Mike McCarthy: Facing Webb will “definitely help” against Kaepernick

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The Packers defense got an unexpected opponent on Saturday night when Joe Webb started at quarterback in place of the injured Christian Ponder.

Webb’s running skills led the Vikings to run some read-option plays early in the game, something that they don’t feature with Ponder in the lineup, and the Packers had a bit of trouble handling it. Not enough trouble to keep them from cruising to a fairly easy 24-10 victory and the experience is one that coach Mike McCarthy thinks is a good thing for his team as they turn their attention to the 49ers.

Jason Wilde of ESPNWisconsin.com reports that McCarthy said Sunday that facing Webb and the read-option “will definitely help us with [49ers quarterback Colin] Kaepernick.” San Francisco has integrated those kinds of plays into their offense since Kaepernick’s ascension to the starting job and the Packers haven’t seen much of that style of play so far this season.

That’s pretty much where the comparison ends, though. Kaepernick’s shown a lot more ability to move the ball through the air than Webb showed on Saturday, which makes sense given the wildly different amount of playing time. Getting a look at the read-option will help the Packers, but, as McCarthy knows, there’s not much else the same about the two quarterbacks outside of the read-option in the play books.

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  1. Musgrave called a terrible game. Instead of giving a heavy dose of AD to open up the pass game, he kept trying to spread out the field in order to take advantage of Webb’s running ability which didn’t work. As the Bears showed the way to beat Webb is keep him in the pocket and make him pass which he isn’t good at because he is not accurate. Musgrave tried to get fancy with the play calling instead of sticking to AP running like the first drive and the whole game got out of control.

  2. VikesfanSteve. Its hard to call a heavy dose of AP when your team is down 3 scores. Viking were the most one dimensional team in the playoffs.

  3. Big difference is that Kapernick had thrown passes this year where as Webb hadn’t thrown a pass all year. To compare Webb and Kapernick is a joke.no one will mistake ponder for an elite QB but GB should count its blessings that it got to go against Webb, and not act as though they crushed an great QB. They faced a team that was one dimensional, they loaded the box with 10 and AD still got 99 yards. As long as Rodgers is healthy GB is in every game. Same as with most NFL teams, but with out a doubt I wouldn’t be proud of giving up 99 yards to a team that couldn’t hit a 5 yard pass, and we stuffed the box.

  4. They were not down 3 scores when he started trying to get Webb passing stalling every drive that was going well with Peterson running. Did you even watch the game?

  5. vikesfansteve – please stop posting, you are making all vikings fans seem ignorant.

    Congrats to the Pack they were the superior team yesterday.

    Now we all know why Webb didn’t get it any games when Ponder was struggling.

  6. Any of you peeps saying that Webb is better than Kaep are just showing your ignorance…particularly the Niner fan who can’t even properly spell Kaepernick. Webb is better? Kaeps 98 QB rating, 8.3 Yards per attempt, and 62% comp would argue with you. People who underestimate Kaep are in for a rude awakening.

  7. Steve, the vikings had a cute run. But packers won because AP had 1 run over 10 yards. Had little to do with Webb, Ponder had a similar game in Lambeau when AP ran for 210 yards! Be Happy that McCarthy let off the gas in second half.

    Best case scenario for Packers, lose last week to ensure Ponder another year and avoid a week off to continue the Packers’ run.

  8. logicalvoicesays says:

    Joe Webb is better than Kaepernick. Colin is overrated as the rest of the 49ers and it will be funny to watch GB crush the hopes of that annoying fanbase.


    Your blessed ‘skins are about to get a classic NFC West style beat down by the ‘Hawks. As much as I loathe the ‘Haws they’re for real and likely are going to blow out RG3’s knee. They’re for real and will bring the pain.

    As for Kaepernick…….had he had 6 more passes…..he would have had the best yards per attempt avg in the NFL and would have been 3rd in QBR. Get off your mom, get a job and get a clue.

  9. “We’re definitely a lot better off for having faced [Joe] Webb,” McCarthy said, following the game. “I really think Webb is like Kaepernick with no arms.”

  10. Packers are 4-1 against the niners in the playoffs. And really, that one loss should have been a win, though Jerry Rice’s fumble couldn’t be reviewed since it was before the era of challenges. Really, that was the impetus for challenges. Anyway, I like my team’s chances this week!

  11. A bounty explains why the Packers won. It only makes sense. Cause we all know they would have gone on to win the Super Bowl.

  12. Wow that guy that said Webb is better than kaepernick obviously knows nothing about football. Hes clearly a bitter fan that knows nothing better than to rip on a legendary organizations entire fan base while sounding like a complete moron. Before you post dumb stuff like that, take a second and think of how stupid it sounds first.

