Eagles, Kelly meeting ended, finally

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Well, at least no one said there was a 95-percent chance that the Browns would hire Chip Kelly.

At a time when every report and indication (few if any of which likely were originating with the Browns) suggested that the man whose Oregon teams wore all sorts of colorful uniform combinations would now be presiding over a franchise sporting a narrow ensemble of brown and orange, the Eagles swooped in and met with Kelly for most of Saturday in Arizona.  According to CSNPhilly.com, the session lasted until 9:30 p.m. local time.

The meeting finally ended, and with the Bills hiring Doug Marrone it seems that there are only two suitors for Kelly:  the Browns and the Eagles.

It’s unclear whether Kelly’s agent, David Dunn, has managed to set up a tug-o-war between the boyhood friends who are pursuing the same coach.  Browns CEO Joe Banner and Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie grew up together and then worked as colleagues for a generation in Philly.

As we pointed out last night on Twitter (Rick Reilly may have been first, though), a sense was percolating through league circles that Dunn had done with Kelly what agent Bob LaMonte had done with Andy Reid, feeding to a willing and aggressive media member or two the idea that Kelly was close to a deal with the Browns in order to increase the sense of urgency for any other interested teams.

The Browns, if they truly want Kelly, erred by letting him meet with other teams.  The Eagles may have done the same by not closing the deal on Saturday night.

Then again, it could be that Dunn and Kelly are holding out in the hopes that one or both teams will pay too much money both to get Kelly and, perhaps as importantly, to keep the other franchise from landing him.

61 responses to “Eagles, Kelly meeting ended, finally

  1. As a Browns fan I don’t care if he is the right coach or not. Just once I would love to say that who our leaders wanted to get, we got. Tired of always losing out on who we want!

    Just Sayin’..Go Brownies!

  2. After seeing the last 48 hours go down with chip, I have to say I really like what the bills did bailing on this sweepstakes…let Cleveland and Philly duke it out with 1 having to go plan C with no doug marrone

  3. As an Eagles fan, I sure hope the Browns win this one. Kelly will follow a long list of college coaches who flame out in the NFL and jump back to a high profile college gig before his contract is up

  4. I really hope he picks the Eagles. I really, really do. Having lived through the Spurrier experient I would be selfish if I did not want my Eagle fan friends to have the same sense of excitment and then crushing disappointment.

  5. Again! Are there not a few qualified dudes out there that have extensive NFL head coaching resume’s and have actually had success at that level?

    Riddle me this. How many times have you heard discussed that a QB out of college can’t succeed because he was in a non-Pro style system?

    How is this guy different from that from that scenario?

  6. or it could be that Lurie is just trying to drive up the price the Browns have to pay for McCoy to stick it to the guy he fired just a few months ago. Eagles are going with McCoy as HC. Book it.

  7. I’m willing to bet the Eagles just swayed Kelly away from the Browns.

  8. Where else can a guy with no track record in an industry make himself so valuable? If we were talking about Cowher I’d understand. But Chip Kelly? What’s he done at the NFL level? I mean, besides nothing. I would much rather grab Ray Horton or Whisenhunt. Hell, I’d rather wait for Kyle Shanahan to become available.

    Walk away, Browns. Please.

  9. If the Browns lose out. This will be just like when Lerner brought the team back. They lost out on Brian Billick. This will not be a good start for the new Haslam ownership.

  10. after all this drama — just hire Arians.

    Bruce has been in the division and will beat Pittsburgh into oblivion.

    I want someone in Cleveland that cares more about the team, fans and football more than himself.

  11. As an Eagles fan, I want Gus Bradley but would settle for Chip Kelly. No interest in another 500 coach in marrone. After yesterday, no jay Gruden please. Eagles will probably hire McCoy though. Ugh, frustrating supporting this team.

  12. If this doesn’t work out, I hope the Browns have Lovie Smith on speed dial. The good thing here is that the Browns have Kelly back for a final interview after Philly. Get it done.

  13. Just offer the head coach the job, and if he starts to squawk over power don’t hire him. I just wonder if any of these teams are willing to give up more power to the head coach, just so that they can land a “big name”. IMO, a huge mistake. Make the offer, if he doesn’t accept it on the team’s terms then just let him walk.

