Ravens defenders (picking up a nice block from tight end Coby Fleener) to get the first down and then get out of bounds with three seconds left, setting up Adam Vinatieri’s 52-yard field goal as time expired in the first half.

Who says fullbacks are dead? The fullback position isn’t used as often in NFL offenses as it once was, but all four teams that won this weekend got key plays from fullbacks. Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson and Ravens fullback Vontae Leach both scored touchdowns on Sunday. Packers fullback John Kuhn scored two touchdowns on Saturday. And Texans fullback James Casey had a 20-yard catch and also did an outstanding job as a lead blocker for Arian Foster in the weekend’s first playoff game.

Reggie Wayne is building his Hall of Fame resume. It should come as a surprise to no one that the NFL record for all-time postseason catches is owned by Jerry Rice. But I bet a lot of people will be surprised to learn that Colts receiver Reggie Wayne is No. 2. Rice had 151 catches in his 29 career playoff games, a record that may never be broken. But on Sunday Wayne played his 18th career postseason game, and his nine catches against the Ravens moved him ahead of Michael Irvin and Hines Ward, into second place on the all-time playoff receiving list, with 92.

The story of the day is the injury suffered by Robert Griffin III. A day that started with a report that the Redskins had disregarded medical advice to rush Griffin onto the field ended with Griffin exiting with a knee injury. Redskins coach Mike Shanahan has to be regretting his decision to let Griffin play on a bad knee. Here’s hoping bad knees don’t slow Griffin’s progress. We should be seeing him square off with Wilson in the NFC playoffs for years to come.

92 responses to “Andrew Luck goes out, RG3 goes down and Russell Wilson arrives

  1. I think RG3 is a great kid and player but that defense is terrible. MeAngelo Hall should be forced to clean that field up after the stank he left on it.

  2. Stop blaming Mike Shanahan. He did what 99% of coaches would do. He’s the coach of the year for overcoming everything the National Fixed League threw at him with the cap penalties, ill-advised suspensions etc. and winning the NFC Washington. The blame here goes to the National Fixed League for allowing all the dirty hits towards Robert Grffin from cheaters like Richard Sherman. It’s not fair to this great franchise of RGIII!!!

  3. Paul Kruger 2.5 sacks and a forced fumble. If his name was JJ Watt he would definitely get a mention.

  4. Wilson arrived a long time ago for those watching outside of the Eastern time zone. Beating Pats, Bears, Vikings Packers and Niners with the same calmness and efficient execution as he did today.
    The Bears game especially, late 4th quarter drive to take the lease then the next drive to win in OT.

  5. Rookie of the Year.

    And Shanahan put that kid at risk because he’s all about himself and saving his job. No other reason to put him at risk of getting hit as much as he did in that high school offense. Needless to say that he will have to actually run a pro style offense with Griffin never being the same after this injury.

  6. Russell should be named Rookie of the year. To show the poise to lead his team down 2 touchdowns on the road and bring them back. He has proved his metal. Go Hawks!!!

  7. Shanahan is garbage. 21-27 and zero playoff wins. I don’t care about his super rings either. Trent Dilfer QB’ed his team to a SB and he’s a fraud. So is Shanahan…..

  8. And Wilson has proven once again he is your offensive rookie of the year. Still doubt him? Watch what his Seahawks do to Atlanta in Atlanta next week.

  9. Shanahan is an idiot for leaving RG3 in. An absolute IDIOT! Everyone could see that he was hurt and was not himself. Hey Shanny… you’re supposed to be the head coach and make the decisions, not rely on the opinion of the young man who has a lot of heart, but whose judgment was clearly clouded by desire.

  10. With 49 Million in cap space I think the Colts will be alright. They have all the skill positions filled. Now how much quarterback protection can 49 million buy?

  11. I don’t know if Brady, Manning or any of the greats would have let themselves be pulled in this situation. Great players play though injuries and pain if it is at all possible to do so.

  12. jakec4 says: Jan 6, 2013 8:11 PM

    Paul Kruger 2.5 sacks and a forced fumble. If his name was JJ Watt he would definitely get a mention.

