Ravens, Flacco advance with 24-9 win over Colts

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It’s a good thing the Ravens had the emotional lift of Ray Lewis’ last game in Baltimore.

Because the game they played wasn’t as memorable, though it was good enough to buy the retiring linebacker another week.

A sharper second half by quarterback Joe Flacco led the Ravens to a 24-9 win over the Colts, sending them to the Divisional Round to play the Broncos next Saturday.

The Colts seemed poised to make a run, but a Donnie Avery drop of a third-down pass was followed by a missed field goal from playoff-clutch but 2012-average Adam Vinatieri , giving the Ravens a spark.

Flacco then pushed through the opening, hitting Anquan Boldin for his second touchdown pass of the half to cap things. Flacco finished the game 12-of-23 for 282 yards, enough deep-ball accuracy to overcome a pair of Ray Rice fumbles.

Colts rookie quarterback Andrew Luck was sharp at moments, but it was never more evident than today how good he is, because he isn’t surrounded by exceptional talent. The Colts need to invest in multiple starters on the offensive line and a more consistent running game if they want to keep the No. 1 overall pick upright and productive for years to come.

The Ravens dared him to throw by blitzing often, and there were times he made plays. But too often, he went down, and even his impressive fourth quarter abilities were hard to see under a pile of Ravens defenders.

72 responses to “Ravens, Flacco advance with 24-9 win over Colts

  1. Colts are going to be really good for the next decade. They have about 45 mil in cap space this offseason. Great season Colts!

  2. Andrew Luck needs to work on his accuracy and his WRs need to take some drills in the offseason. I Haven’t seen a game with that many drops from WRs in a long time. Those guys couldn’t catch a cold in the snow, it was that bad. And btw Flacco isn’t that good.

  3. Seemed like 4 out of 5 drop backs there was someone in Lucks face. When he was able to get the ball out, his WR’s and RB’s were dropping them all over the place.

    Ravens D stepped up big and their Offense had enough big plays to win today.

    Good game… should be a good matchup next week at Denver

  4. I love to hate the Ravens, but great move at the end bringing Ray on the field for the last play.

  5. Hopefully the late game will be good. So far, they’ve been lousy. Other than Green Bay, I’d be shocked if these teams win another game.

  6. Can we get a decent playoff game? The only one that you could even argue LOOKS close was the Texans/Bengals, and anyone who watched knows the Bengals were never really in that. Their D made a nice pick 6, and held in the redzone in the first half twice, which is the only thing that kept it from being a blowout.

    Here’s hoping the Seahawks/Skins make it up with a great game this afternoon

  7. Like it or not, Joe Flacco got it done in the 2nd half, when the team needed him.

    Big props to Anquan Boldin, great effort and the Indianapolis Colts.

    One down year and they’re back like nothing happened.

  8. What a great day to be a Raven fan. So happy for Ray Lewis to get one last home playoff win. To all those doubters, he led the team in tackles today. One and done? Nah, this team was the class of the AFCN, no doubt about it now. Time to take care of business in Denver. By the way, were the steelers playing this weekend?

  9. Ray Lewis is completely self-centered.
    First of all he’s not an offensive player and secondly, did he really think anyone wanted to see him have a seizure?
    He should be sitting in jail somewhere.

  10. So far, no playoff team has looked very good. The ones that won did just enough to get by. They made some plays but not many were needed in any of the games.

    #52 on the field for the last time in the victory formation was a classic move by Harbaugh. Say what you will about his history, but between the white lines Ray Lewis was a great LB.

  11. Should be a warm-up game for the Broncos. Something in the area of 40-10 sounds right.

  12. Great sendoff for Ray Lewis in his last game at Ravens stadium. also going to be fun watching the chest match between Peyton Manning, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed before the ball is even snapped.

    The Colts are a young team that were able to get a taste of the playoffs and should make them hungier next season depending on who returns on the Colts roster.

  13. and btw flacco is pretty good and was clearly the better qb today. luck is a future superstar who will no doubt have his moments. but today was flacco rice pierce boldin kruger and some guy wearing 52. great season indy great game ravens..on to denver and thank you ray

  14. Ravens marching on, one and done, are you joking? Theyve never been one and done in the Harbaugh era. Keep on hating, haters.

  15. I wish Ray Lewis the best in his retirement after this year’s playoffs. He has done so much for the city of Baltimore. He is such a nice person. Good luck and blessings to him.

  16. Im not a Ravens fan but I am happy to see Ray Lewis advance and I hope all the Ray Lewis haters learned a lesson.

  17. For the record, that victory lap that Ray Lewis just had is why, as an Eagles fan, I truly have hate for Joe Banner and Andy Reid. That was an honor that few playeror fans get. To see a player like that his entire career, or to play in front of the same fans for their entire career.

    Dawkins and the Eagles fans all deserved that, and it was stolen from us from Reid and Banner so they could have 35 million in cap space instead of 31. What makes it even worse, is they thew him out the door with nothing to replace him with. Still, all these years later, Dawkins could of walked in off the street and been 10 times better than anything they had out there this year.