  13. Putting a beat down on SF and the dirty birds will go along way to ease the pain of the 15-1 one and done outing.

  14. Kaepernick is not a better passer than Webb because of a “wildly different amount of playing time”, as the article foolishly states. Kaepernick is a better passer because he is actually a competent NFL quarterback, while Joe Webb is better suited to be an insurance salesman

  15. How will this help. Colin can complete passes, while Joe was made a WR for a reason…he sucks at QB. Unless you’re Tony Dungy, who thought Webb would be a better QB than Ponder last night against the Pack. Tony, quit protecting your friends and be an analyst.

  16. Uh. Packer fan here. Kaepernick is light years ahead of Webb. There’s no comparison other than Webb’s athleticism.

    To the 49ers fans out there – don’t worry. If you listen to the actual press conference – you’ll realize that McCarthy isn’t comparing Webb to Kaepernick on really any level other than the read/option deal. He wouldn’t disrespect a good QB like Colin.

    The reporter asked the question as a “yes or no” question that McCarthy basically answered in the affirmative, and didn’t really expand on. Basically was calling it good practice, but not comparing Webb’s ability overall to Kaepernick’s.

  17. Aaron Rodgers said they face a big test this weekend, like if they are the favorites. We consider the packers the test as we’re the better team!!!!!

  18. Entertaining to make fun of a dumb comment. Reality is that Rogers has a ton of experience and much better receivers. The game will depend on whether the Niners are able to run. If they turn CK into a runner that would help. And yes, he can pass well for a guy with 7 games under his belt, something Rogers never had to face.

  19. Webb is the poorest starting playoff QB I can recall watching in quite some time. I can’t believe that Webb was/is the best backup to Ponder they could come up with. McNabb would have been a better option.

  20. He wasnt comparing Kaepernick to Webb. He was just saying that it will be beneficial that we got to see some read-option before playing a team that runs it proficiently. Now I see why they call you the Forty Whiners. Geeez!

  21. It was nice for GB to have a little exhibition game to get warmed up for the 49ers.. Playing in San Fran with probably more favorable weather than what have been in GB will only help GB.. Plus Rodgers is back in his home state! This game should be a beauty!

  22. McCarthy are you kidding me ? Webb was awful, pathetic, terrible. There are not enough words to describe how ” Horrific he actually was. He should not even be earning a paycheck for that type of play. Frazier should have at least tried Bethel Thompson Macleod , at the start of the third qtr. He could not have done any worse. So if McCarthy is using Webb as a gauge in playing SF, Green Bay will lose big time.

  23. I’m wondering why they kept Webb and let Sage Rosenfels go. Sage has had some pretty good games as a back up. I heard an interview with him and he didn’t know why the Vikes didn’t keep him either. He said he could at least have mentored Ponder.

  24. 49ersandshivabowl says:Jan 6, 2013 3:43 PM

    logicalvoicesays says:

    Joe Webb is better than Kaepernick. Colin is overrated as the rest of the 49ers and it will be funny to watch GB crush the hopes of that annoying fanbase.


    Your blessed ‘skins are about to get a classic NFC West style beat down by the ‘Hawks. As much as I loathe the ‘Haws they’re for real and likely are going to blow out RG3′s knee. They’re for real and will bring the pain. ”


    Nice call! However, that is a shame about RGIII.

  25. I’m a Niner fan but I don’t think he was comparing the two. This game will be a huge challenge. To all my fellow faithful, stay humble this week, because we’ve been here before. For those lucky enough to be going to the game, no need to make noise before the game, but when that whistle blows get loud and givem hell.

  26. McCarthy makes me laugh. Webb helps them prepare for Kaepernick? Riiight.

    Okay, then, the 49ers benefited from facing two elite QBs this year: Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. They beat them both, by the way. That will help them take on an elite QB in Rodgers again.

    The big difference between the 49ers and the Vikes? When you key in on A.P., you shut down the Vikes. When you key in on Gore, the 9ers can kill you with the pass.

    San Fran: Top 5 in rushing, and Top 5 in Passer rating. Min? Top 5 in rushing, but bottom third in passer rating.

    Should be a great game. Can’t wait to see Clay’s flowing blonde hair waving around as he gets confused who to chase: Colin, Frank, or a receiver.

  27. Joe Webb is like Colin Kaepernick? Seriously, coach? You and the Packers are in for a rude awakening next week.

  28. Containing any quarterback with a propensity to take off running at any time is always difficult to defend. That is the point being made by McCarthy. If you read anything into it more than that, you are an idiot.

    Playing against Webb one week before facing Kaepernick assisted the Packers in preparing for that circumstance. All is good.

    One other thing…..Gore is not Peterson. The 49’ers lost to the Vikings and Peterson, didn’t they?

    Be careful to put only the amount of crow you are willing to eat on the table, or you’ll be spitting feathers until next year. The Packers are not the same team as the 49’ers found on Opening Day.

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