    I’ve always liked Kruger. Amazing how so few people know about him.

  13. illogicalvoice—

    “The blame here goes to the National Fixed League for allowing all the dirty hits towards Robert Grffin from cheaters like Richard Sherman.”

    You, sir, are a pathetic, sad case of a person. It’s clear you have never once in your porn addicted life ever taken anything as being your own fault. Stop one hand typing for a minute and realize how utterly moronic you make the Redskin fan base sound and look.

  14. And I’m saying Wilson is rookie of the year, not Bob and not Luck (although his receivers are good for about 10 ticks of his completion percentage and about 2/3 of his INT this year).

  15. Jay Cutler was trashed last year for not finishing a game hurt and RG3 gets a pass? Double standard for the golden child of football.

  16. Love all u Morons saying saying Wilson is ROY. It’s laughable. Typical Wilson game… Under 200 yds passing and and 1 TD. The diff in the game was Griff didn’t play well and was healthy. All credit goes to Seattle’s D. Luck is ROY and Wilson is nothing more than a nice player. Seattle’s last win if the year.

  17. Russell Wilson is a hell of a talent, but the main reason he’s moving on and Luck/RG3 are not is because the Redskins have an amazingly rock solid all-around team, if Wilson isn’t getting it done they can pound the ball, if the offense stalls they still have the defense that can win it for them….I’m a WI guy who loves Wilson, but we give these QB’s too much credit.

  18. I’m a Niner fan who thought Wilson had talent since college, trust me I was not happy when he went to Seattle. However, when people put the Hawks turn around all on Wilson I don’t think they realize that the Hawks have a lot of talent all around. They weren’t that far off the last few years. Wilson’s a class act and when he’s not playing SF, I wish him success.

  19. I love how its always “Wilson beats all these teams” when in reality it’s the defense and the 12th man (exception today on 12th man). Wilson threw under 200 yds and 1 Td. Against a TERRIBLE defense! Even Flacco out up better numbers against that skins D in a loss weeks ago. Stop giving the kid credit when his effort falls behind the D and Lynch as reasons for their win today.

  20. At this point, I really would like to see Seattle go to the Super Bowl. Why? Because I think they have more of a chance to make it competitive.

    Green Bay’s defense is bad and will not be capable of stopping the Pats or the Broncos.

    49ers D is banged up and with out Justin Smith at 100% theyre a shell of what they use to be. And their O is average.

    Atlanta. Not a great D and offense is inconsistent. Matt Ryan not great under pressure of big game.

    Seattle I see as the best option to make the Super Bowl competitive. Especially if the Broncos or the Pats get there which is most likely.

  21. Shanahan’s got to be more careful with RGIII. Look at what happened to Daunte Culpepper. Guy was an MVP candidate and then he blew out his knee.

  22. Seahawks > Redskins and Colts = Wilson > Luck & RG3….sorry people, this is the ultimate team sport. It’s not like Wilson is carrying the team (like a Rodgers, Brady, PM)…he has the best supporting cast by far. We have to give all of these QBs their due, but it’s apples to oranges at this point. Wilson can win games throwing for below 200 yards…Luck has no chance to do that with his supporting running game and defense. All 3 of these guys are great leaders that can lead their teams – it should be fun over the next 10 or so years watching.

  23. No reason to dispute logicalvoice’s point the League is out to get the Skins. He can look forward to the same thing year after year, so he better get used to Skins never winning.

  24. Rice didnt make a clean catch. He double clutched the ball, and if they would have challenged the play, it would have been incomplete. Check out the play again.

  25. The Seahawks would be likeable if it wasnt for their cheating coach …..R Sherman and their moronic fans…

  26. As a Colts fan whose teams constantly underacheived in the Post season, it usually takes me about a week to get over the sting of a playoff loss.

    However with almost 40 Million in cap space on top of another solid draft, Colts arrow is pointing up. Go Colts.

  27. What’s that little ‘Crying Shed’ the Skins got set up for Bob 3 Stix all about?
    12th Man HAIL!
    Go Hawks!

  28. I agree bucslose. Even though the NFC is “deeper,” the 2 clear best teams in the league by far is New England and Denver, but damned if Seattle isn’t far behind. That D vs Brady or Manning would make for a nice game. Beastmode Lynch is the second best back in the league.