  14. As an eagles fan, I don’t care who they bring in. Nobody knew McCarthy or tomlin but look at them now. I just want who ever they get to make good decisions on coaching staff, draft picks and free agency. If they do they can compete bc there’s still a lot of talent on the team. Just cut Nnamdi and the safeties and get new ones.

  15. My Eagles have a ways to go, but as evident by other teams in the playoffs the process doesn’t have to take forever. I can want Jon Gruden or try to snag Kyle Shanahan all I want, but I don’t know the details these guys would know and I unconditionally support them.

    Andy Reid wasn’t a veteran coach when we hired him, and the new batch of coaches need an opportunity before they’re written off, all part of the cycle.

    Here’s to the playoffs, good luck to your teams because most of us are watching and hoping we make it next year. Click my name to read an article I wrote this morning in appreciation for the playoffs and players!

  16. Id rather have Lovie Smith then Kelly. Kellys system will kill the teams defense. Theyll be gassed by halftime. At least Lovie is a credible NFL coach.

  17. All things being equal, I am glad Marrone went to the Bills. I would like to see Kelly choose Cleveland but I also see other possibilities such as Lovie Smith, Kyle Shanahan, Mike McCoy or Josh McDaniels. I dont see Ken Whisenhunt or Ray Horton being the answer for the Browns.

  18. Think I’m gonna have to go all George Constanza on this one.

    Every part of me says I don’t want Chip Kelly in Philly. I don’t want more of the same, fast flying, quick strike offense with questionable defense. However, every time I get so against someone in sports that would be “good” for MY team they always go somewhere and be awesome. So despite my protests of not wanting him, now I hope the Eagles sign him and for once be awesome.

  19. i would prefer Bradley (seahawks DC) or Mccoy (broncos OC) over a college coach with a gimmick offense which probably won’t translate to the NFL.

  20. Bruce Arians tried to retire LAST YEAR! Why would a team want him as their head coach when he could decide to retire at any point and then your back to square one??? Makes zero sense.

  21. If your Kelly you choose Philly 10 out of 10 times.

    I mean, he clearly wants to bring in his offense to the NFL to see if it works. That requires a lot of speed.

    Desean Jackson, Lesean McCoy, Jeremey Maclin.

    What type of speed do the Browns have?

    Desean would be perfect for Kelly.

  22. I I
    I can’t get behind a Chip Kelly hiring in Philly. Mike McCoy has an astounding résumé and needs to be the guy. Doesn’t matter if you give the guy Delhomme, Tebow, or Manning… You get positive results. Call me simple, but that plus NFL experience is enough for me. With Chip, I’m uncertain about what offense we’re running and what we’re wearing on Sundays. I’m pretty sure there was a week where Oregon wore mirrors for helmets last season.

  23. Browns new CEO Banner is stumbling out of the gate, unable to hire a GM or Head Coach. The issue apparently is that he wants to retain total authority for all roster and football decisions unto himself and isn’t finding ‘yes-men’ to buy in.

  24. Dear Mr. Laurie, Please don’t make this team the the Chip&Howie show. It’s bad enough you have a GM that doesn’t know talent. We don’t need a gimmick coach here either.

  25. How can you say Howie doesn’t know talent..? In his only draft he brought in Fletcher Cox, Michael Kendricks, Damarius Johnson, Nick Foles and Bryce Brown who all started at some point this year and played well.

  26. The best thing to happen to Browns football is Eagles tying up Kelly all day Saturday. Now Cleveland, do your fans a favor; go get Mike McCoy from Denver and let’s tun this ship around!

  27. Bad start banner. Show some dignity and stop chasing this prima donna around the country. It looks pathetic and desperate, like a used car salesman chasing his mark off the lot. Anyway, Arians has instant credibility, knows the nfl and the division. I’ll take him or love smith any day over chip the duck. Zone read=zone bleed in the nfl.

  28. I just want the Birds to be true to the coach-selection process – have a plan, work said plan. This might be a pissing contest for Darth Banner – that’s fine. Thorough and meticulous Jeffery, thorough and meticulous.

  29. If the Eagles think that Kelly is their man then i hope that he truly is an innovative football coach and has the ability to innovate away from about 90% of his college offense. I may be a little short in judgement but I’m liking what i have seen in Nick Foles. I do know his 1st 6 games were much better than some top quarterbacks including the horrific start of Eli Manning and i consider Eli a top 10 Q.B. in the national football league.

