Browns to “reboot” coach search without Chip Kelly in the mix


The Cleveland Browns’ coaching search apparently has encountered a blue screen.

With reports from Friday night that Chip Kelly is close to a deal to become the Browns’ new coach not coming to fruition, the Browns will now return from Arizona to Cleveland and “reboot” their search, according to Chris Mortensen of ESPN.

Per Mort, that’ll happen without Oregon coach Chip Kelly in the plans.

At this point, it’s impossible to distinguish truth from posturing.  With Kelly’s agent, David Dunn, trying his damnedest to maximize the market for Kelly by pitting the Browns against the Eagles, the Browns may now be deliberately feigning disinterest.

Or maybe the Browns hope to create the impression that they never really wanted Kelly to begin with.

It’s a delicate business, with teams hoping to eventually declare that the guy they hire was their first choice, even if he wasn’t.

If the Browns have indeed moved on, it means that Kelly will have less leverage when trying to close a deal with the Eagles.  Unless some other team decides to jump into the fray.

78 responses to “Browns to “reboot” coach search without Chip Kelly in the mix

  1. Should have never let him go to the place with the delicious cheesesteaks first. Chip Kelly has fallen in love.

    The Browns should make ‘re-boot’ the official team slogan.

  2. Teams should not want him. He is too much of an unknown for the job in question. More than likely he will be a disaster. The odds are not in his favor.

  3. Would like to see Vick run the Chip Kelly offense. Tell me a better person who could run that offense.

  4. Happy Game Day!! HTTR! IMO… Bruce Arians should be the first guy hired for any team… He only took a team to the playoffs as an interim HC & that team was 2-14 last season… Where’s the love?

  5. He will stay a Duck for another year want to be with a certain team with a solid QB and the teams after him didn’t have that QB to work his game around

  6. Great news if true. Maybe they can reboot without Lombardi as GM, too. I hear Tom Heckert is available for that spot.

  7. Steve Sarkisian and Jim Mora are the only guys from the Pac 12 I would want coaching my NFL team. Chip Kelly never built that Ducks program, he was handed the keys from Mike Bellotti. Aside from being a fairly creative offensive mind (which he hasn’t proven in NFL) why is Chip Kelly so desired? Would much rather a more conservative coach like Syracuse or Penn States guy, who have proven they can produce with far less talent. Chip Kelly in the NFL = failure waiting to happen in my opinion.

  8. If Brown’s “reboot” without Kelly is true, it is the smartest move the organization has made in years!

  9. NE runs his offensive philosophy with Brady…give him a good NFL QB and he will do fine, he can hire luvee as an assistant for the D

  10. the second Kelly walked out of the all-day Friday meeting, WITH an offer in hand, and hearing that Haslem wasn’t going to let Kelly leave and would make him an offer he couldn’t refuse AND wasn’t accepted, it was “over”…Kelly never wanted to go to the Mistake by the Lake….sorry Browns fans….played like a violin…and now the Eagles won’t have to overpay since there are no other suitors left and Kelly MUST leave Oregon with sanctions coming…

  11. I think the Browns and Kelly are each getting too cute here. He’s not as hot a commodity as he and his agent think, and the Cleveland gig is not as desirable as the Browns are trying to make it appear.

  12. You mean 59-53 Jon Gruden who hasn’t coached in 6 years? No thanks. People want him beacuse he is likeable. Not a good hire. I would rather have Bilick if u want to go that route.

  13. How did Jim Schwartz keep his job with the Lions? If anyone is looking for an example of a coach that does less with more…look no further than this guy.

    I’m not saying Chip Kelly should be the new coach, but surely Lovie Smith would be a big upgrade to Schwartz and wouldn’t that be interesting to see Lovie still coaching in the same division?

    It probably makes too much sense to pull the plug on Schwartz for Detroit’s owner. This is the franchise that kept Matt Millen about 5 years longer than they should have.

  14. A gimmick offense featuring a washed up QB in Vick, who just finished throwing all his teammates under the bus while taking no responsibility himself, run by a coach with ZERO NFL experience.

    Only the Eagles man. Only the Eagles.