  29. Luck has a horrible D and horrible O-line and mediocre recievers, and still broke rookie passing records, Luck is the ROTY, wilson is talented but has a great D n oline that helps him

  30. RGknee or Luck can have ROY. Wilson wants the bigger better trophy. Atlanta won’t e able to run against Seattle and in result won’t be able to pass and no way falcons D stops seattles offense. Especially on turf. Good luck ATL. I already had a dream the hawks were playing in GB in the NFC champ and I believe that will be a reality. Oh gonna love that rematch. Go hawks!

  31. flavordave says:
    Jan 6, 2013 8:10 PM
    I think RG3 is a great kid and player but that defense is terrible. MeAngelo Hall should be forced to clean that field up after the stank he left on it.

    I’m NOT a Hall fan but he was NOT the problem out there…. in fact he stepped up big time the past two weeks. It’s a testament to the character (Hall aside) of this Defense and Haslett that they were able to do what they did down the stretch. Now…. they overacheived and next year should be looking much better getting ‘Rak, Carriker, Merriweather back plus some anticipated secondary signings/drafing. The Skins really are on the up and up.

  32. rockthered1286 says: Jan 6, 2013 8:34 PM

    I love how its always “Wilson beats all these teams” when in reality it’s the defense and the 12th man (exception today on 12th man). Wilson threw under 200 yds and 1 Td. Against a TERRIBLE defense! Even Flacco out up better numbers against that skins D in a loss weeks ago. Stop giving the kid credit when his effort falls behind the D and Lynch as reasons for their win today.

    I saw people like you saying “So much for the 12th man and pumped in crowd noise” when you thought the game was over earlier. Now you’re talking this nonsense. How about you just give Wilson credit and stop being a buffoon. The kid’s poise offensively had just as much to do with it as their defensive adjustments.

  33. Just because Russel Wilson can dump his passes off to his Fb all game against the 28th ranked defense doesn’t mean squat. Now Rg3 putting up 2 tds in the first quarter against an ACTUALLY GOOD defense is something… unfortunately he got hurt after that drive Have fun hoping for a Matt Ryan injury seahawk fans xD.

  34. “I love how its always “Wilson beats all these teams” when in reality it’s the defense and the 12th man (exception today on 12th man). ”

    You’re right, the fans have more of an impact than the starting QB . . .

  35. Props to Russell Wilson. He and his boys earned today’s win. Now, he will start getting all the press and “rookie QB hype” he was lacking while spending the season in RG III and Andrew Luck’s media shadow. He deserves this.

    An RG III Fan

  36. You have Matt Ryan wrong. Ryan had to step in games with Mike Mularky calling plays…that is the reason the Falcons were so predictable. He’s gone, new staff, 13-3 and they’ve already beat Denver. If anyone is thinking the Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl that’s just wishful thinking. Seattle’s chances against Atlanta are zero and none.

  37. Wilson isn’t facing the Redskin defense. He’ll get a dose of John Abraham, Sean Weatherspoon, Jonathan Babineaux, and Persia Jerry up front. The hawks offense gets to try and stop Ryan, Roddy White, Julio Jones, Tony Gonzalez etc all…good luck with that cause luck will be more than what the Seahawks are putting on that field against the Falcons.

    Welcome to Georgia.

  38. Russell Wilson, an NFL Star after one year. Thats Laughable…..Not Hardly, Good player but no nfl star. They said the same thing about Josh Freeman and we see where that went. This writer will be eaten his words by next year.

  39. Nah, we got Matthew Melt right.

    The Panthers destroyed them, and Seattle is even more physical than they are — and obviously much better on the back end than Carolina.

    You cannot be serious in bringing up that Denver game from what, Week 2? Week 3? As if Denver is the same team that you still ONLY NARROWLY beat despite otherworldly miscues by Manning and McGahee.

  40. To say Wilson arrived tonight is laughable. He didn’t even play his best game today. The Redskins did a great job of pressuring him when he got out of the pocket, but he’s going to have to adjust to that. I hope we see his best performance next week against the Falcons.

