DeCosta spurned Jets, too

As the Jets try to hire a new General Manager, the list of guys who don’t want the job is almost as long as the list of the guys who do.

Previously, Tom Heckert and Bill Polian said “thanks” and then “no thanks.”  Now, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Ravens assistant G.M. Eric DeCosta also has passed on the opportunity to interview for the job.

Per Schefter, DeCosta has a deal in place to succeed Ozzie Newsome as the G.M. of the Ravens.

Another potential impediment may have been DeCosta’s current contract, which reportedly pays him like a G.M. in exchange for preventing him from leaving.  Arguably, that provision wouldn’t be binding because it conflicts with league policy allowing front-office employees to take a G.M. position elsewhere.  It doesn’t matter, however, if the employee isn’t interested in leaving.

DeCosta isn’t interested in leaving.  Or, perhaps more accurately, he isn’t interested in becoming the G.M. of the Jets.

24 responses to “DeCosta spurned Jets, too

  1. Wow, nobody wants to work with Rex. DeCosta even knows the guy from their time in Baltimore, and won’t even go on a courtesy “fact finding” interview.

  2. Marty Hurney is available… oh wait the JETS are already way over the cap, just like the Panthers…

  3. I can’t understand why the best candidates aren’t breaking down Woody Johnson’s door to take control of a respected organization like the Jets.

    Sure the owner has pre-neutered the next GM, taking away his power to pick personnel for minor roles like Head Coach and Quarterback, and also there is no salary cap space to improve the team, but other than that Woody Johnson has created a very attractive spot for the best GM candidates.

    Maybe Fireman Ed will take the job? (I hear he has a tattoo that matches one the head coach has)

  4. Wow! Nobody wants to work for the Jets! It’s much worse than I would have thought. Maybe we’re looking at the L.A Jets?

  5. In two years the Jets have gone from an AFC Championship game to the laughingstock of the NFL. First,the DC does not want to sign another contract with the Jets to where the smart GM’s want no part of Woody’s 3 ring circus.

    Maybe bring Buddy in as GM and Rob in as DC?

  6. Even though there are, at most, 32 NFL GM jobs on the entire planet, it speaks volumes that people STILL aren’t interested. The owner is a petulant headline grabber and the Coach runs the team like a frat and consistently behaves in ways that do not command respect in the locker room. The Jets are just gonna get a retread that’s failed elsewhere or a newbie desperate enough to take the job. And I think this is great.

  7. Candidates are saying ‘NO’ cos they ain’t comedians and don’t want to work in circus show. Poor Jets.

  8. Well, we don’t know if the Jets even contacted DeCosta or Polian. We’ve heard the denials, sure but its typical silly season stuff.

    I would certainly hope the Jets never called Polian and everyone knows DeCosta is turning everybody down to succeed Newscome. This really doesn’t seem like news to me.

    Anyway Gamble is a significantly better candidate than these names except for maybe DeCosta who, again, is not leaving the Ravens.

  9. The Ravens made sure DeCosta was extremely well paid to keep him as their GM in waiting, he is probably making more than a few other GMs around the league. If the Jets thought he was interested, Woody Johnson is more stupid than I thought.

  10. Complete the fail – make Rex the GM, give him full control.

    Look – the fire’s out of control already, what’s another gallon of gas REALLY going to do?

  11. The Jets are the laughing stock of the NFL!! I can’t imagine being a Jets fan. Hopeless situation that will only get worse with Rex and Sanchez coming back, Revis wanting a new contract, no talent roster, Holmes being a non team player/locker room cancer, 3rd OC in 3 years, and over the hill players like Bart Scott. “Cant wait” to see the Jets 2013 season!

  12. Who would want the job of being the whipping boy there? Rex has something over on Woody. Otherwise Woody would have fired Rex at seasons end like Rex deserved.

    On top of that, who wants a front office gig with a team that has a caoch who thinks his starting QB is good when his starting QB is Sanchez?

    The Jets are a year away from trying to rebuild an offense if Rex lets Sanchez be released after 2013. Then, the Defense is going to be long in the tooth by the time the offense gets back on its feet. That Jets situation is a real mess. And, all of that because someone thought Mark Sanchez was worth Top QB money. Sanchez and Rex Ryan have collectively destroyed the Jets’ chances for anything good for at least 5 years. So, if you are a Jets fan, get used to losing for awhile.

  13. Teal379 has it right. Make Rex the GM. If fans liked his choice for QB I’m sure they will love seeing him have complete personnel control.

  14. Eric DeCosta has turned down every GM job interview ever and basically issued a press release last year saying “I’m happy where I am.” I don’t think is one is a story.

  15. I call SHENANIGANS!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is a complete BS non story Decosta said just a few days ago he has no interst in interviewing with ANY team he has the best job in football and isn’t going anywhere!
    Polian is old washed up and close to as overrated as Cowher and Gruden and no ones hiring his idiot son that comes with him =never happened.
    Parcells same=never happened
    Heckert going with Reid=never had a chance.
    I love how the media feeds us this garbage and people believe it ,it’s the same with Teblow mess its a all media crap ,Jets start enough of their own garbage they don’t need the media’s help to start any more………ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Doesn’t look like DeCosta was ever really a candidate anyway….

    Still, not a very appealing GM position:
    -You can’t pick your own coach
    -Your owner cares first about headlines, winning is a distant number 2….
    -Your coach runs the team like a college fraternity
    -You have 3 QBs, none are good, or even decent
    -Your best defensive player (Revis) thinks so much of himself he wants a new contract every other year
    -You’re over the cap
    -You are in the same division as the Patriots, who are professionally run, and show little sign of relinquishing their decade long dominance of the AFCE.

    Other than that, a great job………..

  17. DeCosta has turned down countless GM offers over the last couple of years. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. He loves the Ravens and won’t be leaving them anytime soon.

  18. In reality, DeCosta asked if he would have the right to go through the buffet line in front of Rex. You KNOW that was a dealbreaker!

    What a circus! And when the preseason rolls around the Jets fans will be trumpeting the arrival of their team and proclaim them worldbeaters!

    In spite of a down year, SO glad to be a fan of a professional franchise!


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