    Congrats to Lewis on fantastic career, and congrats to Ravens fans for getting to enjoy the whole thing. Sorry, I’ll end my rant now

  18. This game had a much, much differant vibe than any other Ravens-Colts games of the past. I still get a pang when I see those horseshoe helmets, but the hate is gone. That, and the Pagano connection, kind of made it a homecoming like thing. These two teams will see a lot of each other in the future.

  19. The Ravens defense won the game. Let’s not give Joe Flacco too much credit for beating the Colts. The Colts did have the #1 overall pick last April plus they played against the last place schedule this season so if you really think about it, what has Joe Flacco done. I am not a hater, just a realist. The Ravens are suppose to win a home playoff game.
    Joe Flacco and Matt Schaub are in the same boat. If you really want to be paid elite money (neither deserve it in my opinion) then win a big game with your arm and not just because of your defense and running game.
    Unfortunately, Houston gave Matt Schaub a contract extension without him winning a playoff game. Baltimore should not rush to make the same mistake by overpaying Flacco for minimal success.

  20. Impressive win for Ravens considering Suggs playing with one arm and Flacco playing with one eyebrow.

  21. Lets face the facts. Luck is a bust. He is mistake-prone and constantly makes bad decisions, yet people still act like he is better than RG3 and Wilson. Hmmm, Luck is white and RG3 and Wilson are black. I wonder what could possibly account for the difference in treatment….

  22. Once again to all you haters the ravens advance in the playoffs. Five years in a row under Joe Flacco. That’s right Joe Flacco pay him we need him. He steps up and he wins. Great throws good presents. Bad line and we still won Go ravens

  23. Got to love all hese people who forgot that the Broncos massacred the Ravens a few weeks ago, IN BALTIMORE! Same will happen in Denver on Saturday.

  24. How is he a bust after 1 year? Best pro prospect since Peyton manning! Also played at Stanford so he has to be smart if Anyone thinks he won’t win a Super Bowl and be a hall of famer is a moron rack me

  25. minimal success? do you have any idea what you are talking about. 5 years over 60 wins 5 playoff appearence with at least one win in each year and 2 afc championship games. i am not suggesting flacco is elite…there are only 4 elite qbs in the league. but there are a lot of trams that would kill to have that kind of minimal success. flacco should and will get paid as he should…a good qb who wins games and makes the playoffs and wins playoff games. you cant beat him up when they lose and not credit him when they win..and he had as much to do with todays win as anyone

  26. Broncos must be licking their chops right now. They shredded Ravens 34-17 in Baltimore a couple weeks ago while holding Flacco to a 0.4 halftime QB rating.

    Now they get a home rematch with two weeks to heal up.

  27. Love the fact that fans of teams that are sitting home right now want to talk a bunch of crap. I love Steeler jealousy.

  28. Keep sleeping on this defense folks. With the exception of Webb, you finally have all the starters healthy and on the field at the same time. What defense in this league can have a QB throw 54 times and still only concede 9 points?

    The team that played Denver a few weeks ago isn’t tge same one that’s gonna play them now.

    Game on!

  29. I’ll give Ray Lewis this: he has quite the killer instinct when it comes to hunting down an opponent. He’s pretty good at leaving his targets laying stiff on the field. Too bad Hines Ward owned him when both of them were in their prime.

  30. Don’t worry people, all us casual Ravens fans know we will not win the Superbowl, we will never be as good as the 49ers, Steelers, and Cowboys

  31. The idiots on here saying not to give Joe credit are comical. Being at the game, this guy made the most crucial throws at the most crucial times (half of which were dropped) that kept the electricity in the crowd. He and Q were the x-factors. Speaking of Flacco haters, where is ampatsisahypocrite? Oh the Steelers missed the playoffs? That’s right!

  32. Boldin mugged in the end zone…no call.

    Boldin called for offensive interference to take three points off the scoreboard.

    Ravens come up with the fumble…takes three points off the scoreboard.

    Ravens won again despite the Refs.

    Love the come back from TV break with no analysis of the correct call on that fumble. That is just like the Lee Evans drop in the end zone that was never reviewed by the Refs.

    Ravens win despite the Refs.

    Steelers…well….they are taking out Iron City bottles to the curb because it is recycling day tomorrow.

  33. You have to give Flacco credit he is great at getting close to the Super Bowl and for some that is all they want. The elite QB s gets to and win Super Bowls so he is a tee shirt QB and no more.

  34. Seahawks fans are wondering why they didn’t call Boldin’s last TD an INT. Didn’t the defender have one arm on it? LOL

  35. Been saying all year, cant wait to bet against overrated Colts first round. Thank you Colts and Luck for making me the easiest money Ill ever see.

  36. The Ravens averaged more than 30 points-per-game at home this season (34 PPG at home /w Cam Cameron as OC), against a lot of defenses better than the Colts. Let’s see them take that on the road before everyone gets too excited.