  41. So the falcons actually plan on scoring in the playoffs this year? let me guess… Matt Ryan is playoff tested and proven this time around?

    I will give the falcons some credit though… They MIGHT get a garbage time td after the Seahawks have clinched an NFC championship birth. But I doubt it!

  42. Ray Lewis proved why players shouldn’t wear those bird cage face masks. It was so thick with bars that he couldn’t see the ball right in front of him. THAT’S why he dropped the easy interception. But, I guess it still made him look like a bad tough guy, which was his main goal.

  43. While all 3 QBs did play good … it is a team sport. If Luck and RG3 had Seattle’s defence … they would be moving on to the next round too.
    It’s sad but RG3 will not last long in this league if he continues to run. This is not college … yes there are some bad teams in NFL and you can run the option but when you get to the playoffs expect these results with a good defence.

  44. logicalvoicesays says:
    Jan 6, 2013 8:10 PM
    Stop blaming Mike Shanahan. He did what 99% of coaches would do. He’s the coach of the year for overcoming everything the National Fixed League threw at him with the cap penalties, ill-advised suspensions etc. and winning the NFC Washington. The blame here goes to the National Fixed League for allowing all the dirty hits towards Robert Grffin from cheaters like Richard Sherman. It’s not fair to this great franchise of RGIII!!!

    Oh I was curious how you would spin this. Gotta give u credit for being consistently illogical.

  45. I’d vote Wilson ROY right now based on his play…. Not what the teams done…. Next could proof to be even harder for RG3 since there will be 17 weeks of film an this PO game (see C.Newton)

  46. Russell Wilson playoff record 1-0. RG3 & Luck 0-1.Rookie of The Year, no doubt. Good start for the 75th draft pick. Wilson missed a few deep balls he was hitting all year. The kid always improves and I have no doubts he’ll be better his second playoff game. Go Hawks!

  47. Why does everyone think Luck is great? Because he was drafted first? Reminds me of Eli. Inaccurate and not careful with the ball. He could have had four or five INTs today if the Ravens could catch, and fumbled twice. He was also consistently throwing behind receivers.

  48. I’ll bet Matty Ice has already started to melt…
    I see him gifting the Hawks D 2 pick 6’s, and a least 2 fumbles in this game…
    Go Hawks!

  49. Wilson had that same poise in the pre season, and his head coach had the nuts to see that that was the way the team should go. It is amazing how rare that is in a coach.

    On RGIII, I would not be shaking my head so much if the back up wasn’t credible, but he was.
    It was a shame to watch RGIII hobble around out there unable to plant his foot.

    The best team won every match this weekend, it was very good football.

  50. That’s funny Wilson arrives, I like the kid but he really didn’t show me very much they should have lost another road game just like they will next week. RG3 doesn’t get hurt early or if he would have been held out after getting hurt again Skins win this game easy. Their d killed for as long as you can hope when your offense can’t do anything.

  51. Not discrediting Wilson as he’s played his part effectively but let’s look at the state at each of these 3 teams at the end of last season.

    Of the 3 Seattle was far and away the most complete team heading into the offseason. The Colts and Redskins weren’t even close.

    Nobody except logicalidiot predicted that the Skins would make it into the playoffs this year proving that even a broken clock is right twice a day. Nobody had the Colts winning more than a handful of games this season.

    A solid argument can be made that both Luck and RG3 had a bigger impact on their team than did Wilson. Imagine for a moment RG3 or Luck on Seattle. Are you going to tell me that they wouldn’t have been successful.

    All of you Seahawk fans who are crowing about Wilson’s superior play over RG3 while minimizing rG3’s injuries as a non factor are as goofy as logicalvoiceofreason….not a good place to be hanging out for sure.

    I’m not a fan of either team and either way I was going to come out a winner. Skins lose I don’t have to read the RG3 stalker’s idiotic posts. Hawks lose, I don’t have to read their fan’s annoying noob comments.

    The dirty birds certainly are not the Skins. They’ve been THE most disrespected team this year. They somehow secured some field advantage (with relative ease i might add) and they’re still ranked behind GB, SF and SEA.

