Arians makes plenty of sense for the Bears


As Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians prepares to help his new team win a playoff game roughly a year after his most recent team, the Steelers, declared that Arians had retired, Arians will soon be in demand, win or lose.

The Bears and the Eagles plan to interview Arians, and it’s surprising that more teams haven’t lined up to talk to him.

Unlike the usual ascension of a coordinator to head coach, which happens with the leap of faith that the coordinator has the skills to become an effective head coach, we’ve all seen this year that Arians can get it done.  Because for three months he got it done as the interim coach of the Colts, while Chuck Pagano battled leukemia.

Arians makes plenty of sense for the Bears, given that they have a quarterback who is a bit of a handful in Jay Cutler.  Arians has extensive experience dealing with a difficult quarterback.  In Pittsburgh, Arians and Ben Roethlisberger didn’t simply coexist; they were close friends.

So when job No. 1 (or close to it) in Chicago is finding a coach who can work well with Cutler, Arians could be the right answer.

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  1. Agreed. He may very well be the best fit choice for the Bears. I would think a 4 year deal gets it done.

  2. In San Diego he’d get to live in San Diego, have Rivers, and be in a less congested division. If the money is all the same I don’t see why Chicago would be more attractive.

  3. That Arians and Ben got along swimmingly in Pittsburgh is wonderful. But wholly irrelevant since Ben is not the QB Arians would need to at least co-exist with in Chicago.

    Jay Cutler getting along with anyone seems to be a problem for the Bears.

    Not a problem for Cutler, mind you, because he’s getting paid either way and the Bears obviously cow tow to him.

  4. True that. He did a great job with Big Ben. When I look at the other names, sometimes I feel the Bears org. do not really know what they want. With Arians or Mccoy one can be assured that the team moves forward.

  5. As a Bears fan I wanted them to hire McCoy or Zimmer with Turner as the OC. I’m liking Arians more and more as I read about him. At the end of the day I think it’ll matter who the coordinators would be.

  6. I can see this or Mccoy being good options, I also belive that they have not fired any assistent coaches b/c Emery want to keep Rod as DC and alot of the staff on that side of the ball.

  7. Browns, are you listening? Forget Chip Kelly. Let Philly be the first to make that hiring mistake. Arians is a proven NFL coach. He would keep the DC and would help improve Weeden. Get him under contract as soon as the Colts are done in the playoffs. Let Philly overpay for Kelly.

  8. I like the potential of hiring this guy. He looked full of life on the side lines and has a lot of league experience but who would be the OC? I think the DC stays put!

  9. I read on another thread that the Bears have asked two (un-named) candidates back for second interviews…Wonder who those guys are.

  10. Bears fan here…a lot of great potential Head Coaches and its finally nice to see that our HC vacancy will most likely be filled with an Offensive-minded Coach.

    In any case, the Bears vacancy is the most attractive, next to Philly, because of market share, fan base, and talented roster. Cons to that is the constant beatings from the Media and Fans.


  11. @filthymcnasty1:

    Not that our coaching search is any of your concern – unless we steal Tom Clements away from you – but the fact is Jay is 29-13 in his last 42 starts…Without him, Lovie’s probably gone a long time ago.

  12. Arians is a great guy and an even better coach. I can’t believe the Steelers chased this guy out of town for that bum Haley. At least they have plenty of free time to address that mistake.

    Cutler may be a hard shell to crack, but we’re talking about a guy who managed to become close friends with Roethlisberger. Most of his O-line can’t even say that. He really knows how to relate to his players as well as X & O’s. Wherever he goes will soon be a winner, if not already.

  13. More of this Bears have “no plan beyond next week.” stuff. With all the firings and rumors you would have thought the Bears would have said nothing about Lovie until they were really ready to get down to 1 or 2 alternatives. the only name not mentioned so far in their search is Nancy Pelosi.

  14. Arians was/is “close friends” with Roethlisberger only because he allowed the undisciplined Roethlisberger to run the offensive unit into the ground, which is the reason Arians was fired.
    When an owner (Art Rooney II) has to tell an eight-year veteran quarterback that he has to “tweek” his game, that should be all you need to know about what a “fabulous” job Arians did in Pittsburgh.

  15. Cutler was just fine with a competent coordinator in Denver. You’d be frustrated too with the clown car of coordinators the bears have had in his time there.

  16. I really like that the Bears seem to be talking to as many smart offensive minds as possible in this search, and would be very happy with Arians or McCoy. Both seem to be good head coaching candidates, and seem like they’d do good work with Cutler.

    What I’m really hoping is that the GM is asking every one of these guys what the plan for the o-line is, and how they would act to improve that specific unit. For once, the Bears are pretty loaded in the skill positions with Marshall, Forte, Cutler, and with Jeffery, Bush, Bennett, and possibly Knox filling out the roster. But the team has a Ferrari engine and put in a car with a busted frame. That gaping hole is what needs fixed first and foremost, and I would love to hear the plan there.

  17. Arians is a nice little story, but the guy is just a coordintor. He’s Norv Turner 2.0.

  18. Demonstrating an ability to successfully fill in for Chuck Pagano doesn’t necessarily mean Arians has what it takes to be a head coach in his own right. Pagano hired the assistant coaches, signed off on the offensive and defensive schemes, and went through the draft before Arians took the reins. Bruce performed well under difficult circumstances but he was still carrying out another man’s plan. However, there’s no question being fired from the Steelers was the best thing that could have happened to Arians.

    He’d let Roethisberger dictate everything about his offense with the Steelers and his “coordination” had deteriorated to being Ben’s yes man. Now he’s found new life as a coach. Fired or retired, no matter how you say it, he’s lucky the Steelers cut him loose to rediscover his independence.

  19. If it makes sense for the Bears you can bet it will never happen. That’s just how it is here.

  20. karla:
    If you spend your football seasons rooting against the Pittsburgh Steelers, you obviously have become accustomed to disappointment.
    Stay the course.

  21. Unbleeping believable! Big ben the saint and the demon Jay. Seriously! What kind of mental midget thinks Ben Rothlisbeger could claim the moral high ground the height of an ant hill. People can say what they want about Jay, but he keeps his nose clean off the field. The way Big Ben whined publicly about the change of offensive coordinator (which incidentally made no sense) was way over the top. Diva tiara to big ben bigtime. I can’t help but wonder how shiny Cutler’s hands would be if he had been surrounded by the talent they’ve had in Pittsburgh for years.

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