  37. Just so I have this straight..

    Flacco barely hits 50% of his passes against a paper thin secondary and Ravens homers consider THAT a good game? I saw him miss multiple easy throws including two that could have been taken for 6 the other way.

    In addition, both his TD’s were on 1.) a dump-off to Pitta and 2.) a jump ball to Boldin. What has really changed here? His entire game still revolves around check-downs and jump balls.

    One way or the other, I expect the Broncos to completely expose Flacco as a fraud next week.

  38. Not sure what point you’re trying to make daluck. Flacco threw two touchdowns and averaged 12+yds a completion. He also had ZERO turnovers. Ray Rice, who people treat as the Ravens’ savior almost fumbled the game away. Apart from the catch to set up the Ravens’ first TD, he was less of a factor in this game than his backup Pierce.Flacco will get paid and will deserve it more than Schaub (who played nowhere near as well as Flacco yesterday).

  39. @skins23

    Glad you were able to make some easy money for a change. I am guessing the $20 you make at the bus station every Friday night is made the hard way.

  40. wish people would get off of flacco’s back. i was at the game today, and if we had a decent “o” line he would have much better stats. those guys gave him hardly any protection on most plays today. i thought our “d” was really good today and really fun to watch. give them some credit, no touchdowns by the colts. and finally almost everyone is healthy, just hope that ellerbe’s injury is minor. as someone else posted, the last 5 years we might not have a superbowl ring, but i love going to the playoffs 5 straight years. look at last years SB champs, they aren’t even in the playoffs. i don’t care who hates my team or not, but most of these posts are not constructive criticism, more like jealousy to me. i can think of a few teams that would love to have flacco and be us.

  41. Nice job Ravens, you disposed of one member of the equestrian family and, after you send the Broncos off to the glue factory, we’ll see you in NE the following week.

  42. Joe Flacco 6 playoff wins in five years, last year one dropped pass away from Superbowl
    12/22 282yds 2TDs 0INTs

    129.9 QB rating, his best postseason QBR and 2nd best of his entire career

  43. Ravens won again despite the Refs

    Time to grow up and stop crying about the refs, but you get that from Harbag. You won shut up already about the refs.you are a week early cuz win you lose next week it be the……REFS …riiiiight?

  44. I love seeing all these Yinzers jumping on the bandwagon of the last team to beat them in the playoffs. Can we expect “two and done” blather for the rest of the week?

  45. Flacco is such garbage. I wonder how many SBs they would have with a decent QB. Five years is a long time to wait for better than average.

  46. I dont understand why when the Ravens win people have to immediately talk about Flacco and how much he stinks and he won’t go any further and he shouldn’t get a contract, etc…it is a TEAM GAME! Yes, Flacco is not Brady, Brees, Rodgers, or even an Andrew Luck, but you cannot credit wins or losses to an individual. The Ravens have been a great team for the last 5 years since the beginning of the Harbaugh era, making the playoffs and winning at least one game each time. Therefore, they are in the final 4 of the AFC or the final 8 of the NFL. The results, or lack thereof for all the haters out there, does not solely fall on Flacco, or Ray Lewis, or Ray Rice, or any individual. Wins and losses are a collective effort and anyone with any football wherewithal knows that.

  47. Classy move by referee Mike Carey to give Ray Lewis a handshake as Ray came in the game for the final kneeldown.

  48. The true facts are the ravens only won because they were at home to an average football team, big deal. You’ll see their true colors on saturday, their season ends……. times a ticking!!!!!!

  49. The beauty of it is, Mr. steelcurtain, you and your OLD, overrated, has-been team will be watching the Ravens on Saturday…hah!
    Flacco beat New England IN New England going 4-9 for 34 yards in ’09! Bernard Pierce and RR will gash that undersized d-line just like today. Oh, yeah, for all you Flacco haters, go look up Peyton’s playoff record after a first round bye. 9 1/2 point dogs…love it! Time to hunt boys…

  50. I think the Ravens are a good team; in my opinion, they’ll win next week in Denver, then lose to NE.

    But Raven fans are delusional if they think Flacco is a good qb; he is slightly above average at best.

    I’m sorry, the throw in the AFC championship to Lee Evans was a bad decision – the ball was not dropped, the db stripped it away… Evans was completely covered, the ball should have gone somewhere else…

    If Flacco was a good qb, they would have beaten NE by at least 10 points… He missed a ton of wide open receivers, it was ridiculous…

  51. What was that convulsion Ray suffered when he came out of the tunnel? Did he have food poisoning, or is he just epileptic? I can’t wait to see this classless franchise get smacked down in Denver next weekend, it’s gonna be a 3-TD blowout. Just like when they came to B’more.

  52. Andrew Luck is a rookie. Peyton Manning is no Andrew Luck. Now comes the beat down in Denver as Peyton Manning will as he did previously embarrass the Ravens. Ravens exist stage left on Sunday via Denver, Co.

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