    As a 9ers fan I think the injury bug is going to be a bit much. I’m not super worried about GB at home. (Cheeseheads point to their historic dominance over SF in the pkayoffs) but I don’t think it matters much. Nobody on either team is related to any of that history. Can GB’s Swiss cheese o-line protect Rodgers? Can their defense cover Crabtree, Davis, Moss and Gore?

    I think SF’s toughest opponent is going to be ATL in ATL if that happens. I think they can take SEA at SF. WASH did show some smart things in containing Wilson. And Goldson, Whitner, Willis Bowman are eager to give SEA’s receivers alligator arms in a little payback. There will be some season ending injuries on both sides if these two teams see each other in the NFCCG. I don’t think SEA fans can expect the 9ers to show up again flat.

  52. RG3 is the heart of the nfl’s future.. Wilson is a product of a talented team.. Griffin for ROY hands down! He has the best arm in football when healthy.. This from a life time dolphin fan..

  53. Ok, huge lifelong Redskins fan here… I am so proud of my team for not giving up when they were 3-6. They won 7 straight games and knocked the Cowboys out of the playoffs in the process. As far as I am concerned the Skins out played my expectations of them this year. They won the NFC East for the first time since 1999 with a rookie qb, a rookie rb and a make-shift pass-rush and secondary. So, for that I am proud. As per the future I am excited about next year bigtime. We get back Orakpo, Carriker, Meriweather, Helu, Tanard Jackson and others who were hurt this year. Plus we will get a healthy RG3. Let’s be honest… The Skins would of won this game if Griffin was 100%. Seattle is lucky they caught him when he was gimpy. I’m no sore loser so I give credit to a very good Seattle team and esp Wilson, he has alot of talent no doubt and Lynch is good too. The Skins will be back next year stronger than ever… Skins fan shouldn’t be salty, they should be proud. Hail To The Redskins!

  54. To all the idiots who keep using RG3’s injury as an excuse of why the Redskins lost: FYI injuries are a huge and legitimate part of football, as every fantasy football player well knows.

    What it boils down to is the Hawks D knocked the absolute crap out of your O Line and as a result your QB, then bottled up the run and passing game.

    The Redskins were out-coached in that Shanahan put RG3 back into the game during which he first got injured (leaving little gas in the tank for this one) and didn’t put Cousins in in time to have a prayer in this game.

    Outcoached, outplayed, outmatched. Y’all got rolled big time by the Seahawks. Don’t feel too bad though, you have plenty of company among some decent teams that also have been spanked like little girls by a Hawks team that has become as dominant as they are complete on both sides of the football, special teams, on the sideline, in the front office and in the stands (at home). Everything is firing on all cylinders.

    The fact that we suddenly have so many haters from all corners of the country is the biggest testament to our success (generally losers hate on the team that bested them, with a few exceptions of people with brains beyond the emotion and rationalization).

    Get used to it, we’re just getting started.

    That being said, I hope Bob makes a speedy recovery.

  55. there is some really stupid people here, some idiot asked why do people think luck is great! that’s funny. if you don’t know sports then don’t leave dumb comments. kid is breaking records with a bad team. oh and nice Eli comparison, bash the kid then compare him to a guy with 2 of the last 4 sb rings, lmao !

  56. RoY was a toss-up between RG3 and RW going into this game. My Hawks haven’t come back from a 14-point deficit all season, but Wilson never — NEVER — wastes a second thinking about mistakes or failures; just focuses on the next play. He truly stays “in the moment” and it’s paid off the entire season.

    Why Luck is even mentioned as a candidate is ridiculous considering his stats vs. RW. When the Colts’ D is on the field, he just sits on the bench watching the game. A total mouth-breather. But Wilson is poring through the playbook with the OC and studying photos of how his previous series looked from up high. The ‘kid’ is all business, like a damn Navy seal or FBI agent. He arrives at practice long before his teammates, and is the last to go home. And anyone who’s been paying attention can see he truly does get better every single game.

