Browns expand search to include Arians, Trestman

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Browns Coaching Search 2.0 will include more names than the first version of the effort to hire the seventh coach since the franchise returned to the NFL 14 years ago.

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reports that Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians and Montreal Alouettes coach Marc Trestman will be included within the process.

The Browns also have interviewed Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton, former Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt, Syracuse coach Doug Marrone, and Penn State coach Bill O’Brien.  Marrone was hired by the Bills, and O’Brien ended up with 1.3 million new reasons to stay at Penn State.

We can’t help but wonder whether the Browns’ brain trust quietly is considering a name with greater sizzle.  After the high-profile failure to land Kelly, the Browns may opt to quietly pursue another A-lister, in order to avoid the public perception that whoever gets the job was the second choice.  Or worse.

24 responses to “Browns expand search to include Arians, Trestman

  1. If they go with sizzle over the best guy, then they’ll be right back at it again in two years.

    Arians, Whisenhunt and Trestman are all solid choices and likely will have an offense that fits Brandon Weeden well.

  2. Wow. It’s really come to this (?)

    I must say, however, that the 30 or so hours having Chip Kelly as our coach was the most exciting time I’ve had as a Browns fan since ’89.

  3. John Harbaugh wasn’t the Ravens first choice. Jason Garrett was. Public perception doesn’t mean anything because while Ravens fans were wondering who John Harbaugh was, five years later he’s a fantastic coach who has made it to, and won at least one playoff game every year. The Browns will keep screwing it up if name recognition is more important than getting the right man for the job, even if it’s someone completely off the radar.

  4. I hate saying it because I think the Browns and Bills both have really great fans….but whoever the Browns and Bills (and Cardinals too for that matter) go with as head coach will more than likely be an awful decision because, frankly….it’s the Browns and Bills (and Cardinals too for that matter) making the decision.

    And they rarely make good decisions. Even by accident.

  5. I hope it is Saben. After taking a beat down from God’s Team tomorrow he will then be exiled to the armpit of the USA for 3 years then get fired. Couldn’t happen to a better guy.

  6. Joe Banner’s first big decision a strike out.

    Marc Trestman–PLEASE help me.

    How are they going to explain Whisenhutt a sub-500 coach as the alternate to Kelly?

    Arians is a decent choice.

    Same old Browns–with these chocies they should have left Shurmur/Heckertt in place.

  7. The Browns found out what PAC-12 fans have known for awhile-Chip Kelly is an arrogant buffoon whose offense is not sustainable in the NFL and the man could care less about defense. He’s clearly not NFL head coaching material. Doesn’t have complete teams.

  8. Looks like the Browns found out what PAC-12 fans have known for awhile-Chip Kelly is an arrogant buffoon whose offense isn’t sustainable in the NFL. The man could care less about defense and doesn’t coach complete teams and is poor at in game mgmt. He’ll be in way over his head in the NFL.

  9. Trestman?! Seriously?! Dude is coaching the Montreal Allouettes and we’re interviewing him for our head coach?? The browns should be going after Gruden, Cowher, or Saban HARD if they want a chance at winning before Art Model rises from the ground and moves us again.

  10. Dear Browns,

    Please hire Bruce Arians.

    Pretty please?


    The rest of the AFC North

  11. I think you’ll see McCarthy as the GM and Saban as the HC. They were both previously part of the rebirth under Belichick. A lot important people (up until the end of this season) stemmed from that team. They’ll both have the opportunity to write a new chapter and I’m sure Jimmy will throw enough money to make an offer Saban couldn’t refuse!

  12. I don’t understand why more teams aren’t going after Bruce Arians harder. The Browns and Steelers both haven’t seen a playoff since he left their organizations and the Colts offense looked AWFUL without his play calling today.

  13. People need to do their homework on Trestman. Dude was a rockstar in the NFL! He got career years out of Bernie Kosar (physically limited but accurate braniac), Rich Gannon (career journeyman backup who became league MVP under Trestman), Jake Plummer (streaky back-yard slinger) and Scott Mitchell (chump). He also coached Steve Young to one of his best seasons in 95. I think his rep as a QB specialist has HURT his chances to rise in the ranks. He ended up in CFL bc most of his former employers have retired or passed away (Marty Schottenheimer, Al Davis, Bobby Ross, George Seifert). All I know is that the guy has done his job well everywhere he’s gone. Winners are winners no matter what level. I’d compare his potential hiring by the Browns to when Ohio State went out on a limb and hired a Division 1-AA coach named Jim Tressel who went on to have some pretty fantastic years at the highest level.

  14. Biggest concern at this point is that the team’s org chart seems to have Joe Banner as Czar. He’s always been a business guy, but now he wants to make roster decisions too. It’s never good news when someone makes a power grab like that. Remember Butch Davis? It wasn’t enough for him to be the coach; he had to run the draft too. So he drafted people like William Green in the first round, and the franchise STILL hasn’t recovered.

  15. People need to do their homework on Trestman. Dude was a rockstar in the NFL!


    Not in Cleveland from 1988 to 1990, he wasn’t. We couldn’t get him on a bus out of town fast enough.

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