  30. I’m ready to pull my hair out reading these comments.

    Here is a direct quote straight from Kelly’s mouth:

    “No one’s married to an offense or a defense. If we had a group of guys that could line up in the Power-I and run the Power-I then we would do it. I think our players have total faith in us that we wouldn’t ask them to do anything we didn’t believe would help them win.”

    -Chip Kelly

  31. The crazy thing is, these teams aren’t in the same division or conference. So whoever lands Kelly, it’s not going to pit each team against each other.

    If I’m CLE, I’m moving on and getting a guy like McCoy or Arians.

  32. “If we had a group of guys that could line up in the Power-I and run the Power-I then we would do it”

    That’s the point… they can pretty much get whoever they want at Oregon and he chooses to continue with the spread option system which means that’s what he wants to do. Don’t try and tell me he couldn’t recruit a power I set-up there.

  33. Bruce Arians tried to retire LAST YEAR! Why would a team want him as their head coach when he could decide to retire at any point and then your back to square one??? Makes zero sense.
    arians never tried to retire….steelers gave him the boot and announced that as the excuse for getting rid of a quality coach……days later arians said he was fired…not retired

  34. When the Eagles hired Andy Reid he just came off of winning a Super Bowl with Green Bay and he learned everything he knew off of a great coach in Mike Holmgren.

  35. “If we had a group of guys that could line up in the Power-I and run the Power-I then we would do it”


    Has Chip ever run the power I? Would NFL teams be interested in him if he did? I appreciate the fact that he says he would change the system to suit his personnel, but he choose his personnel and thus the system.

    Also, you obviously can’t trust what this blowhard says. Ask Tampa.

  36. Did any of these NFL execs see what Hue Jackson did with the Raiders, and did anybody see what the Raiders dis without Hue Jackson?

    The Raiders have lost 11+ games since 2003.

    As Soon as Hue Jackson arrived we went 8-8. Even when the owner passed, and the Raiders suffered countless injuries and had the worst D Coordinator in the business they went 8-8.Hue Leaves and the Raiders go back to losing 11+ games a year.

    How does this go unnoticed? How is he not getting any interviews. He has proven he can change one the worse losing cultures.

  37. I hope the Eagles don’t rush and sign Kelly before considering some of the other canidates like McCoy from Denver and Jon or Jay Gruden. Give me a guy with some nfl experience please.

  38. If I was Chip Kelly, I would rather wanna go to Arizona or Saint Louis.

    Because if you look at the 2 coaches for the 49ers and Seahawks they are both from the Pac 12.

    Why not just add another one to the mix

  39. But I can understand that the Rams already have Jeff Fisher…But Chip Kelly would fit in Arizona better…If he has any kids. He wouldn’t have to move that far away and enroll then into a different school

  40. mikeyhigs says:
    Jan 6, 2013 8:34 AM
    As an Eagles fan, I sure hope the Browns win this one. Kelly will follow a long list of college coaches who flame out in the NFL and jump back to a high profile college gig before his contract is up.
    This is so old school. Look around, the entire league is changing and what’s happening is just the opposite of your comment.

  41. what 4 things do Pete Carroll, Jim Harbaugh and Chip Kelly all have in common….1) innovative, 2) college coaches, 3) PAC-10 background, and 4) all did/will turn around their NFL teams IMMEDIATELY…and the fact the Browns made an offer and the Eagles didn’t/haven’t yet, tells you obviously, that he doesn’t want the Browns job as much as was claimed…Kelly said he wanted it cleared up this weekend…the Eagles aren’t going to make a decision till they talk to McCoy and Arians…so it’s pretty clear that the Eagles are driving up the price for the Browns to pay a guy they probably aren’t going to hire…they just wanted to pick his brain for intel…

  42. All of the 95% comments are really getting old. It’s easy to poke at organizations that actually stick their necks out to report the news instead of just aggregating it from other sources and commenting on it.

    I don’t see you guys breaking much of your own news these days, perhaps out of fear that you’d be exposing yourselves to the same type of criticism? We get it, Andy Reid didn’t go to the Cardinals, he went to the Chiefs. They were played by Reid’s agent, we got it already.

  43. Jim Harbaugh has completely dominated the NFL straight out of college. It seems college coaches have a better record of success in the NFL than NFL coaches have in college.

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