    If you don’t think “DangeRuss” Wilson, after all he’s accomplished to this point, doesn’t deserve RoY by now, then you may be an ignorant mouth breather yourself, and clearly know NOTHING about football. Go Hawks!

  57. Russel Wilson, the REAL Rookie of the Year….he just doesn’t have enough hype in his corner to get it.

    I’m no Seahawks fan, but that kid deserves it, and I said it long before the Redskins game.

  58. Russel Wilson is going to be a great QB for years to come. RG3 will be seen as a let down because of how much the Redskins gave up for him. Andrew Luck is going to win a couple championships on his own. And speaking of Ty Hilton he dropped a couple of good passes at the end of the game. Good player but hes not consistent, its gotta be frusturating for Luck to throw like he was and not have his players catch it. I think todays games made every rookie QBs career. RG3 is the most talented but is too egotistical.Russel Wilson and Andrew Luck will win superbowls. RG3 will make a lot of money but never win anything besides Nike endorsement deals.

  59. Wilson=ROY? Don’t know. Do know that, as a rookie, he does not make mistakes, can play under pressure on the road, and is a winner who makes timely plays, and, as stated, above, doesn’t hurt his team in trying to do the impossible or improbable. That’s pretty good, I think, and a formula you can win with, any stage, any game. Did Luck do more, with less (remember, he has Reggie Wayne)? I guess so. RG3 has lots of heart and desire and talent? Yes. Hawks are better team than either of ‘Skins or Colts. But – to turn around a 2 – 14 team, with new coaches and new schemes, and go to the playoffs with no O-Line and mediocre DEE? Vote goes to Andrew Luck. ROY is not just about flash and dash, or highlight reel plays, it’s also about overall results. BY that measure, Luck is the pick. Wilson doesn’t make mistakes, in part, because he is not trying to push the envelope, Luck and RG3 do push it, and so are prone to errors, at times.

  60. It was odd watching Seattle’s D give up 14 points to start the game. At first I thought “how is that possible”, since they see this type of offense all the time in practice – and it was very uncharacteristic for them to spot any points to start, let alone 14. Typically teams score late in the game on Seattle when the D is worn out or we have 2nd stringers in.

    Glad to see they rebounded well, and showed the nation why they do have one of the best D’s out there. Seattle may be the only team to beat NE or Denver – as we play up to good teams.

  61. Redskins fans talk talk talk talk – then whine whine whine whine

    You got off to a fast start and then were CRUSHED for the next 3 quarters. The hoggies are the new cowboys…. talk talk talk, do nothing to back it up… You’re still not as bad as they complainer packer fans, but are getting really close.

    Enjoy the golf hoggies! Next team to get crushed, Atlanta!!!

  62. I’m never happy to see someone like RGIII go down with an injury, but after the Seahawks victory, I’m relieved that we won’t have to hear from Redskins fans that their team is God’s chosen team to win the superbowl. Now they have the opportunity to blame the officiating and enjoy the off-season like the rest of us.

  63. Wilson has many, many more pieces on the chess board than either Griffin or Luck.

    Also doesn’t help the Skins to be penalized for $36 million for uncapping an uncapped year and fined on the day free agency started.

    Story just diappeared even among the “best sports reporting”. Funny how Goodell works…………………………………………………………..

  64. I actually disagree that Rice made that catch. His feet were definitely in, but if you watch the whole thing the ball moved pretty clearly to me when he hit the ground. I had no rooting interest, and definitely thought it was a catch until I went back and watched that aspect closely. Either way great job by Wilson getting another play off quickly before anyone could really look at it.

  65. Wow 122 yards an 1 td .the kid has a beast veteran running back. An the # 1 d in the NFL. the team was built before he got there .all he had to do is step in and not turn the ball over. Rg3 walk in to a car wreck and built a Bentley .Randy Wilson could not carry rg3 jock strap… let me see him have a 300 yard game then come talk to me

  66. Wilson didn’t carry his team like RG3. “Head and shoulders above ” the other rookie quaterbacks “???? RG3 played in less games and was statistically superior and had it not been for his knee would have led the Redskins to blowout victory. The Seahawks defense has been their bread and butter since day one. HTTR

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