Browns claim they walked away from Chip Kelly

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As the Browns try to “reboot” their coaching search without Chip Kelly in the mix, the spin from Cleveland is, essentially, “It’s not me, it’s you.”

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Browns decided to walk away from Kelly after sensing that he was “waffling” on whether to leave college football.

Sorry, but we’re not buying that one.  The Browns ultimately need to be able to say that they got the right man for the job.  That includes being able to say that Kelly, who appeared as of Friday to be the right man for the job, was the wrong man for the job.

And while we’ve had a little too much fun chiding the reports that a deal between the Browns and Kelly was close, the Browns had every reason to dispute those reports, if they weren’t true.  Instead, the Browns remained silent until after Kelly spent more time than expected meeting with the Eagles on Saturday– and possibly trying to get Philly to match or to beat whatever the Browns had offered him.

So while it’s clear that something happened that soured the Browns on Kelly, it likely has more to do with how he handled the negotiations to make the move to the NFL than whether he’s ready to make the move at all.

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  1. I wonder if the Browns walked away from Gruden too. That must be why we haven’t heard his name at this point. This is just in…..the Browns walked away from Andy Reid. Welcome to Cleveland Jimmy, it’s not going to be easy until we start winning more than losing.

  2. I don’t believe it is an unreasonable explanation that the Browns got cold feet. I keep reading about how the Browns are prepared to spend, and maybe they had a first and best and only offer in mind. Maybe they weren’t willing to play the leverage game if what they were prepared to put on the table was more than generous for an inexperienced, experiment type of coach. Until he wins something in the NFL he hasn’t won anything in the NFL. No point in bidding against yourself because he’s making it look like the Eagles are putting honey in the pot.

  3. A new regime – same approach. They know better than the fans so why bother bringing us in on the plan. We’ll just keep handing you over our money without questioning you.

    Regimes change every two years here. Chances are the fans will be around a lot longer than you geniuses. Hire a damn coach already. And a good one at that. You’re embarrassing yourselves.

  4. I don’t know Kelly. I don’t know what is on his mind.
    I never felt he was in the game for personal glory, fame, or wealth.
    I always felt he loved the game in it’s purest sense and the pros change that.
    College kids have a passion and a love for the game that matches his own, I really do see him as being very happy in the NCAA and maybe not so happy in the NFL.
    I could certainly be wrong, I don’t know him and I don’t know how he thinks, not sure anyone does except maybe family.

  5. I doubt very much that a multi millionaire corporate CEO has a problem in negiotiating skills.
    I would guess a direct dealing with Kelly revealed that this guy is not who they want.

    And I’m a Steeler fan. I don’t care for anyone who jumps around looking at ladies and then goes home to his wife

  6. Good for you Haslem, if indeed that is the case. I want someone who is hungry to be in NFL and wants to be on the sidelines. It appears that was not the case. No go get us a QUALIFIED coach to run this young and upcoming team!

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!

  7. Frankly, after everything Mary Kay Cabot has been reporting the last few days, and all of it being proven WRONG a day later, I’m not buying a word she says.

  8. If a guy is not 100% decided on whether to stay in College, or go to the NFL, you can’t wait around. Cleveland has been bad for so long, that they can’t have a coach that is “wishy-washy”. He left the Bucs at the Altar last year, and I bet Haslam was getting annoyed with him going back and forth.

    Cleveland needs a dedicated coach! Not someone, who hasn’t proven himself in the NFL, not someone who has the NCAA on his back for recruiting infractions, and certainly not someone that is sketchy. Philly, the same thing. A lot of their beat writers are getting over this “stale” posturing.

  9. This reeks of classic Joe Banner getting pissy in negotiations when the other party doesn’t accept his offer. He did it to Eagles players for years, if you didn’t take their offer to lock you up at a bargain rate early in your career, you were dead to him. Get used to this, Cleveland.

  10. Geez, maybe it didn’t occur to you that the Browns just didn’t want to waste time missing out on a potential hire instead of twiddling their thumbs waiting for Kelly to answer?

  11. Most coaches NFL interviews are begging for HC job, either as coordinators or unemployed HCs. The NFL is not used to dealing with sharks with leverage.

    Face it, Kelly interviewed the Browns as much or more than they interviewed him. Kelly is well aware NFL media and fans desire to declare a college hire a “failed college coach”. Kelly was keen to ensure he was committing with a franchise with as much competence as he has and has high standards as well.

    The Browns failed the interview. NEXT!!

  12. Another stupid move by a mediocre team. The Browns will continue to stink up the NFL as if they were headed to the toilet bowl.

