Bruce Arians hospitalized, will not coach vs. Ravens


The Indianapolis Colts are once again dealing with an illness on their coaching staff.

Bruce Arians, the Indianapolis offensive coordinator who served as head coach for most of the season while Chuck Pagano was battling leukemia, has been hospitalized with an illness and will not coach today against the Ravens.

Bob Kravitz ‏of the Indianapolis Star reports that Arians missed Thursday’s practice with flu-like symptoms but was feeling good enough that he traveled with the team to Baltimore for today’s game. However, Arians fell ill again on Sunday morning and has been taken to a Baltimore-area hospital.

Arians’ illness is not believed to be serious. A Colts spokesman described Arians as “fine.”

For today’s game, assistant coach Clyde Christensen will serve as the offensive coordinator.

47 responses to “Bruce Arians hospitalized, will not coach vs. Ravens

  1. My god, this is horrible. Arians is one of the best coordinators in the game. I hope Indy is able to keep their minds off him today and I hope Arians is fine and Indy plays well for him.

  2. If there’s one thing the Colts have proven this year, it’s that they can focus on the game and not worry about being a coach short.

    I know it’s “just” the flu, but get well soon, Coach Arians. You have some interviewing to do after your season is over.

  3. Wonder if they run a bunch of scripted plays or if this guy Clyde Christensen has free reign to call plays in an extremely hostile environment. Bad luck for the Colts who now see the deck stacked even higher in the Ravens favor.

  4. Worse…this is a crushing blow to his hopes of being hired as a Head Coach next week by the Chargers….risky business.

  5. colts fan now knows how i felt when i woke up super bowl morning to hear my all pro starting center was missing and found crying in the corner of a tijuana bar

  6. My goodness…those odds on Indy winning just got longer today. This team has overcome a lot, here’s one more obstsacle. Best wishes to BA for a quick recovery.

  7. If they can’t score today his HC prospects go way up. With that said hope he gets healthy soon, remember from Temple days when he turned that sad sack program around. seems like yesterday he was up and coming we get old quick lol

  8. No matter what happens today, the adversity that the Colts have faced this year has to have galvanized and solidified their bond as a team. I think they’ll be a force to be reckoned with for years to come once again.

  9. Becoming increasingly difficult to keep Colts coaches upright.
    Glad to see that Bruce learned a thing or two from Ben about drama…

  10. It doesn’t help Arians’ pursuit of a HC job if he misses this critical Colt game because of the sniffles.

  11. boondock:
    What exactly did you like about Bruce when he was in Pittsburgh? Was it his going to four-wides and an empty backfield on third-and-one?
    Yep, those were the days…

  12. bobzilla1001 says:
    Jan 6, 2013 12:47 PM
    What exactly did you like about Bruce when he was in Pittsburgh? Was it his going to four-wides and an empty backfield on third-and-one?
    Yep, those were the days…

    I liked the 4-wide from the opp 1-yard line more!!

    He’s got the Irish flu anyway. Get him an IV and some gatorade and he’ll be back by halftime.

  13. And four of you disliked my comment expressing gladness that Bruce’s illness is not serious…How callous is that?

  14. Ravens saw Chuckstrong and raised them a Raystrong. Colts saw the Raystrong, and resides them a Brucestrong.

    Well played Colts. Well played

  15. Wow the pft censors are brutal. Any comment that critizes pft, other posters here or the league is almost always deleted.

    Pft used to be a wide open forum and that was one of the biggest things that made it great. Now you’re just becoming a crap gossip site that doesn’t allow people to disagree with you.

  16. Bobzilla, I liked scoring points in the 1st half of games, I liked scoring more than 10 points a game, I liked not running draw plays 20 times a game, I liked going to the playoffs, I liked winning Super Bowls, and liked the fact he wasn’t a complete waist that Haley is.

  17. yeah…raven nation. geesh does everyone have to be negative or are you opposed to people wishing other people well. did your team not get invited to the party

  18. Colts fans you have nothing to worry about. Clyde Christensen was our offensive coordinator in Tampa in 2001. We were ranked 26th in Total Offense.

  19. boondock:
    I see. You must’ve really enjoyed those six points (two field goals) in the first half of last season’s postseason loss to Denver.
    How about those 10 first-half points in Super Bowl 43 against the worst defensive team in Super Bowl history? Actually, Roethlisberger and Arians weren’t any better in the second half of that game…
    Yep, ole’ Bruce and Ben really ran teams off in the first halves of games… They were scarey good together.

  20. boondocks:
    I’ve been following Steelers football longer than I care to admit. My passion is the Pittsburgh Steelers.
    Your previous comments are not only absurd but also just plain inaccurate. Your postings siggest that you don’t even watch the Steelers … at least not sober.
    Just so you know: The Rooneys aren’t in the habit of firing “great” coaches.

  21. Bruce got to the playoffs w/ a rookie qb. Haley is home on the couch where he always is at this time. The NFL is a passing league now. All the rules benefit passing offenses. Haley is a joke and all his former players hate him. Ben doesn’t care for him or the offense. As Ben goes so does the offense and so does the team. A great coach tailors the offense around the players he has not stubbornly runs the plays he wants. Haley is ineffective as a coordinator and a poor fit for Pittsburgh. Next year if the steelers miss the playoffs you will be calling for his head!

  22. Haley’s resume is far superior to Arians. Go check it out. You might learn something.
    Small sampling:
    — Coached the Chiefs to the playoffs with Matt Cassell as his quarterback.
    — Was the OC for the Arizona Cardinals, who averaged 27 points per game en route to Super Bowl 43.

    Roethlisberger doesn’t own or coach the team. If he doesn’t like it, TOUGH. There is NO player bigger than the organization…
    Next year, should the Steelers miss the playoffs, I’ll do what I did this season: Complain about Roethlisberger’s inconsistencies, call for his trade to another team, then watch a bunch of other teams in the postseason.
    Pretty simple.

  23. Ariens is getting consideration for head coaching jobs because of his style of offense and turning a 1-15 team around. Nobody wants Haley not even Ben his all pro qb. Well he was till Haley got there. He is a predictable play caller with a poor attitude. He’s the only coach to make Kurt Warner curse. He will be looking for work after next season.

  24. Super Bowl winning franchise qb don’t grow on trees. Teams don’t just trade them away. You obviously know nothing about the steelers or the way the nfl works. I won’t waist anymore time on you.

  25. The coordinator that beat Haley in Super Bowl 43 was Dick LeBeau.
    Secondly, the last meaningful game won by the Steelers this season was quarterbacked by Charlie Batch. Roethlisberger is not indispensible.
    Thirdly, what the Steelers have accomplished in the past with Roethlisberger at quarterback is irrelevant moving forward. The Steelers need to find a quarterback who finishes drives with TDs, not with field goals or punts.
    The Steelers’ scoring offense has never been in the top echelon with the current quarterback. That needs to change.

  26. The defense almost lost the game giving up big play after big play and the lead in the 4th qtr. Ben PASSED his way down the field and won the game w/ a td PASS in the final minute. A pass that Bruce called. Actually watching the game helps! Now I’m done with you. Did you cheer for your buddy Haley in that one?

  27. boonie:
    Todd Haley’s offense outscored Bruce Arians’ offense in Super Bowl 43, 21-20.
    The Steelers’ defense won that game on James Harrison’s 100-yard interception return right before halftime. Harrison’s pick-six had been set up by a Roethlisberger interception.
    Don’t have a Ben-gasm.

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