Gamble closes in on Jets G.M. job

The New York Jets could soon have a new General Manager, who may or may not celebrate the move with the addition of a tattoo to his arm.

Per Adam Schefter of ESPN, 49ers director of player personnel Tom Gamble has passed on a second interview with the Jaguars, telling them that he’s focused on the G.M. gig in New York.

Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that Gamble has delayed an interview with the Chargers, which is being interpreted as another sign that Gamble is getting ready to join the Jets.

Gamble is regarded as one of the hottest G.M. candidates on the market, thanks to his role in building a powerhouse roster in San Francisco.

44 responses to “Gamble closes in on Jets G.M. job

  1. So Gamble would rather have Rex/Sanchez forced on him instead of Mularky/Tebow. I mean he’s screwed either way but I think it would be easier to dump Mularky and Tebow after next year and find his own coach and QB in Jacksonville than it would be to dump Rex and Sanchez’s contract after next year and find his own coach and QB in New York but that’s just me. Either way, I think I’d just stay in San Fran and hope a better opportunity opens up next year.

  2. cush2push says:
    Jan 6, 2013 1:24 PM
    Who ever takes this job likes a challenge the Jets are a projected 27 million over the cap


    It’s ~$20 million over the cap but will save ~$11 when they cut Jason Smith.

  3. Who ever takes this job likes a challenge the Jets are a projected 27 million over the cap

    And as is the case with most reported “cap disasters,” it’s mostly hype.

    The media report that they’re $26 million over the cap because it’s a big, scary number. But what they don’t report is that it’s mostly tied up in easy cuts. For example, Jason Smith, Eric Smith, and Tim Tebow—three backups—account for $16.5M of that 26M.

    Then throw in Bart Scott (7.2M) and Calvin Pace, (8.7M), and that’s another easy $16M off the cap.

  4. green41563 says:Jan 6, 2013 1:17 PM

    How many lousy seasons did he have with the 49ers before he became a genius?

    About the same as Bill Belichick.
    So what’s your point?

  5. maybe browns instead of rebooting should search for the best GM at the same time as a coach.

  6. “Gamble is regarded as one of the hottest G.M. candidates on the market, thanks to his role in building a powerhouse roster in San Francisco.”
    All those top 10 picks in the first round finally pay off after about 15 years….

  7. I heard Cleveland was a possibility. I don’t know too much about any of these candidates but I want the jets to get him.. Which means he will take another job! Lol.

  8. Kenorv

    Sanchez being cut in 2014 will be a 8.3 million cap savings. He’s only guaranteed for next season. Rex has 2 years left so could easily be fired after next season. Even with all the drama and circus that comes with Rex and the Jets, the base of the team is still better than Jax roster. Also I don’t know what GM would want to be in the same city as Tebow. His groupie following is starting to hurt him with all the extra pressure and outside influence he brings with him (not at any fault of his own). No team is going to want to deal with it other than Jax, I hope we get some kind of return rather than just cutting him but I doubt it. So much for all the Jets haters hoping that they can’t attract the best GM candidate out there and laughing when the Browns failed GM cancelled interview.

  9. Keep in mind the Niner team now ain’t all that different from the team they had under Coach Mike Singletary. Coach Mike took filet mignon and ground it into hamburger. Tom Gamble is the real thing, and would be a huge upgrade for the Jets.

  10. he must figure it will be worth dealing with Rex and Sanchez for a year in order to have total control after he fires them 12 months from now.

  11. Some men like the challenge of being in the biggest market in the world…, and you’re a hero. jacksonville? I think not.

  12. A real story love it ,Will be a good hire he’s great talent evaluator he’ll figure out in about 30 seconds he has little to none on the offensive side of the ball….gonna be a long summer Tom, good luck!

  13. He will need more than a top hat, cane and Walther 45 to lead that circus in NY that puts Ringling Bros. in the left out column.

  14. If Woody Johnson can accept that next season is already dead then the job might be manageable. I doubt it, but maybe. I’d want a lot of guaranteed money in that GM contract…

  15. Rex and gamble are a match made in heaven. Both are gluttons for punishment. In gambles case, the jets are a nightmare. In Rex’ case…he’s a cuckold.

  16. This is the biggest market on the planet. It would be a great move for both Gamble and the Jets. The Jets D is pretty set up to continue to be a top 10 unit. They could focus just about the entire draft on talent evaluation on offense. Bring in a great X’s & O’s OC and the team is back in business. Make it happen Woody!

  17. Good luck to you Tom! Hopefully the one thing you have learned, is that your drafts are only as good as your personnel. Bill learned the hard way after he no longer had you and the four others.

  18. “He’s a little young to be killing his career like this.”

    Perhaps you don’t understand the function of a general manager.

  19. It’s a great opportunity for someone, if you can win in NY you are a legend. That being said this organization is filled with children some talented and more whose talent has vanished (#57 Bart Scott).
    If gamble is an adult maybe he can set this ship in the right direction.

  20. Mr. Florio, earlier you claimed that no one wanted the Jets GM job, citing decisions by DeCosta and Heckert to decline interviews. But now you say that the Jets seem in line to land one of the “hottest” GM candidates available. Why not address your own internal inconsistencies? Do you not read your own blog? In fact, DeCosta turned down an interview because he has a deal in place to succeed Ozzie Newsome in Baltimore. Why, you yourself noted a year ago that DeCosta was essentially off the GM market. So how can you cite this episode as evidence that no one wants the Jets job? Heckert actually agreed to an interview, then withdrew — likely because he learned that Gamble could be Jets-bound. Why not explain the big picture?
    You are so intent in criticizing the Jets that you have ignored any sense of accuracy and fairness.
    How about some fair reporting?

  21. Who would have thought a thread about a GM hire could be this entertaining? But with Jets’ fans crying about “fair reporting” and claiming the Jets are a GM hire away (from what I am not sure) it is like experiencing an alternative universe. Alas, time to get back to the planet earth.

  22. This is settting up perfect for Rex to be fired after the new GM starts a “rebuilding” process, causing the team to stink next year, passing on the blame to the coach.

  23. This is not a Jets issue. Mr. Florio has been similarly biased and unprofessional towards other teams. All readers should demand fairness and objectivity instead of snide, baseless comments that are geared only to inflame.

  24. I don’t know what kind of job he will do for the Jets but I do know he is moving to the best place
    to live in this world, welcome to NYC.

    He will be happy he didn’t move close to any of you clowns and where it is you live.

  25. Hopefully this guys will have the guts to tell Revis no on a new contarct and play it out. And if he wants to hold out than hold out, their defense was fine without him (not saying that they wouldn’t be better, but they would survive) because this every other year wanting more money thing needs to stop. He needs to weed out all the greedy, loud mouth, underachiving players and bring in contenders.

  26. I’m happy to have him aboard, I believe he will do with the Jets. He’ll bring the best right players
    on the offensive line,like Texas A&M OT Luke Joeckel. I wish hm the best.

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