  15. Best news I’ve heard all weekend. If its true. Call Brian Billick. Call Jim Tressel. Call Lovie. Call somebody. Stop sweatin Chip Kelly.

  16. Ya know, if Kelly felt he would be successful in the NFL, he’d jump at the chance to be a HC. I think it’s very telling that he backed away from the challenge.
    The Browns will be better off in the long run.

  17. The Wiz would be a great choice for Cleveland, just need someone in the front office to acquire more talent. not that either QB in Cleveland is all that good, but they are both miles ahead of what he had in’Zona

  18. There are plenty of other, better options available for both teams. Lovie, Arians, Jon Gruden, Cowher. Lovie + Norv as the OC would be a great coaching staff. Dick Jauron is going to be available since the Browns won’t want to keep him for a solid DC. Lots of good names out there that don’t involve a gimmick offense that is going to set a franchise back another 3-5 years.

    His offense will likely work well for a season or two before its completely figured out, and then you’ll spend another season or two in which Kelly’s team is mediocre before you have to fire him and start from scratch again.

  19. Am I the only Browns fan happy with this news? We dont have the players for his offensive system. Bring in Lovie with an experienced OC (not really sure who all is available off the top of my head). The Browns D is young, athletic and runs the system Lovie did in Chicago.

    Despite missing Joe Haden and Phil Taylor for large chunks of the season (arguably our two best D players) the Browns finished respectably at 19th in PPG allowed at 23. Add in all the young players getting reps including a slew of undrafted and late round LBs and I think with the right coach they could be a top 10 D.

    As for the offense, Shurmer tanked them. You can not come out and say that your QB can not throw interceptions. If you tell someone they cant mess up, they go out there worried about messing up and guess what THEY MESS UP. He got in his own rookie Qbs head. Add in his infatuation with playing a washed up Josh Cribbs and MoMass over Travis Benjamin who is a field stretcher with his speed and his inexplicably playing Richardson in heavy doses knowing he had two broken ribs and was getting less and less effective instead of using the backups more. Thank god he is gone.

  20. LOL at all the comments saying he will be a failure because he’s only a college coach. Yea, because all the ‘proven’ NFL retreads have done so well with your team!

  21. Or maybe the Browns realize how silly they look chasing around a college HC who has no pro credentials. Maybe they weren’t all that impressed when they got the close up look of him because I see Mike Riley part two personally.

    What exactly has he done at Oregon besides beat up on alot of bad teams who don’t play defense and outcoach clueless Lane Kiffin for a couple of seasons? Big deal. That Auburn team wasn’t even that good, and he lost to them, too.

  22. This is not so much about Kelly. At least 3 others have turned Browns down because new CEO Joe Banner, who does not have a football background, is reserving final authority on all footballs decisions for himself. What credible, bonafide, football man wants to be his fall guy?

  23. Or, you know, he could turn both the Eagles and Browns down and return for another year at Oregon. I know, it doesn’t make for great headlines, but that is also a very likely scenario here.

    Every article surrounding this situation doesn’t even mention that as a possibility. Each article related to this situation seems to assume that Chip is definitely moving to the NFL, with some team or another. When all is said and done, I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled the same move he did last year.

  24. Yea, who here really believed in the “Colt McCoy is the guy for Chip Kelly” storyline.

  25. There is a coach available who’s got a proven record, taken teams to the Superbowl, won a Superbowl and would be comfortable with the Browns personnel.
    Mike Holmgren!!!!

  26. Negotiating ploy to get more money from Phil Knight and part ownership of the state of Oregon.

  27. Lovie Smith and Norv Turner are still out there. I say make them a package deal. Lovie as head coach and Norv as OC. The only thing missing with Lovie in Chicago was a great OC and Norv would fix that right away. I mean if anyone can make Brandon Weeden look good it will be Norv. And if he can’t do it then no one can.

  28. One day something is going to go right for this team, and they will get what they want. Problem with that is I will either be dead, or in the old folks’ home without the ability to realize what is going on.

  29. My idea is that he had no intentions to leave Oregon. Why else would he not at least visit facilities and stadiums? Does that not matter any more? Playing both teams. Still think Cleveland gets him.