  13. Seems that lighting doesn’t strike twice and Kelly won’t have to worry about leaving The Ducks.

  14. Florio, everyone knows you are a jilted cleveland hater. Gee who to believe? Jimmy Haslam who tires quickly of tools like you and Kelly, or….oh wait, no one is saying differently except you. Even the eagles got tired of this guys act in one day!

  15. Haslem is known to be an honest, no bs businessman. Sure he’s gonna walk away from hiring a weasle of a coach and agent. Try to play him and your out. I really hope Kelly is back at Oregon when the NCAA nails them for cheating.

  16. The best thing about it is he is not going to the Browns . I have no use for his style offense , and thimk it is a fad soon to outlive it’s QBs .

    NFL is a mans game

  17. Poor Cleveland. They are gonna end up with some scrub no name who couldn’t hold shurmur’s jock

  18. They walked away from Chip Kelly after they recieved notice that Chip Kelly had already left the building. It’s like the guy who after taking 2 viagras saying the girl wasn’t his type after she left the bar with another dude.

  19. at what point do the browns ever stop rebuilding and actually move forward as a franchise. every year its a new coach, new qb, lets figure out who we are type of year. stick with a coach and a qb longer then 2 yrs and see what happens

  20. awww, sorry to inform you Browns fans, but the Eagles haven’t and appear, AREN’T making any financial offer to Kelly…they just wanted to milk/grill him for 9 hours on college players/intel/schemes…they’re in Denver with McCoy…if they had/were making him an offer, it would have been a done deal last night/today at the latest as kelly wanted/needed this wrapped up asap to let the U of Oregon know…so he ain’t coming to Philly….

  21. Normally, being its the Browns, I would figure they screwed something up, but after the Kelly fiasco last year with Tampa Bay, I tend to believe them on this one. I think it is the right call anyway, Kelly might wind up being a good NFL head coach if he brings in the right co-ordinators, because his system won’t work long term in NFL. QB takes too much of a beating over time.

  22. “So while it’s clear that something happened that soured the Browns on Kelly, it likely has more to do with how he handled the negotiations to make the move to the NFL than whether he’s ready to make the move at all.”
    Interviews are done to learn whether or not this is really the guy we want. The Browns learned he isn’t. They don’t owe anyone an explanation about what went wrong, in fact such an explanation would be poor form. They handled it well and I’m personally pleased he’s not coming to Cleveland.

  23. The Browns wanted a guy that is committed to the team and Kelly apparently wasn’t. Whether he was considering the Eagles or another year at Oregon is irrelevant.What is so hard to understand?

  24. A hyper-successful businessman like Haslam is not going to be played by some college football coach or his agent. Seems obvious Kelley and Dunn were playing around and Haslam got tired of it. He surely has a Plan B, C, and D up his sleeve. This didn’t pan out, but he’ll get someone of quality on the sidelines. Lerner is gone people, give Haslam the benefit of the doubt.

  25. This is about as believable as Steven Ross saying he flew from Miami to Northern California to tell Jim Harbaugh he should stay at Stanford.

  26. Seems to me that the Browns discovered what PAC-12 fans know all too well-Chip Kelly is an arrogant buffoon with short man’s complex and accompanying attitude. His offense is not sustainable in the NFL and the man could care less about defense. He’s never coached complete teams and is AWFUL at in game mgmt. NFL teams need coaches to coach entire teams in all phases of the game. That’s most definitely not Chip Kelly. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t jump to the NFL though. Oregon is going to get hammered with NCAA sanctions for recruiting violations. No way anyone flips 13 players on natl signing day within the rules.

  27. How could yah not give a Billick a shot a redemption. He did well in Baltimore and time just caught up to him. No different the Reid or Smith. He’s a leader and would breath new life into Cleveland. I wish Phil Emery would take a good look at him. As of now there’s no word on a front runner for my beloved Bears.

  28. Yep, because when i think of bad negotiating skills i definitely would put Jimmy Haslam in that catagory. I mean obviously a gimmick college coach would out wit a Billionaire corporate chaiman of one of Forbes top 35 largest private companies who somehow bought a team that wasn’t for sale and stepped down as CEO to run it.

  29. Guessing Haslam is finding out being an NFL owner is a bit more difficult than running gas stations.

  30. What do you mean they “claimed” to have walked away Florio? If they said they walked away, then they walked away…there’s no “claimed”. Do you “claim” to be a sports reporter?

  31. I’m not sure I believe Cleveland on this, but it’s for the best. With the right personnel I expect Kelly’s schemes could work in the NFL, but getting the right players depends on more factors than simple college recruiting.

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