  30. I’m glad Kelly’s out of the running for the Brown’s. His candidacy for HC in the NFL seems somewhat experimental.

    Perhaps Banner is playing at something with his former team.

    If the Brown’s are serious about making a winning franchise, I think they should go with a proven coach.

  31. The Browns can have him. But he will go back to school. It’s all he knows. The Browns will take Arians and Philly will grab the guy from Denver.

  32. I think they realized that Kelly was trying to play them and so they put out that they are no longer interested. I think it was a smart move, because now Philly can low ball him and then watch him come back asking if the old offer still stood. This was a smart FO/PR move by the Browns.

    For those that say his system won’t work in the NFL, then why did NE consult him and now use some of his system with great success! He also has said he isn’t married to it but will use what will work with the available talent. That is what I want to hear.

    I hope they put the full court press on Whisenhunt now, I think he would be great for the Browns.

  33. If i were Haslam i would fire the new ‘president’ already.

    Even mentioning Mike Lombardi should get him fired.

    As far as the situation with Kelly, it looks bad PR-wise. It may turn out for the best not hiring Kelly but the whole ‘done deal’ stuff Friday is GM mismanagement.

  34. why not hire Ray “the knife” Lewis as head coach…he would get that team fired up, dancing on the sidelines during the game in a 4 piece suit… Imagine that.

  35. When the music stops for the current edition of the NFL’s version of Duck, Duck, Goose the Browns will be the one standing and wondering which of the leftover coaches to select.

    New owner, new GM… same old Browns.

  36. Jeez. Choosing between Philadelphia and Cleveland? Isn’t that like choosing between Roseanne Barr or Rosie O’Donnell?

  37. Go get Lovie. As a Bear’s fan, he’ll make your D very solid, and if he can bring Toub, your special teams will be top notch as well. Just DO NOT allow him full say on his OC.

    The Browns are finally seeing some daylight, although dumping Heckert was a bad move, but I understand a new owner wanting his own hires.

  38. You fire the GM and coach who were making progress and then you wonder why no one wants the job. Instead of jumping the gun, Haslam should have given them one more year or two with a clear cut list of his expectations. Maybe he tells Heckert to be a little more active in free agency. Maybe he tells Pat to give up the play calling. Blowing it up so fast was a mistake and now it looks like it may be biting them in the butt. And now we will probably end up with another guy just like Shurmer and a GM/Direct of personnel with less pedigree than Heckert. Glad Ohio State is back in the mix next year because I can’t keep stomaching the Browns BS year after year.

    And why isn’t Arians in the mix? He knows the division and was the OC the last time the Browns made the playoffs with Kelly Holcomb and Tim Couch at QB.

  39. No bigger thrill then seeing these Cleveland fans say how the don’t even like chip kelly now when these people 2 days ago were saying how he will get them in the playoffs ! You guys are all losers

  40. They should walk away…
    He’s a college coach with no network in the NFL. I’m not sure how he got to be such a hot name.

    And he’d have to make do with a smaller budget than he enjoyed in Oregon.

  41. I never liked Chip, especially when it looked like he was coming to Cleveland. Enjoy your prima donna Philly. You may be taking her to the prom, but she’ll never go all the way.

  42. Wonder when Haslam will figure it out…money is but one factor and every NFL owner has money.

    When interviewing a high profile coaching prospect such as Chip Kelly, there are really two interviews taking place at the same time.

    Haslam and his people are interviewing Chip Kelly…

    …and Chip Kelly and his people are interviewing those representing the Browns.

    By all accounts, the Browns appeared ready to do the deal, which would tell me they were satisfied with the interview with Kelly.

    We may never know, but it is a safe bet that Kelly’s interview of Browns didn’t go so well.

    The Browns might want to take a look at their approach and how they handled their end of the interview process.

  43. Doesn’t bother me in the least. Saban is still the only college coach I’d take, and most of that is that I really believe his ego needs gratifications & I love the thought of the Cleveland media griping about another HC that has press conference that say absolutely nothing (i.e. the Cleveland media complaining that they actually have to work).

    Cower would be nice, no Chucky please. Lovie could be interesting, but no matter what Brownies need a coach that is good on game day & can get the offense out of the permanent case of tooooooo slow that seems to have been the norm since 1980.

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